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Hello, my name is Maggie Bell and I am a very experienced Counsellor (MBACP Acred), Hypnotherapist (GHR) & NLP Practitioner;  with over 20 years NHS experience working in the community, inpatients, outpatients and private practice.

You may have never had the need to consider therapy before, but the fact is that issues can arise at any time in anyone's life and can leave the person feeling troubled, or even feeling paralyzed, and unable to move forward without knowing why.

Personal issues can be further complicated when they affect relationships; especially relationships that are very important to us, such as with our loved ones, our jobs, and ultimately the relationship with have with ourselves; which is so very important but often overlooked in troubled times.

I am going to speak with you like you have never had counselling before, so please forgive me if you have had counselling, and rather you are looking to continue building on what you have started.

As said above on my video re COVID-19 I am currently offering sessions online to adhere to government guidelines, however, like most people I look forward to working towards integrating in-person therapy back into my practice which is based in Bromley, however, I have found, as have some of my clients, that working online has its benefits too.

I practice in my Cabin; set within the Green Chain Walk, where there is wildlife, nature, running water and a deep deep feeling of inner peace.

Set is set in a luxury setting...confidential, ornate, secluded and private...situated within The Green Chain Walk. With the smell of nature, sound of running water and wildlife.

For your benefit I am going to list the types of counselling and other therapeutic therapies that I offer; either combined or in addition to, as I know it can feel like a minefield for someone struggling to get help with the right kind of therapy.

Counselling is an arrangement by mutual agreement, where you (the potential client) and I (a trained professional Therapist) agree to meet up routinely, in a safe confidential space, and talk about what your concerns are, and within the process help you to identify triggers to issues; and timely build strategies to help you cope and manage any issues or negative cycles you are experiencing. 
I like to think of this as the unpacking, letting go, and building on stage with time; and then sorting through whats left that you would like to build upon even more so; to really enhance your inner strengths, for example; to extend and develop your strongest Ego-Strength to its optimum - your strongest you - reach your full potential.
For some people, this is enough, however, others may like to build on their new found ego-strength as when working with me I can take you throughout the whole process of therapy working on the conscious mind initially and thereafter if you choose focus on your subconscious/unconscious mind.  This initial stage is usually consciously focused and integrative within a flexible counselling approach and can be deepened with other modalities such as Hypnotherapy & NLP Life Coaching.

Combining Person Centered Therapy, Cogntive Behavioural Therapy & Psychodynamic Therapy (see more below):

In brief, Person Centered Therapy has its focus on you the client; and me the therapist offering the core-conditions which means without judgement, with understanding, in a warm professional confidential space.
In brief Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has its focus more symptomatic focused; exploring the symptoms to identify any negative cycles that are repeating and thus building strategies to cope.
Although in my experience if you are considering therapy, then you have already started to notice negative patterns repeating. In the CBT therapeutic model  you are able to explore and express what you are feeling, and with, like a therapist, such as myself, I can reflect back to you objectively, with advanced understanding what it looks like or sounds like from outside of you.
Gradually you can then develop a more realistic bigger picture and gain insight into the issues without the emotions overwhelming you and thus old negative patterns repeating.
In brief Psychodynamic Therapy is often referred to as childhood therapy. Within the Psychodynamic model, you explore any past issues, even your childhood if you wish, as not everyone feels they have had problems in their childhood.
Some people even think they had a perfect childhood to begin with, however, then within the counselling process memories are uncovered which maybe connected to the negative issues/symptoms as more negative patterns are explored and thus start to emerge.

Couple Counselling is very similar to the above therapies but the key is to focus on the issues that are affecting the relationship. I offer a 1:1 initially for each couple to give the opportunity to both individuals to discuss their own personal goals within a couple counselling arrangement. Once I see a couple as a couple I do not see them for individual sessions thereafter, unless they both agree for one to stop and the other to continue for whatever ever reason.

I specialise in bereavement counselling and have come to learn in my professional and personal experience that bereavement of any kind is a process. If you have a life changing adjustment, a loss of something or someone then you will be within a process. The bereavement process cannot be avoided; it can be managed though. If we know where you may be in the process then I believe there is a part of us that can take control of the emotions and feelings that come with loss; knowing that time heals and that things will start to feel better eventually. However, the process if not managed can impact negatively on relationships, jobs and even our own health.

Some people do not even know they have experienced a trauma where others do.  We all react to different situations different, however, when a trauma strikes it can impact on a person's life with anxiety, depression, eating disorders and other symptoms.  I work in a special way with people who are having difficulties coming to terms with a trauma or multiple traumas.  In my experience trauma requires a more structured way of working in respect of healing past wounds, physically, mentally and spiritually.  it maybe some years before someone even realizes they experienced a trauma and is only aware of the impacts (the symptoms).

I am going to talk to the adult third party here as an adult third part (primary carer) is required.  This age group can soak up negative and positive learning like a sponge.  If you are looking for someone within this age group, who is considering counselling, then I want to say that this age group really respond very well to counselling.  As it says above; this age group can soak up negative learning, however,  their brain is still developing and can soak positive learning up like a sponge and really get to know the self better.  Since zooming over the last year my experience is that this age group engage mostly just as well online as face-to-face because it is convenient, it is what they are used to, and practical in terms of fitting into their routine with time saved not having to travel.

If you are in this age group and looking for therapy, or if you are looking for someone in this age group, then I can confirm they are within an age category that I feel is inbetween child/teen counselling and adult counselling; therefore, I will refer to this age group as young people.  My experience of this young people is that today they have so many demands and that it is a luxury to invest in one therapeutic hour a week, and then later with top up sessions, to talk about anything that is causing concern with a professional that is flexible and genuinely warm and approachable.  I am open to being approached by text, email or even just call so I can explain the counselling service I offer, get to know about the issues a little bit and you... and answer any questions with no obligation.  Or I am open to a responsible adult giving me a call initially to discuss.

WHAT IS HYPNOTHERAPY & NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING? - please see my website as noted at the top of this page for more information about hypnotherapy.


  • Anger:
    Anger is a natural emotion. However, when displaced it can affect our relationships with others, and ultimately the relationship with have with ourselves. Although anger is a natural emotion it is not good to bottle anger up. We can all learn to channel anger into more positive aspects of our life.
  • Anxiety:
    Anxiety is a natural feeling that comes when we think we are in danger; it can keep us safe. However, when there is no apparent reason for the anxiety it can feel very scary and not make sense to the person experiencing the symptoms. It is quite obvious when we are feeling anxious; but not always obvious as to why we are feeling what we are feeling. Feelings are a language that can be acknowledged and understood rather than ignored. Any mood state; including anxiety can be measured to a degree and categorized so that a therapeutic model can support the symptoms and thus the person.
  • Anxiety (health):
    In my professional opinion Health Anxiety usually has its roots in a past experience or past experiences; sometimes going back to childhood You may have had Health Anxiety for a long time. The good news is that it can be dealt with and managed.
  • Anxiety (Phobia):
    Phobia anxiety can fluctuate in its impact thus usually only present in a particular situation or circumstances. It usually has its roots in a past experience. It can be explored in a therapeutic safe setting and managed to move forward.
  • Anxiety (Panic Attacks):
    Panic attacks can just appear from what seems like nowhere. If you think you are experiencing panic attacks then rest assured there are lots of techniques you can use to get you through what may feel like a very uncontrolled state.
  • Anxiety (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder):
    OCD may be effecting a person to a lesser or greater degree. It usually stems from childhood in my experience and opinion. It can feel very distressing and impact on day-to-day functioning.
  • Arthritis:
    Research is pointing very much in the direction that arthritis has a body/mind connection.  I know it can be managed with the right exploring of the psychological and physical.  I believe it stems from past experiences as well as our pre-disposition.
  • Depression and Low Mood:
    Depression most times in my experience has its roots in the past, whereas anxiety has its roots more times in the future (in my experience). I have found it to be associated to repressed anger being internalized. Anger is a natural emotion that can be channeled positively outwardly like a motivator; as it is an energy, and any energy can be channeled positively.
  • Domestic Violence / Emotional Abuse:
    If you are in a relationship where you are experiencing what you think is physical and/or emotional abuse; then doubting yourself and your own feelings about what is right or wrong in the relationship is common. This can occur when your gut feeling is conflict with your core belief system. In a short therapeutic safe setting you can learn to find yourself again, connect to yourself, and start to build up understanding your situation, and thus trusting in yourself again.
  • Bulling & Harassment:
    Do feel bullied or harassed. Bullying and harassment can have detrimental long-term effects and impact psychologically and physically in terms of ill health. If you think you are being bullied then talk to someone; get it out! Talking it over with someone who is not emotionally involved will help you to separate your feelings from the actual and balance out your situation. Take control of the situation and you take control of you!
  • Childhood:
    We learn generally in childhood as well as how to adapt to the environment.  Unhelpful strategies (in the here and now) that you learned in childhood  may not serving you well in adulthood...in fact, outdated survival strategies can cause issues with communication, in relationships at work, in the family and so on.  If you are reading this paragraph with interest then maybe its time to think about re-evaluating your current strategy techniques, to filter the unhelpful ones out, and incorporate new grown up ones that relate to your here and now.  A new way of being!
  • Fertility (unexplained)
    If you are experiencing unexplained fertility then you may be interested to know that I am a certified Fertile Body Practitioner.  There can be many reasons for unexplained fertility.  Exploring your personal situation can really help; and I can say that I have had many successes in this area of working.
  • Fibro-myalgia:
    In my experience this disease can be managed with the right strategies and tools.  However, it starts with you getting to know you and your Fibro-myalgia, as I believe any generic diagnosis differs in individuals.  Exploring the subconscious/unconscious as well as the conscious can be really helpful in taking the control back.  It starts with talking is my belief with a mind/body and spiritual approach.
  • Stress:
    Internal stress and external stress combined can be a recipe for disaster. The good news is that it can be managed within a therapeutic model where you start to take control of the symptoms, stress and stressors. Stressors can come in many shapes and sizes.
  • Bereavement & Loss:
    Life changing events, loss and adjustments are part of life. There is a process that occurs in the loss of something or someone. It can feel like a whirlwind that is never ending. You can learn where you are in that process in a therapeutic safe setting and make your situation more tangible rather than feelings of overwhelmed and out of your control.
  • Weight & Eating Disorders:
    Are you gaining weight or you think you may have eating issues. Weight issues and negative eating patterns are usually connected to a psychological component. I believe this usually starts in a past experience; like childhood experiences. You can learn to understand your body better, and with a mind and body approach, take control of what feels like is out of control. Maybe now is the time to get things going in the right direction; the right direction for you!
  • Carer Support:
    If you are a carer then you have probably learned to put yourself on the back burner. The truth is though, it will be a harder struggle to care for another if you are not looking after yourself. Talking and feeling supported can help in so many ways. Think of it like nurturing and nourishing the self. You can build strategies on how to do this is a few sessions of focussing on you!!!
  • Sleep Issues:
    Are you feeling tired and fatigued where your stress levels are rising? Has your sleep pattern changed, or become interrupted? Tension and worry can affect our sleep. Lack of sleep for more than a week is usually a symptom that needs attention. You can learn to relax your autonomic nervous system in order to trick your body into feeling more relaxed within a therapeutic safe environment.
  • Trauma/PTSD:
    Sometimes events happen where we have no control over them. Or things happen to us!!! If you think you are experiencing the aftermath of a past experience then I would suggest you speak to someone. Different people react differently to different events. Exploring the symptoms in a therapeutic safe environment can help you to resolve any internal conflict that you are still experiencing as a result of such an incident, accident, or experience.


My general therapeutic person centered approach is Flexible, Powerful & Autonomous:
The flexible approach I offer allows opportunity to explore how the past may be affecting the present, if that is required, and more so what you want.

When you have a clearer picture of the past and a better understanding of why you are, where you are now, (ie the issues you are experiencing), you will see yourself more clearly in the here and now; and become more mindful of the here and now whilst molding your future, with professional unbiased guidance and support, that will empower you to move towards taking control of the issues, rather than the issues taking control of you! AND BECOME WHO YOU REALLY ARE...WHO YOU ARE MEANT TO BE!!!

All therapies that I work with can be integrated or worked with the individual model.  Some therapies compliment others like underpinned Hypnotherapy with CBT & NLP really gets to the root of the matter, consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously.

More about hypnotherapy:
As a qualified, experienced hypnotherapist, I will work with your subconscious/unconscious mind, in addition to working with your conscious mind as is mostly the case in counselling. The subconscious/unconscious mind is thought to be 90% leaving 10% conscious.

Hypnotherapy is a very natural gentle therapy where you would experience deep deep relaxation. Once you achieve that deeper level of relaxation your subconscious/unconscious mind would be better placed to receive positive suggestions. Three sessions of Hypnotherapy integrated, or one session even, can be enough to relax you, balance your autonomic nervous system, and thus balance and ego strengthen your mind.

At its most basic level NLP is about how the human brain works.  How you think, learn what motivates you to change.  It is a sophisticated model of personal communication style and effectively a guide for personal change.

ALL THERAPIES ABOVE CAN BE COMBINED AND INTEGRATED TO HELP YOU THE INDIVIDUAL PERSON EXPLORE AND ACHIEVE YOUR UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL NEEDS!!! I know it may be a lot to digest... so call me on 07950 906421 if you would like to process some of what you have read above and I will happily answer any questions you may have.  And thank you for reading this far...


Easy roadside, free parking.
Multiple walk links from Elmstead, Mottingham, Chislehurst, Grove Park, Bromley North and adjacent.

I am about a 15 minute walk away from Grove Park Train Station and Grove Park Bus Garage (Post Code: SE12 0PW).  Or 10 minutes walk from the Toyota Car Garage in Burnt Ash (Post Code: BR1 5AJ). The 261 and the 126 stop right outside the Toyota Garage.

The local buses to Grove Park and the Toyoto Car Garage Bus Stop are 126, 261, 136.  Other London Transport is available from Bromley Central, Hayes BR2, Beckenham BR3, West Wickham BR4, PettsWood BR5, Orpington BR5 & BR6, Chislehurst BR7, Swanley & Sevenoaks BR8, Grove Park SE12, Lewisham SE13, Forest Hill SE23, Sydenham SE26, Catford SE6.  More Train Stations local are: Bromley South (Post Code: BR1 1LX) and Bromley North (Post Code: BR1 3NN).  There are local cab offices at Grove Park, Bromley South and Bromley North that are not far away.

Close to Grove Park and Bromley.  You can park most times outside the premises with ease.  I am fifteen minutes away from Grove Park Station if you are walking (taking the route through Chinbrook Meadows).  Buses that pass this way are the 126, 261, 136 and there are more; depending upon where you are coming from.

I believe the environment to be a very important aspect of our wellbeing, and therapy is no different just like I believe that the body and mind work in tandem, ie Your mind works with your body and vice-versa.

I believe that all your senses in the environment below can be raised earlier to their optimum to help you experience a therapeutic journey that is individual to you, where you feel free to explore and relax into the journey, your own individual unique journey, without distraction.


I feel this stress-free, therapeutic setting, illustrated above, is an extra, to the service I offer.

Please feel free to call me, or text me, on 07950 906421 to discuss further in a free consultation.
Kind Regards

Training, qualifications & experience

My experience:
Over 20 years working in the NHS, inpatient, community & private practice. NHS Patient Advocate
NHS Mental health services
Private long term, and short term, therapy
Short term GP surgery counselling
Private long term & short term bereavement counselling
Bromley Behavioural Unit (primary schools)
Bereavement in the community.

My qualifications and training:
Bereavement Specialist
Working with Common Tensions in Relationships
Easi-birthing Specialist Practitioner
Hypno-Band Weight Loss System Licensed Practitioner Specialist
NLP Practitioner


I am a very experienced, thoughtful and empathic, genuinely caring fully qualified Counsellor, Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner.
I have up-to-date enhanced CRB clearance.
I maintain continued professional development training & research.
I have full professional indemnity insurance.
I undergo regular monthly professional supervision as stipulated by my governing bodies BACP.

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Registered / Accredited

Registered / Accredited

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British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy

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Registered members can be found on the BACP Register, which was the first register to achieve Accredited Voluntary Register status issued by the Professional Standards Authority. Individual Members will have completed an appropriate counselling and/or psychotherapy course and started to practise, but will not appear on the BACP Register until they've progressed to Registered Member MBACP status.

All members are bound by a Code of Ethics & Practice and a Complaints Procedure. Accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

Accredited register membership

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy

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This therapist has indicated that they belong to an Accredited Register.

Areas of counselling I deal with

Other areas of counselling I deal with

ANXIETY:  I have always had a special interest in anxiety and its associations, how it develops both genetically and learned.  Yes, it can be learned.  And how anxiety is projected onto others.  Anxiety is a vast subject in my experience and I continue to learn through my clients and my own experiences.

TRAUMA:  I have an interest in recent years with regards to Trauma and how Trauma effects us.  Most people have had a Trauma to a greater or lesser degree.  What may affect one person may not affect another as much, and vice versa.  I believe Trauma to be so personal.  It is possible for a person to experience a Trauma and not even realise it; as the mind can repress Trauma to protect us.  In my experience, though the body has a memory.  Working with the body can help to access the Trauma to start the healing process.  I am not a Therapist to smash a nut with a sledgehammer.  In my experience defences are there for a reason and need to be carefully managed.

FAMILY DYNAMICS/SYSTEMICS: Most clients have a family unit, or friendship unit of some kind or other.  Over the years I have developed a particular interest in family dynamics and family therapy and how they impact on individuals within the family, and then repeat in further relationships external to the family. If you are in a relationship and are, or feel you are, feeling alone in looking after someone that has issues that are affecting you, then I would say to you that "helping" or "help" comes in many different ways and sometimes just requires initially focussing on ourselves before we can enhance our relationships with others, and thus help others maybe to help themselves.


Justice is very important to our wellbeing I think more than we realise.  You have many rights as a human being.  For example, you have the right to express yourself, the right to feel heard, the right to change your mind...and so on.  Equality is a word that crops up here and there in the work place under Health and Safety.  I developed my interest in this area whilst working for an Independent NHS Watchdog in my earlier life, and then later some years ago as a Union Representative for the GMB.  It was then that I realised how important to myself that there is as much justice as possible.  It cannot be perfect.  But that does not stop us striving.


As a Counsellor working for many years with people having relationship problems.  I have come to realise for a good amount of time now that your relationship with you is ultimately the most important relationship of all! Just focussing on yourself will help you in relationships, with your family,  your work colleagues, your friends, your partner and more - but I also want to say that therapy can help with so much more as we are all individuals and therefore no two experiences of therapy will be the same.

Thank you for taking the time to read the above information - I hope it has been informative and helpful enough for you to now be in a better position to know your next step forward.
Best Wishes
Maggie Bell


Concessions offered for

  • Keyworkers
  • Low income
  • OAPs
  • Students
  • Trainee counsellors
  • Unemployed

Additional information


FOR MORE ABOUT FEES... YOU CAN EITHER DIRECTLY CLICK ONTO IT VIA THIS FORUM OR....just simply google Maggie Bell Counselling & Hypnotherapy (Bromley & Lewisham).

Further information

Please feel free to start the journey of therapy and text me or call me on 07950 906421 to arrange a FREE OF CHARGE pre-initial assessment.  Alternatively you can e-mail me on the above link.

There will be absolutely no obligation - I will be delighted to hear from you.  The FREE OF CHARGE pre-initial assessment allows for me to communicate how I work and, if you want to, discuss the main issues, and my thoughts about how you move forward therapeutically.  This will help for you to get to know me a little bit (and me you), and then feedback to you my thoughts and discuss with you further the options that I feel may be available to you to move forward.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Maggie Bell
Registered with The British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy & The General Hypnotherapy Register.

Please read my article on Fertility

Also registered with Hypnotherapy Directory.


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My name is Maggie Bell and I am able to offer supervision that is cost effective if you are in training.

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