Chris Rudyard. Choose & Book Online. Mon-Sat. Accredited. 17 Yrs Experience

Chris Rudyard. Choose & Book Online. Mon-Sat. Accredited. 17 Yrs Experience

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About me

Hello & welcome

I hope you can find what you need here

  • Adults can choose & book 24/7 online easily HERE
  • I do not subscribe to one model of therapy, as I have many diverse trainings in psychotherapy. In my experience therapy needs to be collaborative, flexible, and have depth. It needs to be something that is felt, something that engages your mind & body, and is a relationship that you feel safe within.


My name is Chris Rudyard MNCS, I have +17 Years Experience in Mental Health, Human-First, & Accredited.

I'm human first then therapist.. I'm very accepting in my approach and will give you the time and space you need..

I realise at this stage you may just want to get started and talk to a trusted, and well-known professional counsellor & psychotherapist, in an accepting, and safe space.

I have helped 1000's of people from all over the world to work beyond their difficulties, and I have over 10,000 hours experience providing psychotherapy.

I now have 2 websites, as I am trained and qualified in more than counselling

I realise at this stage you may just want to get started and talk to a trusted, and well-known professional counsellor & psychotherapist, in an accepting, and safe space.

I always like to meet someone new to help or to catch up with people that have benefitted from my sessions in the past. I make my clients important to me so that therapy works.

You can go straight to my website and book online there by clicking here now

Seeing me ensures:

  • No notes will go onto your medical records
  • There are no tedious written assessments or lengthy questionnaires
  • There is no need to prepare
  • You are not required to talk if you don't want to
  • You can self refer to see me easily
  • You will have access to the most cutting edge therapies
  • You decide how many sessions you have
  • You get access to a range of therapies and have choice
  • You are accepted, valued as you, and are safe
  • You see the therapist you want to see
  • You see a therapist who has a substantial amount of training & experience
  • Gentle yet powerful methods
  • High-quality tissues are always at hand


What can you benefit:

People I've worked with have gained:

  • answers
  • better relationships
  • calmness
  • clarity
  • closure
  • confidence
  • connectedness
  • control
  • direction
  • improved sense of wellbeing
  • meaning
  • progression
  • regulation
  • relief
  • restful sleep
  • self-awareness
  • strengths
  • understanding
  • ways of coping


What else do people see me about?

People see me about:

  • anger/anxiety/stress/burnout
  • addictive & binging behaviours inc. alcohol, cocaine, pornography and food
  • childhood
  • depersonalisation & dissociation
  • deep rooted phobia
  • dissociative experiences (out of body/not feeling)
  • family & relationships
  • fear & terror
  • flashbacks, dreams & nightmares
  • pain and unexplained pains
  • panic attacks
  • psychosis & drug induced psychosis
  • relationships
  • self harm
  • sex
  • sleep problems
  • work - some professionals find it helpful to offload and look at their practice


Not sure what the problem is?

A lot of the time people go to their GP because of how they feel and leave without treatment.

This is because physical symptoms can turn out to be medically 'unexplained', but symptoms can be due to being 'run down' or underlying concerns of trauma that sits within the nervous system. To work in this way you have to have an understanding of the brain, body, and nervous system.

Examples of anxiety or trauma symptoms within your nervous system:

auditory hallucinations, dissociation - dizziness/Labyrinthitis/vertigo - feeling on edge - IBS/irritable bowel syndrome - chest or stomach pains - Fibromyalgia - hallucinations, headaches/migraines - lump in throat - OCD, panic attacks - phantom pains - sexual performance, and sex-related issues - shaking - skin rashes - sleeping problems - spacey feelings, stammers - excessive sweating - tinnitus, tiredness/exhaustion - tight chest etc.

It's always a good idea to consult your GP too if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.


Where do I start, how do I know what to talk about?

Start by contacting me, arrange a time to meet, we don't need to go into personal issues over the phone.

In the first session, we'll start to work out together what's going on, and where to start.

Whether you know what is bothering you or not, you are welcome to come and see me.


What I have to offer:

My approach to therapy is a fluid one, I am human first, and I'll develop a way to work with you as an individual. Different trainings and approaches may be viewed as having many different 'lenses' to be able to see and work with people.

I'm pretty easy going, genuine, open-minded, and I have a warm, accepting attitude.

I usually work by having therapeutic conversations, and I also have ways of working that don't require talking about the issue.

I am trained in a number of therapies. I find the most beneficial therapies that I use are: Person-Centred Therapy, Ego State Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing/EMDR, and Eye Movement Integration, IFS, and BSP (trauma therapy).

I am also trained and very experienced in Attachment & Trauma, Neuroscience (The brain and nervous system) and how this affects recovery. I am also trained in CBT, NLP Professional Coaching, and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Although I have had formal CBT training I tend not to use this method in my practice.

More important than all these theories is that I understand you, and am able to relate to you as an individual. Much of my work encompasses human relationships and the difficulties that arise through being in, or out of them.

I know how important the therapeutic relationship is between the therapist and client, so work to get this right.

Working with me ensures tight confidentiality, without the NHS or 3rd parties sharing all your personal information.

Overall I love my work, and seeing people get to a better place.


Other Stuff

As well as therapy, and the work I do, I am interested in many things including art, film, health, music and travel.

Book Online, call or email now to make an appointment. Make sure you leave a message if I cannot answer my phone.

Training, qualifications & experience

Many types of professionals & people come to see me inc:

actors, artists, business persons, consultants, engineers, lecturers, medical professionals, musicians, office workers, parents/carers, religious persons, scientists, sportspersons, solicitors, students, teachers, tradespersons, travellers, and young people. I see men & woman.

Most of my clients are students and professionals in their 20's - 50's


It's always a good idea to check through your therapists' experience and training..

I have over 17 years of experience gained from well-known services, working with many different people from all kinds of backgrounds. This has expanded my knowledge, and stretched me personally and professionally, making me a flexible, robust and very experienced practitioner. I found that services were often restrictive which impacted on peoples' recovery, which is why I now only work on a private basis.

As well as my direct therapy work with individuals, I have provided training and consultation for organisations inc. schools around mental health matters.

My work and practice has been audited by the BACP and has passed this process. This means I have met certain criteria required to evidence that I am ethical in my professional responsibilities as counsellor & psychotherapist. I am also an accredited member of the NCS

I have also gained BACP Accredited status for organisations.

I have extensive experience working in services:

*The Priory Therapy Centre & Residential Hospital Preston* - CQC regulated therapy service. Therapist/counsellor/psychotherapist/assessor - adults - anxiety & depression, BPD, dual diagnosis, drug & alcohol use, relationships, trauma & C/PTS(d). Short to longer-term work. Working within NICE guidelines

*Counsellor & psychotherapist* (Merseyside, Manchester, Salford, Wigan) - setting up counselling services within schools, providing counselling for: pupils, parents/carers, teachers & staff.

*Counselling & psychotherapy* - A BACP Accredited counselling service - A great deal of my work here encompasses short - long term working with both offenders and victims of abuse, anger/anger management, BPD, dual diagnosis, family, personality, relationships, PTS(d) & traumatic experiences. I  worked for this counselling service for 6 years, which was funded with thanks to Wigan CCG/NHS.

*Counselling for Liverpool ©* - owner for 12 years - working with people on a private basis providing counselling & psychotherapy for a range of personal issues. Short to long term work. Addiction, anxiety, relationships, and trauma & C/PTSD. Training & Supervision also provided.

*6 Employee assistance programs* - counselling employees from some of Liverpool's employers and international employers. Telephone & face to face - Adults counsellor/therapist - short-term work (6-8 weeks). Trauma debriefing, and intervention. I also completed triage mental health assessments and risk assessments on a daily basis.

*Government departments & officials* - I have worked with government departments and officials worldwide. I have provided coaching, counselling, crisis/trauma intervention, and psychotherapy.

*Insurance companies* - I have provided counselling for several large insurance companies who refer people for help with experiences of trauma, accidents and injury

*Looked after children's counsellor* Inc. parents/carers with experience of trauma - funded by local authority

*Counsellor & Mental Health Practitioner* - Manchester - Forty Second Street - mental health assessment & counselling for 11-25 year olds with experience of trauma, and substance use. Funded by NHS/CCG

*Online Counsellor & Psychotherapist* - Resile Ltd. Ex-Military.

*Relate - The Relationship People* - North & South Greater Manchester - Counsellor & Psychotherapist.

*Face to Face charity* - Manchester -adults counsellor for those with low/no income - voluntary

*Bereavement & Palliative Care Counsellor - Hospitals, medical centres, GP clinics - bereavement, cancer, life-threatening illness, and trauma - NHS & Macmillan centre

*Pupil Referral Units & Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) schools* - counsellor & therapist - short- long term counselling & therapy

*Mental health advice/support helplines* - triage assessments, supporting people in crisis, advising professionals & carers on mental health matters.

*Online advice & support* for concerns around self-harm -, now called:

*GP's surgeries & NHS clinics* - counselling, psychotherapy & mental health assessments across Manchester

*Therapeutic residential units, residential homes & schools* for people of all ages with moderate-severe Epilepsy, learning & social difficulties including those who have a diagnosis of ASC/Asperges/Autism. Inc The David Lewis Centre.

*Residential/assessment units*, leaving care units for those with 'dual-diagnosis', and undiagnosed mental illness, and Autism conditions. Bury, Cheshire, Wirral, Wigan, Manchester.

*Substance misuse counsellor* - NHS/CCG. Working with those using drugs/alcohol, or those relationships affected.

*Suicide prevention practitioner* - national charity - providing guidance to professionals & carers. Supporting people in crisis and experiencing suicidal ideation

*Participation* - helping young people, parents/carers, and professionals feedback to commissioners/CAMHS, and services to help shape mental health services.

*The Samaritans*- 2 years 2002 - working with people in crisis and those who are feeling suicidal, by telephone, and face to face - Manchester - voluntary

*BSP-UK* - I have helped facilitate Brainspotting in intimate - large training groups of up to 100 professional counsellors, psychotherapists, and therapists.


Professional Qualifications & Training

My training exceeds the minimum requirements to be able to provide counselling under the BACP  & NCS regulating body. I am trained in several approaches to therapy, the Person-Centred approach is at the heart of all my work. I can also practice hypnosis, but would only do this at my request on a case by case basis.

I have a keen interest in trauma, how trauma manifests in the body, and the unconscious.

I am fully registered and insured to provide Brainspotting, EMDR, NLP coaching, counselling, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

My training has been gained through some of the most well-renowned trainers from around the world:

  • EMDR/Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing Therapy - This is a well-known therapy intervention for traumatic experience & complex trauma. EMDR Europe Accredited. With thanks to Dr. Derek Ferrell - Past president of EMDR UK & Ireland. Current Consultant, Accredited EMDR trainer & lecturer. Liverpool, UK
  • Brainspotting/BSP Phase 1 - British Psychological Society approved training. Cutting edge, and gentle therapy for processing traumatic experiences, amongst other 'difficult to shift' experiences. This approach is also great if you don't want to talk about the problem in detail, BSP uses the integration of neuropsychology and mindfulness. With thanks to Dr. Mark Grixti. Birmingham & Manchester, UK
  • BSP Phase 2 - British Psychological Society approved training. Enhanced BSP for complex trauma and a range of difficult to process experiences. I have successfully used BSP for addiction, anxiety, dissociative experiences, nightmares, phantom pain, PTSd, sex problems, and unexplained anxiety. With thanks to Dr. Mark Grixti. Brighton & Manchester, UK
  • BSP Phase 3 - BSP training. Fully adaptable, and enhanced BSP approach, able to be used for many 'difficult to process' issues, creativity, dissociative identity, EGO states, performance, sports enhancement, and complex trauma & PTSd. With thanks to Dr. David Grand - New York - founder of BSP. Barcelona, Spain & London, UK
  • Brainspotting Addictions & Trauma - Specialist treatment for all addictions. From chocolate, biscuits, crisps, through to drug use, smoking, OCD, & self-harm. This approach incorporates attachment theory, neuroscience, and trauma. With thanks to  Dr. Roby Abeles (Australia) - London, UK
  • Brainspotting Masterclass - Enhanced training in the Brainspotting approach & theory. Working with deep-rooted complex trauma networks, and dissociation. With thanks to Dr. David Grand Founder of Brainspotting - Barcelona, Spain, May 2019
  • EMI/Eye Movement Integration Level 1 Practitioner - a specialised Neurotherapy designed to treat trauma & PTSD (distressing memory & experience). This is a hybrid of popular EMDR therapy, it integrates, NLP, metadata, and 24 different eye movements. With thanks to Eva Pollani (Europe's lead EMI accredited trainer) - Bath, UK.
  • EMI Level 2 + Supervision - this approach has been researched and found to be helpful with phobias and deeper rooted trauma. With thanks to  Eva Pollani (Europe's lead EMI accredited trainer) - Bath, UK.
  • Ego State Therapy with EMDR - 'Parts' Therapy for trauma & C/PTSD from abuse, sexual abuse, and childhood dissociative and non-dissociative ego states with EMDR. With thanks to Robin Shapiro (author of EMDR Solutions 1 & 2, and Trauma Treatment Handbook) - London, UK
  • IFS/Internal Family Systems - Therapy which helps you gain control over self, and gives a much greater awareness. It can help recover from anxiety & depression to complex trauma. It can also be used with addiction and personality. With Thanks to Dr. Osnat Arbel. Sheffield UK.
  • Postgraduate - Person-Centred Therapy & CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) This training also included 3rd Wave CBT techniques such as mindfulness, and exposure techniques. Temenos - Sheffield, UK with thanks to Joe Curran & Linda Smith
  • Accredited BACP Diploma Level 4 - Theory & Practice of Counselling (This course specialised and was renowned for their Client/Person-Centred Psychotherapy training - Person-Centred Counselling Services (PCCS) Training Partnership - Manchester, UK. With thanks to Frances McDonnell & Tracey Walshaw
  • Accredited Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy inc. EMDR, EFT, Ego State Therapy, Eriksonian, NLP Professional Coaching, Solution Focussed Counselling - Central England College - Birmingham, UK
  • Cert in Counselling Supervision - British Psychological Society approved training - Skills Development Centre. Manchester, UK
  • Diploma in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) With thanks to Marylin Tucknott
  • Cert in NLP Professional Coaching  - CEC - Birmingham, UK. Get motivated, set & achieve goals, work beyond blocks, and stay on track.
  • Cert in Solution Focused Hypno-Psychotherapy - CEC - Birmingham, UK. With thanks to Nick Cooke
  • Cert in Solution Focused Counselling Skills - CEC - Birmingham, UK. With thanks to Nick Cooke
  • Cert in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy - CEC - Birmingham, UK. With thanks to Nick Cooke
  • Cert in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy - CEC, UK. With thanks to Nick Cooke
  • Counselling Skills Level 3 - ABC Awards - Manchester, UK. With thanks to Gail Jardine
  • Counselling Concepts Level 2 - ABC Awards - Manchester, UK.
  • Cert of Proficiency BACP – British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Polyvagal Theory, Oxycontin, and the Neurobiology of Love -  London, UK. With thanks to Dr. Stephen Porges & Dr. Sue Carther
  • Integration of Mind, Brain and Body in the Treatment of Trauma - London, UK. with thanks to Dr. Bessel van der Kolk - Author of The Body Keeps The Score

I believe qualifications are important. I believe what is more important is experience, where/who you trained with, & how your therapist works with you as a person.


Professional Development & Further Training

I commit to more than the 30 required hours Certified CPD/ongoing face to face training every year. I trained with some of the most revolutionary pioneers in psychotherapy, and have completed over 180 CPD face to face hours in 2018, and over 120 CPD face to face hours so far in 2019.

  • Anger Management
  • Applied suicide intervention skills training (A.S.I.S.T) - Living Works
  • Attachment theory & adoption training
  • Bereavement/loss & palliative care counselling - NHS/Trafford Bereavement & Palliative Care Service
  • Child & adult safeguarding Lv3/4
  • Conflict resolution
  • Counterterrorism training (WRAP)
  • Counselling young people - Relate
  • Couples & relationship counselling - PCCS Training Partnership
  • Data protection & GDPR 2019
  • Domestic violence - Relate
  • Effects of childhood traumatic stress on physical & mental health - Dr. Maté
  • Family support - Beechwood cancer care
  • First Aid 2017
  • Group work - NHS
  • Gestalt therapy dream work
  • Health & safety - QCF
  • Intro to Gestalt therapy - Brian McMinn
  • Intro to Existential Psychotherapy - New School of Psychotherapy - Dr. Emmy van Deurzen
  • Polyvagal Theory - Deb Dana
  • Supporting LGBTQ+ mental health
  • Mental health - NHS
  • Self-harm - Teaching School Alliance
  • Suicide TALK - Living Works
  • Timian (challenging behaviour) - BILD
  • Trauma-informed practice & scope
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Young people, sex & the law

Enhanced DBS/CRB updated every 2 years.

ICO registered

To see a fuller description of what I do, and the experience & training I have gained go to Counselling in Liverpool

Member organisations

Registered / Accredited


Accredited register membership

Other areas of counselling I deal with

Neurotherapy - scientifically based psychotherapy for trauma, PTSD, and addiction

BSP, EMDR & EMI therapies are fast-acting, deep, and the most powerful forms of therapy I have had personally & professionally used. You may wait months to years for EMDR on the NHS..if you are offered it.

Research has shown that traditional 'talking therapies' are not that effective as a way of healing trauma. Trauma is more than a memory, it leaves a physical imprint on your nervous system. Therefore trauma is both mental and physical, so often traditional 'talking therapies' and CBT are limited in some respects.

I consider BSP to be the most beneficial form of therapy that I work with. 'Talking therapy' gets you so far, and BSP gets you the rest of the way.

Treating certain traumas with talking therapies is like trying to talk an ankle injury better - it might help you feel a little less stressed, but there's much more that can be done. BSP & EMI therapy work with your whole nervous system to help you recover.

  • Neurotherapies & Somatic therapies (brain/body-based therapies) have been used to help regulate and process, anxiety, anger, cravings, trauma & PTS(d) symptoms. EMDR, EMI & BSP are scientifically based and are researched to prove beneficial in many circumstances. BSP goes much deeper into the nervous system than traditional talking therapies, as they work subcortical regions of the brain. They are also used for addictions by going deep into brain regions where the 'reward system' is.
  • Trauma-focused therapy - Specialist quick EMI treatment for traumatic events no matter how long ago they were. EMI has been used successfully for: abuse, bullying, crimes inc. knife & gun crimes, road traffic incidents, sexual abuse, rape, and witnessing of traumatic incidents (secondary trauma). Most people will not identify their trauma as trauma.

What could a trauma be?

There are numerous experiences that could cause trauma. Most people who have experienced trauma would not class it as such, and/or 'downplay' it.

  • a prolonged stressful period
  • abuse & attacks
  • adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)
  • bullying
  • developmental trauma
  • drug-induced trauma
  • injury inc. sporting injuries
  • 'incidents'
  • narcissistic abuse from another
  • neglect & abandonment
  • near-death experience and severe illness
  • pre-verbal & pre-birth trauma
  • rejection from parent/loved one
  • sexual trauma
  • significant loss
  • surgery
  • traumatic birth & in utero trauma
  • witnessing a traumatic incident or a death

Articles on EMDR:

A note on:

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD):

I find the label largely unhelpful. I work with 'the person' primarily, and their attachment style, dissociation, trauma, and experience of abuse/neglect. I see that people that carry this label are deeply hurt and have created adaptive ways of being.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

This is a way of viewing personality. I believe a persons' personality can be highly fragmented and polarized through traumatic experiences. Parts can become stuck and cut off (dissociated) from The Self. This can cause overwhelming feelings, extreme mood swings, memory loss, fear, feeling childlike, unwanted behaviours, waking up in not knowing how you got there..Everyone has parts but not everyone would have a DID diagnosis.

My trauma work is greatly influenced by Bessel Van Der Kolk, David Grand, Dan Siegal, Deb Dana, Gabor Mate, Janina Fisher, Peter Lavine, Richard Schwartz, R.D Laing, Robin Shapiro, and Stephen Porges

Photos & videos

  • Psychotherapy room
  • Counselling in Mossley Hill
  • Chris Rudyard. Choose & Book Online. Mon-Sat. Accredited. 17 Yrs Experience image 1
  • Counselling For Liverpool
  • Counselling Room
  • Cards Taken
  • Counselling for Liverpool
  • Based in a secluded mansion
  • Chris Rudyard. Choose & Book Online. Mon-Sat. Accredited. 17 Yrs Experience image 2
  • Therapy Room
  • Dr. David Grand with Chris Rudyard
  • Stephen Porges Polyvagal Theory
  • Robin Shapiro - One of the best!
  • Verified by Psychology today
  • Chris Rudyard mbacp
  • Eye Movement Integration
  • Therapy Heads
  • Brainspotting Therapy
  • Therapy Heads ©
  • Hypnotherapy


Regular One:One Session

My fees are very reasonable in respect to my experience, qualifications, and specialist further trainings.

  • £60.00 One:One 50-minute session


Specialist Sessions

  • Enhanced Addiction Session is £120.00 which is 1.5 hours These sessions can be integrated into a course of counselling, psychotherapy & hypnotherapy, or as a 'stand alone' piece of work. The teachnique can help manage cravings and compulsive behaviours inc. Alcohol, Cocaine, Behaviours (OCD, Self Harm), Food, Smoking, Substance, Work.
  • Intensive BSP, EMI, or EMDR treatment session or 1.5 hour sessions - £120.00 - Great for: Anxiety, Trauma & PTS(d) and those who feel they need 'more' from therapy. Sometimes there is so much to cover, so much to feel and process.


Relationship/couples counselling sessions

  • £80.00 per 1 hour - couples therapy
  • £120.00 per 1.5 hours - couples therapy


Supervision for Therapists

  • £70.00 per 1.5 hours - Qualified therapists only. I like to work with therapists who work with truama or who are 'eclectic' in their approach.

I accept the following payments: Amex, Bank Transfer, Cash, Mastercard, Visa, Visa Debit

I do not offer any 'concession', 'free' or 'introductory' sessions, this is because I am working in all my sessions. It would be unrealistic to base how therapy would be based on limited experience.

I want you to get where you want to be quickly and efficiently, so we start therapy as soon as possible. I do not need to waste your time with interviews, unnecessary assessments, or form filling - we go straight to therapy.

Packages for businesses, charities, EAP's, insurance companies, and school staff

£420.00 - 6 sessions - Coaching/Counselling/CBT/EMDR/Trauma Therapy. Other packages are available, give me a call or email for an informal discussion.


£80.00 per session - no reports. Outcome measures PHQ9 & GAD7 completed in agreement with the patient/client.

(All missed or cancelled appointments with less than 48hrs notice are to be paid for. Missed or cancelled sessions from business packages will be reduced from the number of sessions offered)

Further information

  • Call me on: 07757437599 - 7.00am - 9.00pm - You can leave a message 24hrs a day. This number is provided for clients only, so it is completely confidential. If you get the answerphone please leave your name and number, I will call you back shortly/the same day
  • Sessions available 7.00am - 8.00pm
  • Monday to Saturday
  • Free on-site car parking - Mossley Hill
  • Opposite Mossley Hill train station.
  • Clients that require a lift to go upstairs must be seen in Liverpool city centre.

A list of my popular webpages:

Anger Management Counselling in Liverpool

Therapy for alcohol, drugs, and addictions in Liverpool

Bereavement counselling in Liverpool

Couples counselling in Liverpool

Trauma & PTSD therapy



Please be aware that everybody will have their own unique experience of therapy. Some words from my clients:

'I hadn't any experience of coaching before, so I didn't know what to expect, and found it helpful. Through the sessions, it became really clear what it was that was holding me back. I also found the beliefs I had, didn't fit with who I am, and this was also limiting me'. A Client 2018

'I have seen counsellors before but Chris has been the only one that I felt has really helped. A huge thank you!'. A Client 2018

'Chris was easy to talk to, a good listener and he helped me a lot!'. A Client 2017

'Counselling has transformed my existence, and it doesn't bear thinking about how I would have been without it, and I shall always be grateful'. A Client - 2007.

Maps & Directions

Liverpool, L18 8ES
Liverpool, L16

Type of session

Online counselling: Yes
Telephone counselling: Yes
Face to face counselling: Yes
Home visits: No

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Accessibility information
Wheelchair access: No


Sessions available: Mon - Fri 8.00am - 8.00pm. Sat 8.00am - 12.00pm. See availability on my websites booking page at:

Types of client

Young people
Older adults
Employee Assistance Programme

Supervision & training

I offer supervision for professional counsellors and psychotherapists.

Online supervision:Yes
Telephone supervision:Yes
View supervision profile