About me

I offer counselling for young people and adults and supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists.

The approach I use is based on my training in Psychodynamic Counselling, a talking therapy which centres on forming a trusting relationship.  I provide a safe space for you to express your thoughts and explore feelings openly.  Change takes place as together we experience the repeating patterns in relationships and reflect on the underlying dynamics which are present.  I help you make links between what you are doing in your sessions with me and the way you experience your life and the people in it.  By doing this I help you to become more aware of your inner world which leads to positive changes in your life.

I offer the opportunity to learn and use Mindfulness, which can help you accept and manage how you are feeling in an honest and realistic way.  Clients have told me that Mindfulness brings about peacefulness, kindness and happiness.  Mindfulness is particularly effective in supporting you if you are suffering depression, stress or anxiety.

If you’re considering counselling for your child it’s important to find a therapist who can understand the unique needs of your child.  I've worked as a playworker, teacher and therapist over the past 25 years and I am very skilled and experienced at forming trusting and caring relationships with young people. I employ a number of specific techniques to help children and young people connect with me including dialogue, imaginative play, small-world play, music and other artistic self-expression.

If you’d like to discuss your needs and start to explore the possibility of counselling please contact me.  You may also wish to talk with me about issues with your children.  As well as providing therapy for young people I also provide consultation or therapy for parents.

For a full CV of my experience please see the section below entitled, “Training, qualifications & experience”.

Training, qualifications & experience

I have an MSc in Psychodynamic Counselling with Children and Adolescents from Birkbeck College, University of London and I am an accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I have a Diploma in Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychotherapy and Counselling Supervision from the Terapia Centre.

I work with clients privately, supporting young people, families, couples and adults.  I am a Lecturer on the Introduction to Counselling course at the University of Greenwich and work as a School Counsellor in a secondary school. I have over ten years experience working in infant, primary and secondary schools as a school counsellor and play therapist.  I am a qualified teacher as well as being a therapist. I have recently taught children on the autistic spectrum and am experienced at providing counselling for young people with ASD. I am produce personal development retreats for young adults (aged 18-25).

Here is my CV for more detailed information about my training, qualifications and experience:

Benjamin Paul Gross BSc, PGCE (Primary and Secondary), PGCE (Early Years), MSc, MBACP(Accred)


Diploma    Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychotherapy and Counselling Supervision    

Terapia Centre, 17a East End Rd, London N3 3QE

MSc          Psychodynamic Counselling with Children and Adolescents                   

Birkbeck College, University of London, Malet St, London, WC1E 7HX

PGCE        Learning and Teaching:  The Early Years Foundation Stage                                     

Middlesex University, Trent Park, Bramley Rd, London, N14 4YZ

PGCE          Key Stages 1 and 2 (ages 3-11)

Roehampton Institute London, University of Surrey Roehampton Lane,  London, SW15 5PU

BSc Hons    Human Sciences (4 yrs)  Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy, Psychology and Education

University of Sussex School of Biological Sciences, Falmer, East Sussex, BN1 9RH

Nine O Levels, three A levels – English, Maths, Physics                                          

William Ellis School, Highgate, Highgate Rd, London, NW5 1RN


Adapting to Online Working
Online Events - The Voice of the Practitioner (Robin Shohet & Joan Wilmot)                                   26th Mar 20

Working With Children & Young People Online
Online Events - The Voice of the Practitioner (Jan Stiff & Susan Utting-Simon)                              20th Mar 20

The Neurobiology of Attachment  National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (Dan Siegel, MD; Allan Schore, PhD; Pat Ogden, PhD; and Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD)        17th Oct 2018

Mental Health and Schools - lessons from two decades of research, World Mental Health Awareness Day Conference, Institute of Child Health (Professor Tamsin Ford)  10th Oct 2018

Can Interventions with Parents Reduce the Harmful Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)? World Mental Health Awareness Day Conference, Institute of Child Health (Professor Stephen Scott) 10 Oct 2018

Mental Health: A Road Less Travelled Institute of Child Health, World Mental Health Awareness Day Conference (Professor Dame Sue Bailey) 10th Oct 2018

Losing My Baby, Losing Part of Myself  BACP Private Practice Conference (Jo Naylor) 29th Sept 2018

Is there a Hierarchy in Grief? BACP Private Practice Conference (Julia Samuel) 29th Sept 2018

Working with End-of-Life Clients BACP Private Practice Conference (Michael O’Rourke) 29th Sept 2018

Walking a tightrope: The dilemmas of working with risky adolescents BACP Children and Young People (CYP) conference – Working with Children in their World  (Rebecca Kirkbride)                24th Feb 2018

Supporting Children who have Experienced Early Years’ Trauma and Broken Attachments on Childhood Development,   BACP CYP conference (Bill Ashton), 24th Feb 2018

Alongside yearning children: supporting asylum-seeking children and young people through separation and ambiguous loss,  BACP Children and Young People conference  (Andrea Perry), 24th Feb 2018

Mapping and Assessing Personal Progress (MAPP) of Students with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Autism and Education Trust (AET) (Catherine Clifford, Deputy Head), 18th Dec 2017

The Extended Mind,  The Scientific and Medical Network (SMN)  (Dr Rupert Sheldrake)         28th Oct 2017

Near Death Experiences,  SMN (Dr Diane Corcoran and Dr Penny Sartori)    29th Oct 2017

Child Protection & Safeguarding, Relate Online Course                            24th Sept 2017

Domestic Violence and Abuse,        Relate Online Course                      24th Sept 2017

Congress – Attachment and Trauma, ISC International (Diana Fosha, Pat Ogden, Dan Siegel)   13th May 2017

Teach .be  Mindfulness in Schools Programme, (Clair Kelly and Richard Burnett) 

4th-7th Apr 20-17 (4 days)

Protecting Ourselves against Terrorism, Working to Raise Awareness of Prevent

UKCT Support Services and Mark Webster, Metropolitan Police (Paul Smith)                            24th Oct 2016

Give Back Generation Programme The Art of Meditation (Guy Burgs) Jan 2016 - Jan 2017

How Children Change: Insights from Neurobiology, Trauma and Attachment Research

The Catholic Children’s Society (Margaret Wilkinson)                          25th July 2016

Symposium - Our Future: a Lancet Commission on Adolescent Health and Wellbeing   UCL 10th May 2016

Long-Term Outcomes of Early Child-Parent Attachment: Recent Findings and Neurobiological Correlates, Institute of Child Health (Professor Pasco Fearon) 9th Mar 2016

Safeguarding & Child Protection  Triborough Local Safeguarding Children Board  22nd Jan 2016

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in Children: Not disruptive, Defiant or Disobedient but Disabled

The Catholic Children’s Society (Dr Mary Mather)    26th Oct 2015

Blood Brothers and Ugly Sisters. The Eighth Annual Conference for Counsellors Working in Schools, King Alfred’s College, Wantage (Nick Luxmoore)  17th Sept 2015

Conducting Staff Support Groups in the Helping Professions Ewa Wojciechowska Nov 2012 - Mar 2015 (7 days)

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)   Anni Sanderson     Oct 2014 – Mar 2015 (9 twilights and one full day)

Legal Aspects of Therapeutic Work with Children and Young People       Peter Jenkins          15th Dec 2014

Domestic Violence,  The Catholic Children’s Society (Lavinia Musters)           21st Jul 2014

Autism: Zero Degrees of Empathy    The King Alfred School (Professor Simon Baron Cohen)    8th Apr 2014

Body-Image and Self-Harm, The King Alfred School (Tanya Byron), 4th Mar 2014

Bereavement and Groupwork,  The Catholic Children’s Society (internal),  17th Feb 2014

Angels or Demons? The Sixth Annual Conference for Counsellors Working in Schools, King Alfred’s College, Wantage (Nick Luxmoore), 19th Sept 2013

Relationships in the Nursery: Feeling Thought about and Responded to, University of Roehampton (PeterElfer) 20th Mar 2013

Start Making Sense - Conference for Counsellors Working in Schools, King Alfred’s College, Wantage (Nick Luxmoore), 20th Sept 2012

Developmental Social Neuroscience, Institute of Child Health, University of London (Professor Vicki Anderson) , 18th Apr 2012

The Impact of Postnatal Depression on Child Development, Institute of Child Health, University of London, Otto Wolff Lecture (Professor Alan Stein)                    12th Mar 2012

Love: An Interdisciplinary Seminar - Psychoanalysis Unit, UCL (Michael Brearley) 8th Mar 2012

Infancy: An Interdisciplinary Seminar - Psychoanalysis Unit, UCL (Lionel Bailly, Peter Fonagy)             6th Oct 2011

Inclusion of Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in School - Hackney                                         11th Jan 2011

Siblings: An Interdisciplinary Seminar - Psychoanalysis Unit, UCL (Juliet Mitchell)                            11th Mar 2010

Restorative Approaches in Education - TransformingConflict.org (Belinda Hopkins)

Nov 12th -16th 2007 (5 days)

Solution Focused Therapy – BRIEF                                                                

Mar 12th-16th 2001 (5 days)


British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy ACCREDITED MEMBER (BACP Accred.)

Member since Sept 2003.     Accredited Member since August 2015 – accreditation registration no. 060836


“Protecting Clients’ Privacy,” in BACP Children & Young People- For counsellors and psychotherapists working with young people, September 2016.  The article was later published on the internet - https://tenpencemore.wordpress.com/2016/12/10/school-counsellor-guest-blog-what-i-do-to-protect-clients-privacy-and-why/

“Bullying as an Attack on Difference,” Lesson and circle time, Hertfordshire School Standards and Effectiveness   http://www.thegrid.org.uk/learning/pshe/ks1-2/resources/relationships/, July 2010

“Anti-Bullying Toolkit,” Hertfordshire Anti-Bullying Initiative, Hertfordshire School Standards and Effectiveness     toolkit_curriculum.pdf, (written With Judy Banham, Deputy Head) March 2009


INDEPENDENT COUNSELLOR IN PRIVATE PRACTICE                        Oct 2014 - present

·                              Providing counselling for children and young people 1-1 face to face and using telephone and skype.

·                                Leading meetings with carers, parents and school staff to develop support for clients

LECTURER (Part time)                                                                      Nov 2018 – present

University of Greenwich, Dreadnought Building, Old Royal Naval College, London, SE10 9LS

·                        Delivering lectures and facilitating seminars on a range of therapeutic approaches within the psychodynamic, humanistic- existential and cognitive/behavioural perspectives in counselling; as well as more diverse models; values and ethics in counselling practice and issues regarding counselling research.

SCHOOL COUNSELLOR/ STUDENT SUPPORT (one day per week)          Dec 2009 – Oct 2018

         Langdon Park [Secondary] School, Byron Street, Tower Hamlets, London, E14 0RZ       

·                    Providing counselling for children and young people

·                     Planning to meet the needs of children as a school team and with other agencies within the borough

·                    Leading meetings with carers and parents to coordinate support for clients

·                    Providing consultation to teachers to help improve students’ ability to access school opportunities and to raise their achievement

·                     Implementation and organisation of accurate and confidential record-keeping and report-writing

·                     Attending fortnightly clinical supervision with a Child Psychotherapist and a Group Analyst

·                     Conducting a weekly reflective practice peer support group for school staff

TEACHER – Autistic Spectrum Disorder Specialist (one day per week)                                             Dec 2017 – July 2018

Macintyre School, Leighton Road, Wingrave, Buckinghamshire HP22 4PA

·                 Teaching children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder

·                   Call and Response music programme delivery and development

PLAY THERAPIST/SCHOOL COUNSELLOR (one day per week )                Jan 2014 - July 18

         Catholic Children’s Society, 73 St Charles Square, London W10 6EJ

·                     Providing counselling for children

·                     Planning to meet the needs of children as a school team and with other agencies within the borough

·                    Leading meetings with carers and parents to coordinate support for clients

·                    Providing consultation to teachers to help improve students’ ability to access school opportunities and to raise their achievement

·                     Implementation and organisation of accurate and confidential record-keeping and report-writing

·                     Attending monthly clinical supervision

TEACHER Learning through Play Specialist (one day per week)                                                          Jan 2015 – Aug 2017

         The Hyde School, Hyde Crescent, West Hendon, London NW9 7EY

·                               Teaching pupils a wide range of subjects in a play–oriented Saturday school for pupils from deprived backgrounds for whom funding was accessed to provide this service (literacy, numeracy, singing, music, art, games)

TEACHER – Autistic Spectrum Disorder Specialist (two days per week – Maternity cover))       Oct 2016 -  June 2017

Carrington Infant School, 2 Chapel Rd, Flackwell Heath, High Wycombe HP10 9AA

·                 Teaching children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in the Additional Resource Provision (ARP) Class

SCHOOL COUNSELLOR (one day per week)                                      Jan 2014 – May 2015

         The King Alfred School, Manor Wood, North End Road, London NW11 7HY

·                     Providing counselling for young people.

·                     Planning to meet the needs of children as a school team and with other agencies within the borough

·                    Leading meetings with carers and parents to coordinate support for clients

·                    Providing consultation to teachers to help improve students’ ability to access school opportunities and to raise their achievement

·                     Implementation and organisation of accurate and confidential record-keeping and report-writing

·                     Attending fortnightly clinical supervision with a Child Psychotherapist and a Group Analyst

·                     Planning and delivering Citizenship lessons for classes and year groups to address issues affecting students

·                     Delivering Mentoring and Circle-Time training for teachers and modelling Citizenship lessons

·                     Writing and delivering a Student Peer Mentoring training for the school

SCHOOL COUNSELLOR (one day per week)                                                                       April 2010 – Aug 2013 Brook Community Primary School, Sigdon Road, Hackney, London, Hackney E8 1AS

·                     Same duties as detailed above (for the School Counsellor role at Langdon Park School).

TEACHER (two days per week)                                                                                                                                     Apr 2013 – Aug 2013

The Reintegration into Education Team, Storey Centre, Woodman Street, Newham, London E16 2LS

The Reintegration into Education Team provide placements for vulnerable primary aged pupils on fixed term exclusions, managed moves/permanent exclusions and offer placements to prevent permanent exclusions, working closely with parents and other agencies.

·                             Teaching pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs in small classes

TEACHER (two days per week)                                                        Jan 2013 – April 2013

         The Courtyard, Langford Primary School, Gilstead Road, Fulham, London, SW6 2LG

         The Courtyard is a Primary Pupil Referral Unit catering for children with social, behavioural and emotional difficulties.  The

              intention is to re-integrate the children back into a mainstream school.

·                              Teaching pupils with SEMH needs in small classes

·                              Delivering a personally tailored Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship (PSHCE) programme entitled, ‘Managing Conflict’.

TEACHER/SCHOOL COUNSELLOR (two days per week)                        Sept 2011 – Dec 2012

New Horizons Federation, Woodside Road, Bexleyheath, Kent, DA7 6LB

·                           Providing professional supervision for a Head Teacher and a complementary therapist at Pathways Primary Pupil Referral Unit

·                              Conducting Reflective Practice Groups for staff at a primary school that caters for children with Emotional Difficulties

·                     Providing counselling for primary and secondary age students with SEMH needs

Teaching whole classes and individual students at Oakwood School, a secondary mixed day school and at Pathways Primary Pupil Referral Unit.  These schools cater for students with SEMH needs

·                     Implementation and organisation of confidential record-keeping and report-writing

·                    Leading meetings with school staff, carers and parents to coordinate support for students

·                           Developing Anti-Bullying initiatives and teaching students Peer Support skills (mediation, mentoring and buddying)

·                           Link Teacher for Student School Council

·                                Developing student-led eco-school initiatives, such as growing vegetables and outdoor bushcraft education

SCHOOLS SUPPORT AND DEVELOPMENT TEACHER                            Sept 2004 – Aug 2011

         Minority Ethnic Curriculum Service, Hertfordshire Standards and School Effectiveness

              Hertfordshire Development Centre, Robertson House, Six Hills Way, Stevenage, Herts, SG1 2FQ

·                     Delivered training to school staff on inclusion, race-equality practice, Traveller education and cultures and wrote and developed the resources we used for this training.

·                     Provided consultation for teachers and school staff to raise the achievement of students from ethnic minorities eg Travellers and  refugees

·                     Delivered training at National and local education conferences on enhancing the curriculum with culturally inclusion materials

·                     Taught individual pupils, small groups and whole classes to model good race equality practice for teachers and LSAs

·                     Worked with subject leaders to enhance school curricula with educational materials and resources

·                     Reviewed and updated the Hertfordshire Minority Ethnic Curriculum Service Handbook for Learning Mentors.

·                     Wrote a scheme of work about Olympic and Paralympic values and qualities, in partnership with the Black and Minority Ethnic Achievement Team, which was rolled out to primary and secondary schools throughout Hertfordshire for 2011-12.

·                     Managed countywide drama and music programmes to raise student achievement and promote community cohesion, which involved supervising external workshop leaders and teaching classes.

·                     Wrote and delivered self-esteem and confidence in literacy programmes for small group work, targeting pupils with complex    emotional needs

EDUCATION CONSULTANT                                                              Apr 2006 – Jan 2011

Hertfordshire Anti-Bullying Initiative, Standards and School Effectiveness       

              Hertfordshire Development Centre, Robertson House, Six Hills Way, Stevenage, Herts, SG1 2FQ

·                    Delivering Anti-Bullying training to senior school leaders and staff to implement peer support programmes in over 50 primary and secondary schools

·                     Teaching students Peer Support skills - Peer Mentoring (secondary), Peer Mediation and Befriending/Buddying (primary)

·                     Training school staff as mediators and mentors

·                    Mediating disputes between students

·                             Developing the initiatives and training materials

Oct 2007 – April 2008   Travelling in Asia

INDEPENDENT Education and Youthwork Consultant                      April 2006 – present

Hockerill Anglo-European College, Dunmow Road, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM23 5HX     4th October 2011              Training students in Peer Mentoring (sixth form)

         Langdon Park School, Byron Street, Tower Hamlets, London, E14 0RZ

14th November 2011                             

Training students in Peer Mentoring (secondary)

         Meynell Games,  11 Beachy Head Road,  Eastbourne,  BN20 7QN    Jul 1989 – Aug 2008

·                     Large scale games leader at summer events

·                     Delivering training to playwork and education practitioners throughout the country - ‘Promoting Positive Behaviour’, ‘Equal                  Opportunities Practice’, music, drama, art and games leadership

·                     Responsible for managing summer play schemes (for children age 5-12) for seven years (1989-96)

·                    Coordinated four playschemes in 1996 involving interviewing, selection, training, management and supervision of staff,                                 designing, delivering and monitoring the playscheme provision and writing a report for the client, Barnet council.

         Use the Key, www.usethekey.org.uk                                                June – July 2008

·                     Supported school leadership teams by providing practical, expertly researched answers to questions on aspects of school leadership and management related to inclusion and community cohesion.

         Oxford Kilburn Club (OK Club), 45 Denmark Road, London, NW6 5BP    Apr – June 2006

·                    Wrote and delivered training entitled ‘Psychodynamic perspectives in working with young people’ to youth workers to develop  their skills in providing emotional support for young people. The training involved ten units covering Communication, How do young people experience me? How who I am affects my work, Adolescence, Challenging bullying and accepting difference,    Belonging to a gang, When to control and when to contain? Peer feedback


         A Space, Shacklewell Primary School, Shacklewell Row, Hackney, London, E8 2EA

·                     Counselling young people between the ages of 7 and 11

·                     Attended weekly individual supervision


         331 Young People’s Centre, 331 Ballard’s Lane, North Finchley, London, N12 8LJ

·                     Counselling young people between the ages of 13 and 19

·                     Attended fortnightly group supervision

·                     Conducted a study of organisational dynamics by observing meetings

EARLY YEARS COORDINATOR                                                            Sept 2002 – Aug 2004

         Brunswick Park Primary School, Osidge Lane, Barnet, N14 5DU

·                   Manager of Early Years Department, Teacher of Reception and Nursery Classes (Age 3-5) in a free flow unit, managing seven      members of staff

·                   Curriculum Coordinator for Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE)

·                   Link teacher for Pupils’ School Council

TEACHER, PSHCE MANAGER                                                                     

         Shenley Primary School, London Rd, Shenley, Hertfordshire, WD7 9DX  Sept 2001 – Aug 2002

·                     Teacher of Reception Class

·                     Manager of Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education

·                     Reviewed the Anti-Racism policy and Race-Equality policy in the light of new guidance for the school in consultation with teachers and governors.  Developed a procedure for monitoring multi-cultural education throughout the curriculum

·                     Link Teacher for Pupils’ School Council, Co-ordinator of School Drama Club

LEARNING MENTOR                                                                              Jan – Aug 2001

         Gospel Oak School, Mansfield Rd, Camden, London, NW3 2JB

·                     Designed and delivered individual programmes to help children overcome barriers to learning

·                     Worked with a wide variety of staff such as Headteachers, Deputy Heads, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators, Class   Teachers, Carers, Parents, Educational Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Educational Therapists and School Support Staff

·                     Resourced mentoring room with art materials and play equipment

·                     Designed formats for referral procedures and action plans

·                     Home visits

TEACHER, PSHCE COORDINATOR                                                      Sept 1999 – Dec 2000

         Wessex Gardens Primary School, Wessex Gardens, Barnet, London, NW11 9RR

·                     Teacher of Year 3

·                     Ran the School Drama club.  Directed a production entitled, “Romeo and Juliet in Wonderland”, which was performed to parents and children of the school and for a charity fundraising event for ‘The Food Chain’ (Reg. Ch. No. 1003014) in a local community centre

·                     Link Teacher for Pupils’ School Council

TEAM LEADER, THERAPEUTIC GROUP FACILITATOR                                  Apr 1997 - Aug 1999

         Keeping Kids Company, Registered charity number 1068298, 259 Grosvenor Court, London SE5 ONP

·                     Management of placement counselling staff and administration of projects at Copenhagen Primary School, Islington and Bounds Green Junior School in Haringey.

·                     Supported young people (age range 3-19) with emotional and behaviour difficulties at school and in youth centres,

·                     Provided support for parents

·                     Researched and made applications to sources of funding, raising £5000 for the charity

·                     Attended case review meetings

·                     Developed and conducted therapeutic activities to support class teachers with behaviour management issues

·                     Directed two dramatic productions which were performed to parents and children

·                     Organised trips to a variety of venues in Britain

·                     Attended weekly clinical group supervision with a child psychotherapist

DOCUMENTARY FILM RESEARCHER                                                          Apr 1995 – Apr 1997

              Mentorn Films, Elsinore House, 77 Fulham Palace Road, London  W6 8JA

        Researched indigenous music and dance around the world for a documentary film.  This involved tracing and interviewing people in Britain, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.

Sept 1996 – April 1997  Travelling in South America

SPECIALIST PLAYWORKER/ GROUPWORK FACILITATOR                            Sept 1995 – Jul 1996

         The Place2Be, Registered charity number 1040756, Carlton Primary School, Grafton Rd, London, NW3 4AX

·                     Planned and delivered therapeutic activities for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, individually and in small               groups, in collaboration with Place2Be placement therapists and the Place2Be Team Leader

·                     Attended multi–agency meetings including case review meetings

·                     Managed and trained youthworkers and volunteers

·                     Organised an ‘Environmental Exhibition’ in order to raise money from the Business in the Community Fund

·                     Conducted interviews to research children’s attitudes to school and Place2Be

·                     Attended weekly clinical group supervision

PRODUCER                                                                                        Sept 1994 – April 1995

         The Rainbow Family

         Co-organised and performed in a tour of the major cites of Israel.  The show, entitled “The Five Elements” combined drama, music and dance, and conveyed our experiences of living together in nature.  The performers were international and included      Israelis and Palestinians.

April 1994 – Aug 1994        Travelling and performing in the UK

Oct 1993 - March 1994        Travelling and performing in Asia


I organise eco-camps in Europe most summers, where I oversee the children’s activities, programming and leading outdoor bushcraft activities and nature communication activities.  I enjoy camping and walking, football, surfing, snowboarding and horse-riding.  I play guitar in an orchestra and compose music.  I practice mindfulness meditation, Kung Fu, Qi Gong and Yoga and am a long-distance runner and swimmer.  I play Chess and Go.

I am attracted by different customs and philosophies and the people, art, music and literature of different cultures.  I have travelled extensively in Europe, Australasia, Asia and South America, collaborating with a range of people.  I can speak French and Spanish and am studying Hindi and Bahasa Indonesia. I was a member of the drama and music societies at The University of Sussex and The Roehampton Institute London, and was Odysseus in the play at William Ellis.  I have a clean driving license.

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Supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists (specialising in those working with children and young people).

Counselling for adults

Counselling for children and young people

Peer Support training for Schools; Buddy Systems, Peer Mediation and Peer Mentoring.

Mindfulness programmes for schools


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  • Students
  • Trainee counsellors
  • Unemployed

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Therapy is £70 per 50 minute hour - although this is negotiable according to varying circumstances.

Fees are the same for supervision and therapy. 

I offer 50-minute, 60-minute or 90-minute supervision sessions, weekly, fortnightly or monthly according to your requirements.  


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I specialise in online counselling using Skype and Zoom.


In person supervision
Online supervision
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The supervision I offer is a mixture of case discussion, with the integration of theory, ethics and personal experience of the supervisee.

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