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Self-Love Clinic Ltd
EMX Squared London
22 Seymour Street

020 3322 6152 / 07495 369434

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Self-Love Clinic Ltd
EMX Squared London
22 Seymour Street

020 3322 6152 / 07495 369434

About me

My therapeutic process is all about you...

As a fully qualified and insured therapist I support clients in navigating life transitions with a balance, vibrancy and authenticity. Having studied philosophy, psychology and counselling I blend a range of western theories and therapy models with the use of some alternative components, such as: mindfulness, spirituality, self-compassion, emotional intelligence and yoga. As a strong believer in our own uniqueness, I use a holistic approach in my practice, and I put much effort to develop an individual connection with each person.

When appropriate, I also like to incorporate into the process some NLP and coaching interventions, which can speed up the journey in a very empowering way. For me, the secrets of a meaningful and good therapy lie in the relationship that is created between the therapist and their clients. It has to feel right, safe and comfortable but also challenging enough to leave a scope for growth. The connection can utilise crucial roles, both, supportive and reparative.

I welcome individuals of all ages, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds and sexual/gender identities to my practice.

What people say:

Megan (36), IT Consultant, London 2018

When I first came to Agatha I was struggling a great deal with a relationship breakdown, boundary issues, and very low self-esteem. She has helped me immeasurably to identify and work on various areas of my life both at the time and over the following months. She is kind, patient, non-judgemental and extremely knowledgeable, and the genuine connection she provides has been pivotal in my self-development and enabling me to establish healthy habits and thought processes. It would be a tremendous understatement to say that sessions with Agatha have changed my life and my outlook - they have done far more than that. Her ability to listen compassionately and provide constructive counsel has had the knock-on effect of allowing me to be a far more open, honest and genuine person in my everyday interactions. Our sessions are enjoyable, intellectually stimulating, humorous, serious, difficult, easy, thought-provoking and calming. As a result I have come to feel vastly more resilient and much more aware of my feelings and reactions and how to handle them. I would not hesitate to recommend her - she is exceptional

Karolina (39), Wellness Coach, London, 2018

Working with Agatha has been an amazing self discovery journey. I signed up with her therapy because couple months before I went through divorce. As much as I could process most of divorce issues on my own, I needed someone who can see my blind spots and help me remove them. I wanted to move forward and find a new relationship that will be a reflection of a new person that I have become. With Agatha's help I discovered parts of me that were blocking a relationship that I desired. I gained a new level of confidence and just after a few months working together I met my new partner who is everything I have desired from a man and more. Agatha's skilful way of understanding a person and dealing with one's individual issues are absolutely priceless.

Alicja (37), Counsellor, UK - 2018

Working with Agatha has been an inspiring and empowering journey. She embraced my uniqueness and helped me to reconnect with my inner knowing. If you are considering improvements in your life, the way you relate to others, increasing your happiness and wellbeing, just contact Agatha and book a session. You are one step away from a "game changing" experience which will affect all dimensions of your life. She is a true force of positive energy! Now I am more determined than ever to remain focused on my wellbeing and reach for things in life which seemed to be out of my reach before. Thank you

Nicole (33), Project manager, London - 2018

Before meeting Agatha I struggled deeply with a relationship I had with a loved one. Unbeknownst to me, lack of boundaries caused a lot of angst between this loved one and I, and I discovered that this was negatively impacting all aspects of the beautiful life I moved to London to create.

Agatha, through neuro linguistic programming and her very loving, careful, and thoughtful techniques, very clearly showed me that I was stuck in a vicious cycle with my loved one and that I would need to establish boundaries - as painful as that can be - in order to take control back over my life. It has been nearly four months since I started working with her (nearly everyday - I might add) and I have successfully defined healthy boundaries not only with the aforementioned loved one but in other areas of my life, and am starting to apply them assertively.

I am learning to find peace and have found that the initial challenge I approached Agatha with is becoming less of a challenge now that the boundaries are in place. Aside from all of this, Agatha is wonderfully positive and there is just so much to learn from her as a person beyond what her frameworks and advice help you achieve.

Sarah (33), Creative Director and CEO, London - 2017

After a very turbulent year, where I had experienced so many changes I was really struggling to not only adapt to my new lifestyle, but accept the changes for myself. My self confidence was at an all time low, and I decided to reach out for some guidance in the form of a life coach. Agatha’s approach was a mixture of counselling and coaching which was the perfect combination for me. Within our first session I realised that my focus still needed to be on counselling, and only then would I be able to reach the goals I had set for myself. Her kindness and understanding lead me to accept my new circumstances, and as we continue to work together I am now embracing these changes in life.

Agatha's approach is incredibly kind and understanding. There is no judgement even when we so often judge ourselves. She encourages me to always be kind to myself, in my thoughts, my attitude and my awareness. The weekly emails, and goals set after every session enable me to keep a focus even when I'm feeling very disoriented. Her encouragement and belief in my ability has enabled me to reach for goals I had only dreamed of.

When I met Agatha I was incredibly scared and vulnerable. I was surrounded with negativity and was in desperate need to break the cycle. Through her words of kindness, her own personal journey and motivation I now look back at the start of our coaching, six months ago and am so amazed at how far I have come. Naturally there are periods of regression, however these are often met with a session of counselling instead of coaching which enables me to receive the support needed. The life skills I have learnt over the last six months are tools which I will carry for the rest of my life. My gratitude to Agatha, and the progress we have made is hard to measure. If you are facing a situation or period in your life which feels never ending, pick up the phone and reach for help. Agatha's approach literally saved me, for that I will be eternally grateful.

Ben (17), Student, London - 2017

Before I began working with Agatha, I lacked self-confidence which often affected my social life along with my education as I would shy away from discussion in lessons. This low self-esteem had a 'multiplier effect', constantly getting worse due to my lack of self-belief effectively stopping me from trying to fix it, therefore slowly making me feel more and more inferior to others and creating more negative thoughts. The main challenge I faced was to try and gain some belief in myself and try to move forward in my life, leaving behind this negative cycle of self-hatred in the process.

Speaking to Agatha, I have developed a level of control regarding my negative thoughts and feelings towards myself, and I am now able to keep them at bay far easier. I also feel much better about myself, and have learnt to appreciate myself for who I am. I would also say I have a far better insight into the causes and reasons for my negative mindset prior to working with Agatha, and have since been actively working to remove them from my life and replace them with more positive thoughts.

I have continued to make great strides in my mental and physical well-being since working with Agatha. My state of mind has completely changed - I have gone from someone whom would often dwell on the negatives in life to someone who is constantly trying to improve their quality of life through building on these negatives and focusing on the positives. I have since set many goals for myself which I now strive to try and meet - this has given me some direction as to what I want to do and has since made me more determined and focused on improving myself.

Training, qualifications & experience

I am not the typical therapist you will come across...

I listen, I act, I help you create a change, I challenge, We learn.

Qualified as an Integrative Therapist, I use various and alternative interventions and techniques in my practice. The ability to operate from so many different angles allows to speed up the process you are in. The world of mental health evolves and you don't need to spend years in therapy to feel better any more, although you need to allow yourself for some time.

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Following a research on loneliness and separation from a family I conducted in 2014, I have been involved in a project that is developing an innovative solution for people feeling isolated from their families, or those that had never had positive role models in their lives.

Here are my academical credentials:

Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP, UK

Strategic Interventions in Coaching - Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes

Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling at Counselling & Psychotherapy Training Academy in London.

Certificate in Psychology at University of Derby, UK

Masters of Arts in Philosophy - University of Silesia, Poland

I am a professional member of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and also the Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Member organisations


Accredited register membership

Other areas of counselling I deal with

  • Estrangement from family
  • Separation from a child
  • Shunning
  • Complicated and difficult relations at home
  • People Pleasing/difficulty with putting yourself first
  • Self-love and self-care
  • Confidence and self-worth
  • How to manage work-place bullying
  • How to forgive yourself


My Services:

Please enquire via email or book yourself for the complementary initial consultation with me via the link below.

Having been working with a broad range of clients I am aware of many individual needs, hence I am able to create a bespoke option that will suit your needs. This may include coaching and NLP intervention amongst counselling, reflective journaling and a daily online support.

During the complementary consultation we will determine if we are a good match for each other and then we can decide on the next steps

Fees range from £50 - £150 depending on the amount of contact and support required. This will be determined during the initial consultation.

Further information

More Reviews:

Leanne (30), Entrepreneur & Investor, London - 2017

Working with Agatha has been a transformational period in my life. The most noticeable changes have been the shifting of my mindset, finding a new awareness of my environment & relationships, dealing with my ego and best of all my revived outlook on life. I now understand my emotions and have set healthy boundaries for myself. Agatha created a safe, professional and authentic space for me to come into my own. It has been a truly unique experience and I’m very grateful for the impact she has made and the way she has changed mine and so many other people’s lives. She is a phenomenal woman! Thank you so much.

Millie (32), Legal Secretary, London - 2017

I felt understood, I felt that I am in a safe place to open up. I also felt that you felt my pain which is very important in order for me to open up and cleanse myself from my blockages. Over the weekend I felt a massive wound being opened up after many years. Right now I feel that the wound is ready to heal and I am getting ready to restructure my life to the right structure.

Danny, Support Officer, London - 2017

Agatha is wonderful woman who generates her positivity onto yourself. She makes you believe and challenges yourself beyond your own thinking.

Aisha, Teacher, London - 2017

Agatha takes the time to learn who you are; reminds you of your strengths and achievements and guides you to becoming the invincible soul we all are. So glad to have come across this incredible human being!

Joanne, (41), Merchandise Manager, London - 2017

I spent 6 months last year working with you in Counselling not sure if you remember? Well, you completely changed my life all for the better, I hardly recognise who I am now, and I have never been happier, prouder or liked myself more. And so much of that is the work you did with me. But most of all I wanted to let you know, a coupe of months into working with you I told you about a 100 mile run that I was inspired to attempt, I entered even though I wasn't at all sure - but you kept saying to me visualise the end and work towards it.

Well, it was a couple of weeks ago and I not only was brave enough to get to the start line and try, I kept on going and going for 29:26:29 and I did it!!!! I ran my 100 miles. I needed all the determination and courage that I had inside me but I have never been so proud of myself. It was a monumental moment for me and has changed many of my mindsets even further, but one thing I do know us that I could never have done it without the work we did together. So, thank you!!! I am very happy for you to use anything I have sent you as an endorsement. You really have changed my life for the better and I can't thank you enough. I think everybody should know how amazing you are and how much you can help them. Please use my words, inspire others.

Monica, (37), Event Organiser, London - 2017

I can't thank Agatha enough for helping me to become the person I am today. She is absolutely fantastic and professional therapist/coach. She helped me to become more confident about myself, get out of my comfort zone and helped me to understand what I really want to achieve in my life. I am very thankful I met her on my way and for all the support she gave me to work through the fears I faced.
Thank you Agatha. You make me believe in myself!

Dorothy (33), Trader, London - 2017

Agatha helps to identify those areas in life that can hold a person back from progressing and reaching their potential. She assists in creating a lifestyle that supports growth and inner peace.

Chloe (28), PA to HNWI, London - 2016

A few months ago I was going through an extremely low and difficult period in my life, where I was feeling depressed and unhappy on a daily basis. I have never experienced therapy or coaching before. Upon meeting Agatha the first time I instantly felt this was a person whom I could trust and completely open up to.

Throughout my sessions I felt I was in a totally safe non judgmental environment which made me feel very comfortable in discussing some of the issues that had brought me to therapy. I felt completely listened to and was made to feel better by being assured I was not alone in the way I had been feeling or in the issues I was dealing with.

Agatha taught me some extremely useful tools on how to deal with situations in the future and she gave me back my sense of self confidence and self worth. After my time with her I came away from each session feeling so much better than when I went in. My time with Agatha changed my entire outlook on my life and I honestly feel she brought me back to being the old me. Thank you again and all the best.

Alex (29), Business owner, London - 2016

My main challenge was I lacked self-confidence. My biggest insight that Agatha had taught me early into our process was my posture and how I carried myself. I can’t believe the difference between how I would walk before and how I walk now. When sitting down and talking I would not make eye contact and would sit armed crossed in a way that would make anyone talking to me feel uncomfortable or that I have no interest in what they have to say.

So power posture and making eye contact were insights that shocked and changed things for me almost instantly. Once I started acting on this. Others would be self-love and the way I speak to myself and a general positive outlook on life. This has made massive improvement on me and I now see life so different!

Maggie (36), Restaurant Manager, Jersey - 2015

Agatha helped me to understand, that certain issues (not necessarily created by us) don't have to impact our lives. Agatha helped me to see my problems from a different, positive perspective. I understood that dwelling on the past and overthinking only hurts me. I’ve learned from my own experience, where some people very close to me have treated me like an enemy and created a barrier of impassivity and rejection. Despite all of my efforts, I was unable to sort it out.

It was Agatha, who opened my eyes. Thanks to her I’ve decided to not waste my life on negative energy and appreciate my life and my loved ones, and the smallest things I cherish. I understood that the only way to improve my interactions with others is to start from myself. Conflicts and life’s problems lecture us on acceptance and finding new solutions. In circumstances like mine, people like Agatha become our wisdom and a signpost. They listen, look and see things from an unbiased angle and suggest techniques and methods that when applied, help us to live in peace with ourselves.

Thank you for your help and the force of the positive energy! Thank you for helping me realise that problems are not our life, but rather our reactions to them and the way we resolve them.

Jeremy (43), Trust Director, Jersey - 2015

I have been fighting depression and low mood for years. My doctor was always eager to prescribe me some antidepressants and I accepted that this was a part of my psychological make-up. Until I met Agatha, whose questions opened completely different doors to my ways of thinking. Meeting her and letting her guide me by questions and applying NLP techniques, was so transformational for me, that I have been tablet free for the last 4 months and I don’t even need my sleeping pills anymore, that were part of my life for so long!

Agatha helped awaken a new person in me, I believe in myself, I started taking advantage of my potential and skills, I never thought existed within me. I have changed so much, that my wife, my family and friends are looking astonished, but I am loving this and it’s getting better with each day!

Natalia (36), Fitness Instructor, Jersey - 2015

I am so glad I met Agatha. She influenced my thinking on a very profound level by the way she listened and asked questions. She helped me to see things (during the bad days) from a more fortunate and advantageous angle. After session with Agatha I felt empowered, stronger, super-positive and happy. I literally believe that I can achieve everything and that is all in my own hands. It’s an awesome feeling! Thank you.

Marilyn, Psychotherapist, Jersey - 2015

Aggie, you are an inspiration to all who meet you, as enthusiasm flows from you like water flows from a waterfall. When you spoke about starting up a Happiness Club in Jersey last year, I wondered how it would unfold, and if it meant everyone had to be happy all the time to keep attending. Well, what I learnt from you was that even on days when the sun wasn't shining quite so brightly inside or out, there was still a choice to look beyond the clouds and to stretch our fingers out towards the happiness which was waiting just beyond that cloud.

By sharing positive affirmations we were able to change the thought and thus, change the feeling. You had the skills and the ability to facilitate that group process. I'm so pleased to hear you will be continuing your teaching now you are living in London. Thank you for bringing people together in such a gentle and yet vibrant way!

Maps & Directions

London, NW2
London, W1H 7HY

Type of session

Online counselling: Yes
Telephone counselling: Yes
Face to face counselling: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: Polish


Wheelchair access: No


Sessions are available from 7am-9pm as well as weekends, please contact us to enquire. We respond to all queries within 24h window

Types of client

Older adults
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