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Glasgow G2 & Cardross G82
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This professional is available for new clients.

About us

Welcome to Talking EDs: Eating Disorder Support Service and Scotland's leading private centre for eating disorders, disordered eating and body image concerns.

'I have a difficult relationship with my best friend. Sometimes my best friend comforts me. But usually my best friend lies, tricks, controls and deceives me. You see, my best friend is food. I have a best friend who I hate.'

Does this sound like you?

Even if this isn't exactly like you, we often hear from clients about how complicated their relationship with food is. Some feel like they are controlling food, but actually it's controlling them. Others feel that eating food is comforting or soothing, especially if they are feeling stressed, hurt, upset, anxious or any other distressing feelings. But, they discover that the comfort is short-term and they end up feeling shame or guilt and a whole host of other uncomfortable things.

Others might feel a sense of achievement through controlling eating or eating certain foods. Others may engage in purging or exercising as a way of compensating for the food eaten. That's just some of the things we hear from clients - there's lots more (there's a little questionnaire on the website you can complete for yourself if you think food/eating is becoming a problem for you)

However things are for you (we are all different, after all) our relationship with food isn't always as simple as eating 3 times a day. Those of you experiencing eating disorders or a tricky relationship with food will know this. We can often have a love-hate relationship with food and over time, feel like we're in a trap, stuck in our relationship with food, but feeling we have nowhere to turn.

Well, you do have somewhere to turn.

You can turn to us. We are interested in YOU, yes, YOU - not your weight or whether you fit an eating disorder stereotype or not. We are interested in what's going on for, regardless of what you weigh, how you look, how often you eat/don't eat, how much you are sick, how often you exercise or what your age or shape is.

Here at Talking EDs Headquarters in Glasgow, we often talk about how WE (our therapists) can help YOU.

Yes, we can help you..... in lots of ways. However, we can't help you, until YOU take the first step and decide to improve your life and address the problem or concern that's making your life difficult. We can't reach out into the screen and drag you to therapy or counselling or bring all our support to you. You have to meet us in the middle somewhere, and that starts with you, getting in touch with us, to find out how we can help and support you.

Then, you can start working, in partnership with your therapist or counsellor to improve life and improve your relationship with food.

We can provide therapy and counselling in various forms including: in-person, online (e.g. Zoom), telephone and instant messaging or text-based therapy.

If you take the first step, and get in touch, we will take a step towards you too and walk along side you on your therapy or counselling path.

We're waiting for you and ready to listen. Take that step...take it today!

All the best,

Cinical Director/Lead/Senior Integrative Psychotherapist and Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist (Accredited)/Psychology Researcher/Clinical Supervisor/Lecturer and COSCA Trainer (Accredited)/Group Facilitator
(Eating Disorders Support Service Scotland)

Training, qualifications & experience


Our team of therapists and dietitians have lots of experience working with individuals and groups affected by eating disorders and disordered eating. Many of the team also work/have worked in other eating disorder services, such as eating disorder charities; private eating disorder inpatient units; NHS; private clinics; support services and more, in addition to their work here.

Our founder and clinical director, Alexandra, was previously director of a leading Scottish eating disorders charity and has also been chair and a trustee with other eating disorder charities, She is an accredited and qualified Integrative and Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Accredited Trainer and Psychology Practitioner with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Psychology, English and postgraduate training in research psychology, cognitive behavioural psychotherapy, training and development and stress management. Alexandra is the Lead Psychotherapist and Clinical Director here at Talking EDs and has been involved in the field of eating disorders for over 23 years.

We also have a wonderful team of affiliate therapists and counsellors who work here too: Alexandra; Amanda, Jackie, Jenny, Liz, Natalia, Sue and Wendy.

They are all either accredited and/or fully qualified and experienced therapists and counsellors. We also have an experienced and fully qualified HCPC-registered specialist eating disorder dietitian.

The team bring a wealth of information and experience to their work and are really friendly, encouraging and understanding. They are also approachable; tailor therapy to each individual client; go at your pace; provide short or long term therapy; and work with you in a flexible, collaborative way to support you to get to where you would like to get to. We have a great wee team and everyone works really hard to give you the best service possible.

The team have experience of working with groups and individuals in therapy and counselling. We have experience of delivering therapeutic, support and psych-educational groups and training too. Some of us are all clinical supervisors, trainers, dieticians, mental health nurses, group facilitators, psychology practitioners and trainers/lecturers.

We all engage in regular CPD training every year to ensure our knowledge, skills and clinical practice are continually updated and to a high standard to ensure we do the best for our clients at all times.

This particular service been providing support, groups, education, awareness and other services in eating disorders/disordered eating since 2009.


Our therapists and counsellors hold professional memberships with some of the following: COSCA, BABCP, BACP, British Psychological Society, NMC, ASFH, NHC, HCPC and many more.

Member organisations *

Registered / Accredited

Registered / Accredited

Being registered/accredited with a professional body means an individual must have achieved a substantial level of training and experience approved by their member organisation.

Counselling & Psychotherapy in Scotland (COSCA)

COSCA is the professional body for counselling and psychotherapy in Scotland, and seeks to advance all forms of counselling and psychotherapy and the use of counselling skills by promoting best practice and through the delivery of a range of sustainable services. COSCA Counsellor Accreditation is a pathway to entry onto the UKRC. It is a requirement of all individual and organisational members of COSCA to abide by its Statement of Ethics and Code of Practice and be accountable to the Complaints Procedure. Accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

We have verified that at least one professional at this organisation is registered with the relevant professional body.

Other areas of counselling we deal with

We also work with many concerns and problems associated with eating disorders or that go alongside it, for example, relationship problems, anxiety, trauma, stress, depression, distress, gender, sexuality, identity, abuse, work-related concerns, personality, life meaning/purpose, existential concerns, worry, perfectionism, confidence and self-esteem, OCD, addictions, family issues, self-harm, bereavement, loss and much more. So, we can support you with these concerns and much more too.

We can also assist with eating disorders/disordered eating issues not in the list above, including:

  • Anorexia Nervosa
  • Bulimia Nervosa
  • Orthorexia
  • Binge Eating Disorder
  • Chew and Spit Disorder
  • Pica
  • ARFID (Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder)
  • Purging Disorder
  • Night Eating Syndrome
  • Rumination Disorder
  • Emotional Eating
  • Selective Eating Disorder
  • Compulsive Overeating
  • EDNOS/OSFED (Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified/Other Specific Feeding or Eating Disorder)
  • UFED (Unspecified Feeding or Eating Disorder)

Although we are not Art Therapists, some of our therapist do incorporate various creative therapies into sessions, should these be appropriate and welcomed by the client. We are able to engage an Art Therapist should there be enough interest in this.

In addition to the psychotherapies noted above, we also offer:

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Rewind Trauma Therapy
  • Single-Session Therapy
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Consultations
  • Couples Counselling and Relationship Therapy
  • We can add Art Therapy to our services should there be a demand for it

We can also provide therapy and counselling services, at discount, with psychotherapists-in-training (i.e. trainee therapists) who are monitored regularly, have several clinical supervisors and who are reviewed on a frequent basis.

Dietitian and Nutritional Therapies

Our highly qualified and experienced dietitian, Jenny, is HCPC registered and has worked as a specialist eating disorder dietitian for over 15 years. She has a huge amount of experience in this field and can work with you, alongside your therapist or counsellor, to support your physical health during recovery.

Appointments are collaborative and go at your pace - there is no pressure to make changes you are not ready to. Jenny is friendly, patient and encouraging and she will work with you on an on-to-one basis to help you work towards the goals you are ready to at this time. You will receive a tailor-made plan and Jenny will regulalry check-in and review this with you.

Jenny has worked with a range of clients and patients over the years who struggle with various types of eating disorder and disordered eating. You don't need to have a diagnosis to access our dietitian (or our theapists and counsellors).

We work with YOU and what's going on in YOUR life. Support goes at your pace and is tailored to you and your needs.

A list of the dietetic services Jenny and Talking EDs can offer is below:

  • Comprehensive dietetic assessment
  • Follow-up support and advice appointments (after the initial assessment session)
  • Reports and letters
  • Dietary advice and support
  • Dietary monitoring
  • Nutritional information and psychoeducation
  • Meal plans
  • Establishing healthy eating and healthy eating habits
  • Support with establishing regular eating patterns
  • Support to achieve improved nutritional status
  • Support with increase range of foods eaten
  • Support and information for the following specific diets and conditions: vegan; vegetarian; milk-free; lactose intolerance; diabetes; IBS; IBD; and coeliac disease.
  • Dietetic support is only offered alongside psychotherapy, CBT and counselling services. You must be seeing a therapist here (or elsewhere) to access dietetic services at Talking EDs.

All dietetic appointments are currently online due to Jenny’s location.


Please see our website or get in touch for more information. Please get in touch if you have any questions, need more information or would like to book an appointment with a dietitian at our practice.

Photos & videos


£25.00 - £150.00

Health Insurance/EAP

  • Cigna

Additional information

In-Person and Online Psychotherapy and Counselling (Individual)

Please see the Price List on our website. We offer different fees depending on level and experience of the therapist.

Concessions/Low Cost Therapy and Counselling 
These are available with a trainee/student Therapist/Counsellor and newly qualified therapists/counsellors. We are not a charity and have lots of overheads to cover so concessionary appointments with trainees or newly qualified therapists are subject to availability. 

Dieteitian and Nutritionist Services

Please see the Price List on our website.

Letters and Reports

Please get in touch for fees regarding letters, reports and corporate referrals (e.g. EAPs, insurance and company-funded appointments

Staff Counselling/Company Funded/Insurance Funded/EAP Funded Appointments
These start at £100 per appointment. Please get in touch for details as fees are often higher for insurance cover, EAPs etc, due to the increase in paperwork and other costs involved.  If you are covered by Cigna, our fee structure is different as we have a set fee with them (£125-£150 per appointment). Please get in touch for details).

We are registered with Cigna.

All psychotherapy, counselling, supervision and dietetic appointments are 50 minutes (except Dietetic Assessments, which are 90 minutes, and Single Session Consultative Therapy, which is 2 hours).

Professional Services

These include:

  • Therapy/Consulting Room Hire (in Glasgow city centre)
  • EAP Services and Insurance/Third Party Company Referrals
  • Staff Support and Counselling Service
  • Professional Consultations (other organisations)
  • Client Consultations
  • Psychological Reports and Assessments
  • Membership of the Eating Disorder Therapist Networking Group
  • Clinical Supervision (individual and groups)
  • Groups
  • Service Development and Provision (within your company/business)
  • Training and Workshops
  • Other

When we work

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Appointments: 8am-9pm, 7 days/week (subject to availability). We can offer in-person appointments Glasgow city centre or online/phone appointments to anyone across the UK.

Further information

Our Ethos and Motto

We receive lots of enquiries from people asking if they have an eating disorder or if their eating and food behaviours, thoughts, feelings and experiences warrant them accessing services or receiving help and support.

One of the best things about Talking EDs is that we never ever discriminate on whether someone has a ‘full-blown’ eating disorder; has been formally diagnosed; or meets certain ‘criteria’.

We welcome anyone – of any gender, sex, age and background -  who feel that their relationship with food and eating is affecting their life. As far as we are concerned, if your relationship with food and eating is affecting your life in some way – socially, emotionally, psychologically, physically, occupationally etc., then you deserve help and support with such difficulties.

We know that most people with eating disorders/ disordered eating are not underweight or don't always display the full plethora of eating disorder 'symptoms' Having worked with 1000s of people over the years, we understand that one's eating disorder changes over time. In fact, some people display various 'types' of eating disorder all at one time.

For us, it's not about sticking a label or name onto something or someone. If you have a difficult relationship with food and eating, regardless of what that is or how often that may be, you deserve help, support and understanding that is empathic, non-judgemental and encouraging.

Eating disorders come in all forms and most people who experience such difficulties don't meet all of the 'diagnostic criteria', are deemed ‘ok’ and thus do not receive treatment. This can be dangerous: a ‘controllable’ range of behaviours can very easily turn into a serious illness with devastating consequences.

Our motto is 'your voice counts : recovery exists'. This is the focus and ethos of Talking EDs and underlies everything we do.

We believe recovery is possible. We also believe that everyone with an eating disorder or a difficult relationship with food and eating is entitled to have a voice and express that voice.

And how do we know that recovery is possible, we hear you say? Because we have seen people improve life, get better and many have fully recovered too, leaving their eating disorder behind and moving onto a new path in life.

It's so rewarding to see our clients leave ED behind and we understand that, while the journey to get there can be tricky and rough, it can be done - we have seen it. We believe that we can support you to improve your life too.

Glasgow Therapy Rooms, Fitzgerald, Isherwood and Orwell Rooms,, Regent Business Space, 2nd Floor, Left Wing,, 180 West Regent Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G2 4RW

Cardross, Argyll and Bute, G82

Type of session

In person

Types of client

Young people (13-17)
Young adults (18-24)
Adults (25-64)
Older Adults (65+)
Employee Assistance Programme

Key details

DBS check

In England and Wales, the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS, formerly known as CRB) carry out criminal records checks for individuals working with vulnerable groups, such as children. To find out more, visit , or contact this professional directly

PVG Scheme

In Scotland, criminal records checks are carried out by Disclosure Scotland. Professionals working with children or vulnerable adults must join the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme. You can learn more at , or contact this professional directly.

Offices are located up two flights of stairs, with landings in-between. There is no lift. We can, however, offer online, telephone or text-based and instant messaging appointments to those who are unable to access our building.

Additional languages

We offer telephone and instant message/text therapy too.

Online platforms

Google Meet
Microsoft Teams


In person

I offer supportive clinical supervision to psychotherapists, counsellors, trainers, other mental health clinicians and non-therapist professionals.

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Talking EDs (Eating Disorder Support Service Scotland)
Talking EDs (Eating Disorder Support Service Scotland)