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MBACP - Counselling, Psychotherapy and Clinical Supervision
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

Salford M30 & Manchester M3
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

About me

Hello and welcome; I am an experienced therapist, passionate about helping others and facilitating self-discovery, growth and transformation - yours and my own. I believe that with the right support, most of us can make changes to improve our situation, and deal with the challenges in our lives. I have successfully helped many people to address a range of life issues, and find answers, recover their 'mojo' or achieve balance and peace of mind.

My approach to counselling involves working in close collaboration with you, supporting you to deepen your understanding and develop your self-worth, as important foundations for re-aligning yourself and finding the ways forward that are right for you. I take enormous satisfaction in helping you develop self-compassion and insight, and supporting you to embrace your resources and connect with the essence of who you are.

I love my work as a therapist, where I am committed to helping you build confidence and trust in yourself, so you can make self-respecting and inclusive choices, enhance your well-being and resilience, and establish a greater sense of connection, agency and personal effectiveness in your life and relationships.

What kind of support are you looking for?

Are there areas of your life that you’re finding difficult, or where you feel overwhelmed, stuck or lacking in fulfilment?

These might include:

  • relationship and trust issues;
  • managing anxiety and stress;
  • improving your self-esteem and confidence;
  • restoring your well-being, motivation and zest;
  • dealing with emotions, like hurt, anger, guilt, sadness and loss;
  • navigating life changes, or processing the impacts of significant events and experiences.

Maybe you'd like some support in your journey of personal development and self-discovery?

Are you wanting to:

  • expand your awareness and deepen your understanding?
  • become more in touch with who you are?
  • gain insight into 'blind spots' or areas of 'fog' and confusion, and clarity over apparent contradictions, ambiguity or incongruence?
  • recognise how past experiences might be affecting your life and relationships now?
  • be comfortable in your own skin?

How I can help you

I am committed to providing a welcoming and safe therapeutic space to facilitate your growth and your well-being - somewhere you can ‘offload’ without being judged, and where we can work collaboratively to support you, through meaningful exploration and authentic connection, towards self-acknowledgement, healing and positive change. Together we can create an affirming environment where you can feel heard and validated, and where you can be free to explore and grow at your own pace.

I will support you to address the issues you have been wrestling with, helping you increase your understanding and develop a more connected and loving relationship with yourself. From these foundations, you can start to give yourself what you need in order to recover your vitality and build confidence and trust in yourself, becoming more in touch and aligned with your own essence and values, and empowering yourself to determine appropriate and self-respecting ways forward.

Good talking therapy can help you get things off your chest, providing you with a chance to receive valuable support while you get to the bottom of what's troubling you or holding you back; it offers a constructive opportunity for honest in-depth exploration and bespoke personal development, where you can gain insight and awareness and re-evaluate your perspective.

Active engagement in the counselling process can help you to become more connected with your own resources and begin to move forwards with renewed positivity, acceptance and self-assurance, enabling you to feel at home with yourself and to develop a more effective and fulfilling approach to your life and relationships, and to navigating the challenges you encounter, together with self-compassion and appropriate boundaries that reflect and support this.

I am motivated in my work as a therapist by a genuine desire to serve others and make a difference. I offer warmth, humility and a listening ear, alongside the understanding and expertise I have built up in over 27 years’ experience. I bring myself, head and heart, to our work together, combining my professional grounding with courage, sensitivity, wisdom and intuition, supported with ongoing development and learning, hand in hand with conscious reflection on my own continuing 'journey'.

Contact me

If you think I might be able to help you and you would like to consider working with me, I offer a free introductory consultation (by phone or video call) where we can discuss this further, without any obligation; so please get in touch with me.

I offer a choice of in-person and online/phone sessions:

  • Online via Zoom: from wherever you are in the UK (or overseas) - online therapy, which entails us connecting in a one-to-one video call, is effective, convenient and easy to access. Alternatively, we can work over the phone if you prefer - this is equally accessible, without the need to connect online. 
  • Face-to-face appointments: located in Central Manchester, at Bridge Street Chambers, 72 Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 2RJ - close to junction with Deansgate/John Dalton Street - easily accessed from Salford and surrounding areas - nearest bus routes: V1, V2, 8, 35, 36, 37, 38 & 50 (stopping on Bridge Street) - nearest tram stop: St Peter’s Square (c. 8-10 mins walk).
  • Walk and Talk: where we meet in person for outdoor sessions in accessible green spaces in the Monton/Worsley area, in Salford - there are many benefits to doing therapy in the open air in natural surroundings, which I am happy to discuss with you - please enquire if you are interested in the potential of meeting for outdoor 'walk and talk' sessions and would like to know more.

Daytime and evening appointments available - various Mon-Sat (please check for specific availability) - outdoor sessions in daylight hours only. Please note, I work only with adult clients (18+), on an individual one-to-one basis; I do not offer couples counselling.

My standard rate is £65 per one-hour session. I have capacity to offer some concessionary places at a reduced fee - sliding scale: £50-£60 (£40-£60 online/phone), based on your individual circumstances and ability to pay. Please feel free to enquire about this with me.

Payment is due on the day of each session and can be made by bank transfer or in cash.

We would start by arranging a free introductory consultation, lasting approx. 20 minutes (by phone or Zoom), where we will be able to discuss the help you are looking for and see whether we could be a good fit. I appreciate how important it is to find the right therapist - this will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions that you might have, and to see if you would feel comfortable to work with me.

You are free to make up your mind without any obligation, and you are welcome to go away and think about it in your own space if you wish to.

If you think you might like to work with me, please get in touch to arrange a free initial consultation, or an informal chat to discuss your needs and ask any questions - call me on 07792 110812 or email me via the Counselling Directory online enquiry form.

I aim to respond to voicemail and email enquiries within 2 working days.

Further details

If you wish to read more detailed information about the counselling process, successful therapy outcomes, and my specific approach (including details of my training, qualifications and experience), please continue scrolling. For a fuller explanation of session arrangements and fees, scroll down to the relevant section (towards end of profile). 

Examples of successful therapy outcomes

My goal is to help you to:

  • feel supported to share what's bothering you, explore and get things off your chest, and gain some relief and perspective;
  • develop self-awareness and insight;
  • broaden your understanding of your current distress or anxiety;
  • recognise the impacts of past experiences and circumstances, and examine how these play out in your life and relationships now, both in terms of their legacy on your current view of yourself, your outlook and expectations, and of their ongoing influence on your internal responses and behavioural reactions;
  • identify and unpick the effects of dysfunctional, toxic or abusive relationships and oppressive or undermining behaviour and attitudes, including 'gaslighting', bullying and coercive control, discrimination, marginalisation and exclusion;
  • establish a more loving and compassionate relationship with yourself, and develop appropriate boundaries that reflect and support this;
  • nurture a process of self-acknowledgement, validation and healing, where you can feel safe to grieve as you need to, or integrate difficult feelings and experiences;
  • recognise and embrace your resources;
  • address apparently self-limiting responses and free yourself up to become more authentic and self-directed;
  • enhance your well-being and resilience;
  • distinguish and differentiate between relationships and experiences that energise, nourish and sustain you, and those that are deadening, depleting and cause you pain or harm;
  • learn to like and respect yourself;
  • build confidence and trust in yourself, and feel more comfortable and secure in your own skin;
  • become more connected and in touch with who you are, and aligned with your own essence and values;
  • shift away from a position of co-dependency, over-adaptation and over-functioning in your relationships with others (or perhaps, from excessive independence, mistrust or detachment);
  • move towards a place of self-assurance, autonomy and personal empowerment, where you can make effective and self-respecting choices that take proper account of your needs, and where you can enjoy healthy 'interdependence', intimacy and increased fulfilment;
  • experience peace of mind and a feeling of serenity and balance.

What keeps us where we are?

How we view and interpret our relationships and our experiences, and the way we judge and feel about ourselves, particularly when we're struggling with problems or difficult situations, can be intertwined with low self-esteem and low self-worth, giving rise to: feelings of guilt; internalised anger; shame and embarrassment; 'imposter syndrome'; wrestling with 'shoulds' and 'shouldn'ts'; being hard on ourselves; feeling 'weak', or perhaps 'too proud'; fearing negative judgement and criticism; or simply not trusting or not wanting to be a burden to others...

These feelings and underlying thought processes can affect our ability to acknowledge or feel comfortable to share what may be really going on inside, very often leaving us isolated and hindered from asking for help or letting other people in. Indeed, we might not even recognise what we may need or deserve, let alone be open to receiving support from others, or even trusting that any such support could be available to us. 

Sometimes such 'beliefs', 'conditions of worth' and internal reactions have become deeply ingrained and pervade our lives and our experience in relationships, binding up our energy and resulting in confusion and psychological tensions, often manifesting in emotional difficulties and physiological or bodily symptoms, including chronic stress, anxiety, depression and burnout.

Taking the first step

Embarking on a counselling 'journey' and engaging in the process of therapeutic change might at first seem daunting, and may at times be challenging; yet, most people encounter something valuable from it, and can find it a rewarding, productive and inspiring experience.

Making your first contact can be a brave step to take, especially when you're feeling vulnerable, and it takes courage and an act of commitment to yourself. I believe it is important to find a therapist who is right for you, and I would invite you to hold some of the following considerations in your mind as you choose a counsellor to work with:

"Is this person someone...

  • who comes across as warm, who will listen to you without judgement, and who will accompany and support you as you take courage to talk about your feelings and experiences?"
  • who you could build a trusting relationship with, who is patient, and who you are going to feel safe and comfortable to express yourself and work with at your own pace?"
  • who will help you explore and make sense of your situation, who will be able to 'hear' you and 'get' you, and who will help you clarify to yourself what it is you really want and need?"
  • who is competent, who will support you to restore your self-worth, and who will help you arrive at a level of awareness and understanding where you can consider helpful and healthy ways forward?"

Personal experience and motivation

At times in my own life's journey, I have fought off feelings of self-doubt, inadequacy, shame and self-consciousness, and grappled with the lack of a consistent and felt sense of self-worth. I frequently over-adapted to others, over-functioned in relationships, and often hid or toned down my light, my power, my passions, my dreams, and my expectations.

I experienced anxiety and overwhelm arising from the various pressures I put on myself to counter this, much of which I barely even recognised, let alone allow myself to be helped and supported; and yet, I could spot other people's needs at a thousand paces!

Learning to truly acknowledge and validate myself has been very important, both personally and professionally, and not without challenges. This has involved becoming increasingly self-aware and open to valuing the whole range of my experiences and feelings, whilst at the same time refining my effectiveness in managing and regulating these.

It has meant developing a loving and self-supportive attitude of understanding and compassion, where I can accept and appreciate myself for who I really am - warts and all.  And perhaps even more significant than learning to accept those 'warts', it has entailed my increasingly taking full ownership of my light, and giving myself the permission and encouragement to shine.

Conditions that support change

I have been fortunate to encounter situations and people along my way, who, without trying to change me into what they or others thought I needed to be, have acted like a mirror to me, offering me an authentic reflection of myself which has truly resonated with me - highlighting my experiences, validating my feelings and internal responses, affirming my motivations, and helping me develop trust in my own judgement.

Feeling seen and heard in this way, where we are valued unconditionally, with empathic understanding, and where the other person doesn't need us to take care of them, can have a profound effect in enabling us to recognise, embrace and accept who we are. To me, this illustrates the importance of the quality and strength of the therapeutic relationship between client and counsellor in effective talking therapy.

I have been motivated and inspired to get to know myself better, to listen within and to trust myself, and I have continued on this journey of growth and healing. I see these things as the essence of what the process of therapy is about, and central to my approach as a counsellor.

To quote poet and writer, Kahlil Gibran, speaking "On Teaching", in his best-known work, The Prophet (1923): "If he is indeed wise he does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind". Gibran insightfully describes the qualities of an enlightened and effective teacher. I think this is as relevant to the process of counselling as it is to teaching.

Therapeutic approach

I see therapy as essentially to do with helping us to develop and improve our responsiveness to ourselves. It is about supporting us in a 'journey' of re-connection and re-evaluation, of realigning our life and relationships, and of moving towards living our full potential, as well as facilitating our understanding around what is getting in our way.

I can now enjoy being me and approving of myself. I understand the meaning of thriving and not just surviving, and I have learned the importance of holding this as a fundamental aspiration. I am committed to embracing these 'person-centred' goals, both for myself and as an integral pillar of my therapeutic approach with the people I work with.

I describe this as an 'integrative approach', where I tailor my way of working, and the counselling/psychotherapy models I draw from, to meet the individual requirements of my clients in their particular situation. This is grounded in my trust in their intrinsic capacity to be self-determining.

I treat this as a 'collaboration', where I accompany you in your journey of self-discovery, growth and healing (in whichever way that may apply for you), and where we review our therapeutic alliance as we go along. The nature of our work together can be creative, collaborative, intuitive, holistic and organic; it is a dynamic process that can adapt and evolve as necessary, as we attune to one another and to your goals, uniqueness and individual needs.

My approach is not so much about working with you to fix your 'issues'; but rather, to help you find empowerment through establishing a more connected and loving relationship with yourself, thus facilitating your access to your own resources and your agency over what may be disempowering you. From a position of increased confidence and trust in yourself, you can enjoy greater peace of mind and a sense of self-worth and personal effectiveness, enabling you to direct your own growth and determine your own 'solutions' to your 'issues', however you view these.

Committed to your growth

I bring passion, courage and knowing to my work. My understanding is enriched not only through my training and continuing professional development, but through my own lived experience, including challenges and accomplishments, losses and mistakes, together with the ongoing lessons I have learned from others. This includes the richness and diversity brought by my clients and the people I have worked with, and the generosity (and sometimes 'ungenerosity') of various 'teachers', 'kindred spirits' and other 'souls' that I have encountered on my way.

I regard these insights and experiences as invaluable, both in terms of my capacity to feel humility and empathy, and of my affinity with the essence of the therapeutic process and my genuine appreciation of what really makes it work. I know this reinforces my compassion and enhances both my presence and my effectiveness as your counsellor.

I am committed to your growth.

If what I have said interests you, and you would like to discuss working with me, or if you have any questions about any aspect of my practice, please feel free to contact me on 07792 110812 - or email me via the Counselling Directory online enquiry form. I will be happy to set up a free introductory consultation with you, without any obligation.

I aim to respond to voicemail and email enquiries within 2 working days.

Training, qualifications & experience

Background and experience:

I have worked in various settings, including:

  • Independent private practice, including work at The Worsley Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling, Walkden (2015-20), and current provision of one-to-one therapy online, by phone and in person, including face-to-face meetings and outdoor 'walk and talk' work;
  • Sessional counsellor (6 years) at GamCare, Salford, working with problem gamblers and those affected by problem gambling;
  • Sessional counsellor (7 years) in a Central Manchester GP surgery (The Docs, Bloom Street);
  • Sessional counselling (voluntary and paid work) at Beechwood Cancer Care Centre, Stockport, working with people affected by a cancer diagnosis or loss of a family member.

I have several years' past experience of part-time lecturing and personal development group facilitation on various counsellor training courses: Liverpool Community College; Manchester College of Arts and Technology (MANCAT); Salford College; Tameside College; as well as training provision for Cruse Bereavement Care (Greater Manchester Branch), where I have co-facilitated 60-hour Introduction to Bereavement Counselling courses for new volunteer counsellors.

I also work as a supervisor, currently offering one-to-one clinical supervision on an independent basis to both qualified and trainee counsellors. My practice has incorporated supervision provision in various agency settings, including 12 years' delivering individual and group supervision services to Beacon Counselling, a Stockport-based charity (2009-20 & 2022-23), as well as Cruse Bereavement Care (Greater Manchester Branch), and Face-to-Face Counselling Service, Chorlton. I have also facilitated peer supervision groups within counselling diploma courses at MANCAT and Salford College.

Training and qualifications:

My relevant qualifications and training include:

  • Diploma in Counselling;
  • Diploma in Fieldwork Supervision;
  • Diploma in Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, Psychology & Psychotherapy (National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy);
  • Advanced Certificates in: Stress & Anxiety Management; Therapeutic Group Work; and Therapeutic Hypnosis;
  • GamCare clinical training - various certificated training programmes relating to problem gambling and working with problem gamblers and affected others;
  • Advanced clinical training in Transactional Analysis psychotherapy (3 years, comprising 420 EATA accredited hours);
  • Certificate in Education (Post Compulsory).

I engage in continuing professional development (CPD) and ongoing self-reflection, where I am motivated to expand my awareness, understanding and effectiveness, combined with active commitment to my own personal growth and well-being.

I am a Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy - Registered Member MBACP - reg. no. 109981.

I work within the BACP Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions.

Member organisations

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP)

BACP is one of the UK’s leading professional bodies for counselling and psychotherapy with around 60,000 members. The Association has several different categories of membership, including Student Member, Individual Member, Registered Member MBACP, Registered Accredited Member MBACP (Accred) and Senior Registered Accredited Member MBACP (Snr Acccred).

Registered and accredited members are listed on the BACP Register, which shows that they have demonstrated BACP’s recommended standards for training, proficiency and ethical practice. The BACP Register was the first register of psychological therapists to be accredited by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA).

Accredited and senior accredited membership are voluntary categories for members who choose to undertake a rigorous application and assessment process to demonstrate additional standards around practice, training and supervision.

Individual members will have completed an appropriate counselling or psychotherapy course and started to practise, but they won’t appear on the BACP Register until they've demonstrated that they meet the standards for registration. Student members are still in the process of completing their training.

All members are bound by the BACP Ethical Framework and a Professional Conduct Procedure.

Accredited register membership

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy
Accredited Register Scheme

The Accredited Register Scheme was set up in 2013 by the Department of Health (DoH) as a way to recognise organisations that hold voluntary registers which meet certain standards. These standards are set by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA).

This therapist has indicated that they belong to an Accredited Register.

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy

Other areas of counselling I deal with

☑ Adjustment to life changes ☑ Existential issues ☑ Loss ☑ Lost 'mojo' ☑ Managing feelings ☑ Masculinity/Toxic masculinity ☑ Men's issues ☑ Mid-life issues ☑ Patriarchy/negative impacts ☑ Personal development ☑ Self-worth ☑ Shame ☑ Trust Issues


£40.00 - £65.00
Free initial telephone or online session

Concessions offered for

  • Low income
  • OAPs
  • Students
  • Trainee counsellors

Additional information

My standard rate is £65 per one-hour session. I have capacity to offer some concessionary places at a reduced fee - sliding scale: £50-£60 (£40-£60 online/phone), based on your individual circumstances and ability to pay. Please feel free to enquire about this with me.

Payment is due on the day of each session and can be made by bank transfer or in cash.

I am committed to offering an inclusive service - a 'sliding scale' helps make therapy more accessible, enabling concessions to people with a lower income, including some older adults and students, as well as to trainee counsellors completing their required personal therapy hours.

I offer a free introductory consultation, lasting approx. 20 minutes (by phone or Zoom), where we will be able to discuss the help you are looking for and see whether we could be a good fit. I appreciate how important it is to find the right therapist - this will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions that you might have, and to see if you would feel comfortable to work with me.

You are free to make up your mind without any obligation, and you are welcome to go away and think about it in your own space if you wish to.

If you then choose to go ahead and we arrange a first appointment, we will need to explore and assess in more depth in our first session what you are wanting from therapy, how I might be able to help you, and how we will work together, as well as completing some basic formalities; this includes gathering some information about your current life situation and background, and agreeing some boundaries to form the basis of our working agreement (covering such things as our working arrangements, confidentiality and safety). 

Please see my supervision profile for clinical supervision rates and info.

When I work

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • Daytime and evening appointments available (various Mon-Sat)
  • Outdoor sessions available in daylight hours only

For more details of specific availability, please enquire.

Further information

Call me on 07792 110812* to arrange an appointment, or for an informal chat to discuss your needs and ask any questions - or email me via the Counselling Directory online enquiry form.

I aim to respond to voicemail and email enquiries within 2 working days.

* Call me on +44 7792 110812 if you are phoning from outside the UK.

International payments in British Pounds Sterling (GBP) only please. Please note, where you are working with me from outside the United Kingdom, our work together will be governed by UK jurisdiction.

Thank you for your interest.

Salford, Manchester, M30

Bridge Street Chambers, 72 Bridge Street, Manchester City Centre, Manchester, M3 2RJ

Type of session

In person

Types of client

Young adults (18-24)
Adults (25-64)
Older Adults (65+)

Key details

DBS check

In England and Wales, the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS, formerly known as CRB) carry out criminal records checks for individuals working with vulnerable groups, such as children. To find out more, visit , or contact this professional directly

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I am a qualified supervisor with 20+ years' experience, currently offering clinical supervision to both qualified and trainee practitioners.

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Jed Bridge
Jed Bridge