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Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

Altrincham WA15 & Manchester M41
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

About me

Hi there, my name is Michael,

Now, before you do anything else, just pause for a moment and ask yourself how am I feeling right now? Maybe you are feeling just ok or indifferent. Maybe you are feeling anxious or there’s a tight knotted feeling inside – a feeling deep down in your chest or stomach. Maybe you are feeling angry or frustrated over something or somebody. Whatever it is just acknowledge those feelings right now.

Ok, so now ask yourself, ‘What is preventing me in getting what I want in life – What am I looking for?’ Maybe you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for. Maybe you do know, but uncertain on how to get there or where to look. Maybe you are looking for a sense of meaning in your life. Maybe you are far too critical of yourself and are afraid to step out of the rut that you feel is keeping you there.

Your feelings, conclusions and beliefs you hold about yourself are inexplicably linked; it’s as if your feelings are trying to spell the dilemma out to you, that something is wrong:

‘I feel uncomfortable – I’m not happy about myself or this situation’.
‘I feel angry, I cannot cope in this frustrating world – I need to let go of something’.
'I feel lost and confused – I need balance or direction in my life’.
‘I feel worthless – I have nothing to contribute to society’.

Of course there are so many different questions and answers – based on our experiences – to the way we think and feel about ourselves, and this is where one may start in counselling, the bottom line so to speak.

I am a fully qualified and experienced counsellor, cognitive behavioural therapist and clinical hypnotherapist and also a member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). Working in accordance with their ethics and values, I offer a professional and confidential service within a safe, comfortable and non-judgemental environment.

My approach is that of genuine openness, sensitivity and support, exploring issues such as stress - anxiety - depression - low self-confidence and self-esteem - work related issues - relationships issues - anger management - bereavement and loss - phobias - smoking - weight loss - as well as many other issues.

The purpose of my counselling is to share and develop a mutual understanding towards clarity of the difficulties presented. My aim is to help you gain a perspective about whatever is troubling you, through working together and exploring and developing positive outcomes. By looking at the difficulties in your life we can together begin to start moving you towards becoming the person that you want to be.

I also help clients who are seeking – in addition to their counselling – inner peace and wellbeing through learning and developing skills in mindfulness therapy, aiming to release the ills and stresses of everyday life by not struggling with them, – that which most of us unconsciously do. These practices can have profound effects in strengthening the mind and body towards inner healing.

Hypnotherapy to me is very much interlinked with counselling. That is to say that the beliefs one has constructed about themselves – quite possibly in early life – has its components sewn together in the subconscious part of the mind. For this reason I use hypnotherapy as an integrative part of the counselling therapy.

I want to help you get the very best out of your therapy, it is the reason why I started out in counselling, to empower people in making the right choices for themselves. Appreciating then, the dilemmas clients have in choosing the right counsellor, I would like to offer you A ONE HOUR COUNSELLING SESSION WITH ME FOR £35which in addition includes the usual consultation as well. There is of course no obligation if you decide for whatever reason not to continue your counselling with me. It is my way of helping you to make the right choices for yourself.


'How could I describe Mike? My sessions with Mike have been a massive support through a very difficult time. I felt that he really cared and showed an amazing amount of empathy for my situation. At times he must have felt complete frustration at me for not following his guidance and had I, my situation would have resolved a whole lot sooner. This gentleman certainly knows what he is talking about. He has taught me exercises and techniques to deal with my thoughts and understand them. I would highly recommend Mike.'

Lynne, Sale, June 2021

'A truly wonderful and inspirational human being. An amazing ability to connect from a deeper level and relate from his own experiences and struggles. His openness creates the space needed when everything has become misty and overwhelming. This is not counselling from a text book, it's from the heart and with a pure, honest concern to really help.'

Joe, Urmston, May 2021

'It is hard to put into words the profound affect Mike and his teachings have had upon me. I am so grateful to him for the light he has shone and then passed onto me to carry with me. I have been attending weekly sessions with Mike for nearly four months; I had initially reached out to him because, despite my best efforts to live a normal life, I felt like I was being overcome with feelings of anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.

Over the course of the sessions Mike has helped me come to terms with pretty much every aspect of my life that I used to find an insurmountable challenge. He has provided me with tools that I use on a daily basis and which are helping me to lead a more enriched life. I still have many more sessions to attend so that I can continue learning from my excellent teacher. Thank you Mike.'

Frazer, Urmston, May 2021

'My sessions with Mike are something that I treasure and reflect on often. I felt completely at ease with him, able to speak freely; cry; laugh; or just be silent. He helped me to find peace with things I thought I never would.'

Sam, Urmston, March 2021

'Mike's counselling has really helped me to make sense and better understand my thoughts, feelings and actions. It's had a great impact on my life so far; practical actions set out within the counselling have really helped the way I see myself and my values.

The clear and logical way Mike sets out scenarios and tasks has really helped me to understand the various concepts set out within the sessions. My anxiety has decreased, I have a better understanding of myself and what I want from life.

His approach is professional, clear, practical,  understanding and kind. I would highly recommend Mike's counselling sessions. Thanks again!'

Richard M.  Altrincham, Feb 2021

'I found my experience of counselling with Mike very freeing. I started seeing Mike to help me learn more about myself and how to deal with certain situations without just getting angry and shouting. The work with Mike has allowed me to reach this goal and I am still practicing these techniques now.'

John,  Urmston, Dec 2020

'Michael really helped me break down and understand the issues I was going through and guided me to see things with clear lenses. I really recommend Michael to anyone with mental health or relationship issues. He can help online and face to face.'

Alex, Egham, Surrey, Sept 2020

'Mike has been a great help with my anxiety and depression. His use of exercises and techniques have enabled me to understand my goals and values in life.'

Robert, Hale, Sept 2020

'I enjoyed my sessions with Mike and was always in a better place afterwards. He is relaxed and easy to talk to and always managed to steer the sessions in the right direction.'

Richard W.  Urmston, July 2020

'Having sessions with Mike has made me totally re-evaluate my thought processes and the coping mechanisms I was using. From start to finish the experience was comfortable and productive. Mike was and still is totally professional and not intimidating even to someone who has never been to counselling before. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone and I always know he's there for me if needed.'

Andrew,  Altrincham, July 2020

'Mike put me on the right track when all seemed pretty meaningless, giving me back the clarity to focus on my real priorities in life, and then the inspiration to go after them.'

Nigel, Altrincham, Jan 2020

'Mike helped me to identify what is really important in my life and to leave behind some fears and obsesions I had. He facilitated the space for me to come to these realisations and to believe in myself. The sessions have helped me gain an understanding of my habits and patterns and also given me the tools to break the bad habits and understand what is really important.’

Dan,  Sale, April 2019

’I started taking Counselling sessions with Mike earlier this year. I have found the sessions to be very useful as Mike delivers practical methods that can be utilised on a day to day basis in order to see results. I appreciate the honesty with which Mike conducts his sessions; he has never presented therapy as a quick fix solution but has been realistic about what I should expect as well as the effort that will be involved in seeing the results that I am after. He has a supportive attitude and has been very patient with me. I look forward to seeing continued results off the back of my future sessions.’

S.U.  Manchester, April 2019

’I have used Mike’s counselling services a couple of times over recent years. In both episodes certain characteristics were very important in helping the sessions reach successful conclusions.

‘Mike is very approachable, calm and clear in his sessions. He fully explained the method that he wished to pursue and regularly revisited the stages and processes involved so that I was clear of what I was being asked to do but also, more importantly, to ensure that I was comfortable doing it. Initially, because the approach (ACT) was new to me, there were times when I needed further explanation or help but because of Mike’s patience and help, it soon became second nature and I still use the methods that Mike brought to me.

To explain why Mike was helpful for me is difficult because there were many parts and strengths to his sessions. If I had to single out any one reason, it would be the ability that he had to help me look at myself and my situation and to calmly strip back the layers until the very kernel of the problem was laid bare. Issues with anxiety had left me unable to do this, but with Mike’s careful guidance and help I was able to not only see the issue but also to address it in a sustainable way.

The fact that I still apply what he taught me to day-to-day issues that arise now is testament to how well they became embedded and that is down to Mike’s guidance. Thanks Mike.'

Pete,  Hale, Cheshire. Jan 2019

'Great counsellor, really helped me understand anxiety and how to deal with certain aspects of it. I went from feeling helpless to normal again. I would highly recommend.'

James,  Leeds, Sept 2018

'Mike is very good at making you feel relaxed, and isn't phased by anything. He is great at adapting his methods to suit your current needs; often, several times within the session, so that you feel comfortable and listened to. Everything was taken at my pace so I never felt rushed. He was always available at the end of a phone if I needed him in-between sessions, which was very kind and helpful.'

K.R.  Bury, May 2018

'Simply the best therapy I've ever had. Mike was very helpful; I really enjoyed the sessions and would recommend him to anyone.'

Caine,  Manchester, March 2018

"I became a client of Mike Davies a year ago and cannot recommend him highly enough. When I first came to see Mike I was lost completely. My life had stalled and I couldn't find purpose or direction. I was feeling hopeless, exhausted and traumatised and could not find a way through the darkness I was feeling.

Mike, with great sensitivity, skill and genuine care showed me a way to accept my difficult emotions and challenges whilst visioning a future that I could move towards.

There are many positive characteristics I could list, like his genuine character and authenticity; but for me, the one thing that really impressed me about Mike is that he was truly committed and focused on helping me through and out into the light once again. As a consequence, I can honestly say that as a result of working with Mike, I have never felt stronger and more connected to the real me.'

Catherine, Hale. December 2017

"It took some time for me to get the confidence to speak to someone, but after searching some local services on-line, I came across Michael. What drew me to him was his reviews and personal statement; although money was no issue, Michael's prices were lower than others and he also advertised support packages for people who may be receiving benefits, which to me, highlighted someone who really wanted to help people.

Michael's personal statement was not so much about him, but how he could help an individual. Once I called Michael, he instantly made me feel at ease; I did not feel any pressure; I felt safe and comfortable speaking with him, so I arranged to meet him and I'm glad that I did.

It took me awhile to open up to Michael but each session I was building my confidence. I am still in treatment with him and it is going well, focusing on particular issues related to my past and self acceptance.

I feel some positive steps have been made and I am enjoying my time with Michael; He is always at the end of the phone if I need some support and he has let sessions flow to a natural end. He makes me feel listened to and has a good knowledge base and experience.

I have built up a good rapport with him and look forward to our sessions. Although I still feel I require his support, I am happy with the service and look forward to my future ahead.  Thank you Michael.'

Dean,  Cheshire, December 2017

'I approached Mike for counselling after reading positive reviews from previous clients online. I was looking for some help and guidance following the sudden breakup of a relationship and the loss of a parent. Over the course of four months, Mike introduced me to ACT therapy (Acceptance and Commitment therapy) which I found incredibly helpful.

In addition to helping me cope with my painful thoughts and emotions, Mike used ACT therapy to help clarify what is truly important and meaningful to me. I now use the skills I have learnt in my sessions in my day-to-day life and take action guided by my values. I would highly recommend Mike as a therapist.'

Donna,  Droylsden, Manchester, August 2017

'Six months ago I was a very depressed person who have been through a lot. I stopped believing that I can live a better life. I knew I should do something but I felt so hopeless and I knew I couldn't do it on my own. I went on the internet and I found Mike. Today, I am sitting here writing this review, and I know that contacting Mike was the most important decision I have ever made... Mike is an amazing and very professional person who totally changed my whole life... I almost feel like he gave me a new, better and very happy life. Thank you Mike, you have no idea how grateful I am and how big an impact your therapy has had on my personal and professional life.'

Natalie,  Sale, May 2016

"Having considered seeking counselling for the past few years, finding out about a betrayal from my partner spurred me on to contact Mike, who was recommended to me by a friend. I was apprehensive and trying to think how to communicate why I was there, how I was feeling or even what I wanted, even though I can talk non-stop!

Mike was able to understand that I had, or so I thought, several unconnected issues which were a phobia, unable to let go of the past and the betrayal. Mike was flexible and allowed me to direct each session, sometimes spending an a session on one topic or on all 3. Mike used a range of methods, including exercises and I also had a session of Hypnotherapy, but I knew I was safe to say if I was confused or if I felt something wasn’t working (although this was rare!).

I learnt a lot about myself and how all my issues were connected to an inability to feel out of control, which was like a lightbulb moment for me. Mike was genuinely not judgmental when I was embarrassed and I quickly learnt to not worry how I was going to say something, but just learnt to say the truth and how I felt.

I saw Mike, with and without my partner for around 6 months. I feel at ease to contact Mike in between sessions and know I could book in with him at any point, which I intend to do to make sure I am keeping on top of things. I really feel like I can’t express how much Mike has helped me and how my mind unravelled bit by bit after each session and I am extremely grateful to Mike.'

Emily,  Urmston, March 2016

'I first went to Michael in May of last year, after having a terrible start to the year, a year which got progressively worse. I had a counselling session in the February with another counsellor who had not done anything to help me feel better, and as such dented my faith in counselling as a whole. Michael however changed all that, by being compassionate, understanding, confidence building, but above all else, and most importantly, genuinely caring.

In each session I had with Michael i left the room feeling progressively better, and I have learned so much from him. He has helped me to come to terms with things that I can’t control and above all gave me someone that I could go to who listened and helped me on the path to healing.

I’ve had several counselling sessions over the last 13 years, but Michael is the counselor that has help me the most, and none of the other counselors have helped me to understand myself better. In every session I felt relaxed, understood, and above all cared about. I would recommend Michael above all others, and he can genuinely help anyone with whatever dilemma they are facing. Thank you so much Mike for everything you have done for me.'

Jason,  Northern Moor, Manchester, February 2016

'I contacted Mike a few months ago after myself and husband had been through a rocky patch...so rocky I had tried to contact Citizens Advice to see what my rights were on separation and the children. We had tried a renowned couples’ counselling based in Manchester, but they let us down badly by cancelling appointments and not conducting sessions how you would imagine. We would leave the sessions there in a worse state of turmoil. Even thought I had promised myself that was our last chance, I didn’t think our problems had been addressed properly.

I found Mike and we arranged an appointment...even after 1 initial consultation he had done more for us than in the 4 sessions with the previous company. My partner is a very proud man so the fact I could see him listening to Mike and actually taking things in was AMAZING. Mike would only say things sometimes I had said, but he would listen to Mike and take it on board.

Mike would be accommodating around our busy lives and totally give us 150%. I went to my 1st meeting with Mike hating my husband, but after only half a dozen sessions we realised we do still love each other. We even had a dance this evening to our wedding song at home. Time is precious nowadays and so is money, but so is life! So if you are going to spend the money you haven’t got and the time you haven’t got, make sure it is with Mike. You only live once...do it happily :)'

Emma,  Manchester, November 2014

'From the initial nervous dialogue to the most mindful of discussions, Mike Davies exudes a true sense of assurance and warmth with his clients. He is a man of great understanding, capable of dealing with other peoples issues on a very personal level.

For me, over the course of two months, he has managed to help me help myself overcome issues that have blighted me for a good year and a half. His counselling and his teaching do not just exist within the four walls in which he holds his sessions though, his sensitive yet professional approach aid in empowering the client to practice techniques in the time between seeing him leading to a bolstered belief in the sometimes most troubled of minds.

I would highly recommend Mike to anyone seeking help with any issues. He is an exceptional professional as well as an exceptional person. I thank him wholeheartedly for changing my life and my perceptions.'

Matthew,  Altrincham, July 2014

'I started my sessions with Mike 8 months ago when my marriage was in a major crisis. Although i did the therapy on my own, without my wife, it still helped me a lot understanding why the things went the way they went, and especially why my wife communicated in her way and what this did to me.. This journey let me to starting to realise in what state of mind I am and that I need to find my real me back.. The way Mike is helping me on this journey is absolutely great.

Although I am not a british national, he understands my way of communicating; my culture and way of communicating very well. He keeps the right balance between listening and talking, directing and letting loose, using models and theories and sometimes just common sense. After every session i feel relieved and feel that I am making progress on the journey to go back to my real me. Its been a long journey with ups and downs, but because of mike and his support, a pleasant one which will bring the best out of me... Thank you Mike for your great support.'

Paul,  Cheshire, June 2014

'I knew only a little about what CBT treatment for OCD entailed from hearing about it now and again. Over the 23 years I have been plagued with OCD and I have to admit I was put off by the thought of what I would have to do, to choose to face my fears. I would do everything possible to avoid my fears by ritualising; it was not an easy decision to make, as I would always put it off because I could cope and I learnt to just accept my OCD and live with it as secretly as I could.

At the beginning of the year I got myself into such a bad place with my OCD that I could no longer go to work, thinking work was contaminated. I was off sick at home, then even being in my house started to become a major problem as contamination started to spread throughout my house. My world became so small and impossible that in the end I really had no choice but to seek help. Now I would recommend and even urge anybody that has OCD to consider CBT for combating OCD.

Starting CBT and to think of the whole picture and the end goal is a scary thought, and one I didn’t really want to think about, but CBT work is based around tackling OCD by using rational thinking alongside exposure techniques, and by approaching the feared situation or object in a very slow and most importantly very safe way.

I found it methodical in its approach although very workable, starting off with the lesser of the challenges that I had to face, working through the hindrances in my life up to the bigger demanding issues. I was encouraged to write a list and grade all the things that were a problem to me; it was a long list. We then took the lowest graded problem on the list, which to be honest at that time wasn`t that low and started to tackle that. I didn`t think I would be able to do it, logic goes out the window and all the emotions take over. For me it was like stepping over a line I had created and throughout the years told myself I must not cross that line or it will result in me feeling contaminated and I would then have to wash in a ritualised way to be safe.

With the help of my councellor who had armed me with some CBT techniques and with a big spoonful of courage I started to tackle that first problem. I eventually stepped over the line I never wanted to cross; it was like going into the unknown. The need to wash and go do a ritual was really high. It felt very strange not to go do my usual routine. Lots of thoughts of contamination ran through my mind, and I needed a lot of reassurance to know that it was ok and safe not to wash.

One CBT technique is to write your own logical statements. I found this extremely helpful, useful and effective to get through those moments. Even though we had started on the lesser problems in the smallest easiest way, it was still very difficult and worrying for me. With continual gradual exposure practice, it did eventually get better, until eventually the lesser problems I had down the hierarchy items list of exposures was actually ok and the issue with that object or situation had disappeared. Conquering one issue after another in these low level exposures gave me the confidence to tackle the next higher one. I could build on that achievement and recognised that if I can do that one then I can face the next.

Each step has been a challenge for me, and each time I`ve had to cross that line that I didn`t want to cross. But amazingly, I was able to, in a way that was manageable for me. I have learnt and am still learning to get used to that feeling of not needing to wash, as I now know that it’s the rituals that keep the OCD alive. It has taught me that it is ok not to ritualise. And the more I challenge the rituals, the weaker the OCD becomes.

I had a lot of challenges on my list, and at the beginning the really scary top challenges I thought would be an impossibility to attempt; but as I went through facing all my other challenges I started to gradually notice a change in how I viewed the bigger really scary issues. I started to think that there is a possibility that I will be able to tackle them, whereas in the beginning they were an absolute no no. I have been able to rely on the successes I have achieved which have helped me with the next step; They have become a platform to move up from if you like.

Returning to work was one of the big scary challenges I thought would be impossible. I am pleased to report I have now started back at work. My list is not yet completed, I am still tackling my bigger issues, it is a work in progress. I do get little things that crop up and bother me now and again, but I now have the CBT skills to use so I can handle it much better. CBT has re trained my brain and way of thinking. I have been successful in tackling issues I have had for years which I never thought I would. CBT has most definitely opened my world back up again of which I am so so thankful for.'

Paula,  Altrincham, October  2013

'I contacted Mike after a lifelong (I’m 38) struggle with eating disorders, depression, self-esteem issues and a muddle of guilt and anxiety. I had received extended counselling before, both general talk-therapy and in the form of CBT through the NHS, private counsellors and through an eating disorders clinic. Although most of these routes helped me to deal with issues, I have always felt there was something missing. The coping strategies I employed over the years enabled me to successfully mask the problems and function well within society, but inside I still felt worthless and unhappy. Bouts of depression continued to plague me.

I went for introductory sessions with a number of counsellors. I chose Mike because he was knowledgeable, warm, focused and competent. From the beginning, he challenged my way of thinking in an environment where I felt safe to explore some deeply-ingrained thinking patterns. I was well-practiced in saying ‘the right thing’ to counsellors but really thinking something else entirely! Mike was able to see around this and gently nudge me towards seeing the bigger picture for myself.

Now, I feel as if I am on a different path. am still working on a lot of habitual patterns of thinking, but Mike has helped me to establish a variety of skills to cope with the ever-changing ebb and flow of life. I feel that Mike has given me many more strategies that let me deal with the problem in hand rather than pushing it away. I am much more able to stick with the present, rather than spiralling down into a whirlwind of guilt about the past and anxiety about the future. I am not hugely impatient to have everything right, I am secure in the knowledge that I’m doing the best thing for me right here, right now. With Mike’s help, everything is calmer. I am becoming skilled at relaxing into life, and enjoying each day. I am extremely grateful to Mike and would whole-heartedly recommend him as a counsellor.'

Lynn,  Cheshire, September  2013

'I approached Mike after a difficult end to a relationship and he has helped me regain my self worth, and understand myself and others around me a lot better. Mike has introduced new ideas to me and new ways of thinking about things and helped me untangle so much that was churning around in my head. The sessions I have had with Mike have been arguably one of the best things I have chosen to do in my life, and I feel stronger and better prepared for the future.'

Anthony,  Northern Moor, September 2013

'7 months ago my OCD that I have suffered with since I was 17, I am now 40, exploded and took over my life so much so I was unable to go into work because of it, my world became so small as it spiralled and gained control, I became confined to my house, then my house started to become what I felt then as contaminated. I was completing so many washing rituals that my hands were red raw and sore and my anxiety levels were so high, it was awful; the best thing I did was pick up the phone and make an appointment to see Mike.

Mike has been brilliant in helping me and working with me using CBT. Mike has taught me the skills to change my way of thinking. In the beginning the thought of challenging my OCD was scary to say the least, but everything has been done as Mike says in a very slow and most importantly safe way.

The progress I have made has been immense; there has been a dramatic drop in my rituals. I may do the odd ritual now and again but not at the same anxiety level as before, and I am even starting back at work. I still have a few big steps to take which we are going to be working on but the work we have completed so far has taught me that I can do it! If you have OCD at any level I would recommend Mike. My OCD was at a severe level, Mike has helped my world to open back up again and I can`t thank him enough.'

Paula,  Altrincham, September  2013

'I have now finished my sessions with Mike - the last being in January and feel much happier, relaxed and in control of my life. The sessions helped me to understand a lot about my thoughts and feelings and Mike helped me deal with a lot of "baggage" from the past and my life is now focused on the present. I now tackle anxieties head on and do not dwell so much on worries as I know they are just negative thoughts.

I do feel that Mike turned my life around and helped me sort things out in a sensible positive way. I now feel confident and excited about the future - something I hadn’t felt for a long time before.'

Helen,  Sale, Manchester, April  2012

'I first contacted Mike a few weeks ago suffering from anxiey/depression and even after my first session knew I had found someone who could help me in a constructive way.

Mike has helped me understand and work through a lot of difficult issues from my past and worked with me to create strategies to deal with situations and problems which were causing stress and anxiety. I now understand a lot more about myself, my feelings and thoughts and have been able to return to work, which at the start of my anxiety problems seemed impossible.

I still have some issues to address but I am confident that with further counselling and help from Mike I will get there!'

Helen,  Sale, Manchester, October  2011

Training, qualifications & experience

Certificate in Counselling Skills

Diploma in the Theory and Practice of Counselling level 4

Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Hypno-Psychotherapy

Advanced Certificate in Therapeutic Hypnosis

Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapist. ACT therapist

As well as my private practice I have also gained several years of counselling experience, working as a staff counsellor in the NHS

Member organisations

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP)

BACP is one of the UK’s leading professional bodies for counselling and psychotherapy with around 60,000 members. The Association has several different categories of membership, including Student Member, Individual Member, Registered Member MBACP, Registered Accredited Member MBACP (Accred) and Senior Registered Accredited Member MBACP (Snr Acccred).

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Individual members will have completed an appropriate counselling or psychotherapy course and started to practise, but they won’t appear on the BACP Register until they've demonstrated that they meet the standards for registration. Student members are still in the process of completing their training.

All members are bound by the BACP Ethical Framework and a Professional Conduct Procedure.

Accredited register membership

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy
Accredited Register Scheme

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This therapist has indicated that they belong to an Accredited Register.

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy

Other areas of counselling I deal with

Social Insecurity and Anxiety

Insecurity in Groups

Insecurity of Self

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£50.00 per session

Concessions offered for

  • Students
  • Trainee counsellors
  • Unemployed

Additional information

THE FIRST ONE HR COUNSELLING SESSION WITH ME FOR £35 which in addition includes the usual consultation.

£50 per 1 hour session (thereafter)

£65 per hour Couples Counselling

£50 per 1 hour Hypnotherapy session

I offer consessional rates for students and unemployed

Further information

Take that first step and be the one in control, to gain a different outlook and experience of your life; to understand yourself better. In short, make the decision that you want to enjoy life more.

If you would like to speak to me about my counselling then please do not hesitate to contact me. I have very comfortable rooms in Timperley South Manchester, and Flixton South-West Manchester. They are easily accessible by road, the M60 and public transport - For Timperley, I am two minutes walk from Timperley train station. Parking can be found on Park Rd; opposite the train station and adjacent to the shops where I am situated. For Flixton, I am two minutes walk from Flixton train station. Parking can be found in the lay-by right outside the building.

Park Road Counselling Service, 108 Park Road, Timperley, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA15 6TE

The Village, Church Rd, Flixton, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M41 6HS

Type of session

In person

Types of client

Young people (13-17)
Adults (25-64)
Older Adults (65+)

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Wheelchair user access

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Wheelchair accessibility is only available at the Urmston Croft Address

Michael Davies
Michael Davies