I needed to change my life


I have sought many counsellors over the years but, I guess, I was never really 'ready' each time.

It was 2014. After separating from my second wife and being thoroughly miserable living on my own in a strange town not knowing anyone, I decided I needed to change my life and the way I looked at things.

I had lost all confidence in myself and was at a very low point. I decided I needed help, so I went to see my GP. He referred me to Mind in Rochdale. I attended an initial assessment then waited a good few weeks (10 in fact) before I saw anyone.

I then got to meet my counsellor who was brilliant from the start. He seemed to understand me straight away and we got on really well. The sessions would always run over - they went so quickly, when I left the session every week, I couldn't wait for next.

My counsellor made me feel like I was living again and I can't thank him enough.

He helped me realise where I was going wrong and that, if problems occurred again, I would be able to deal with them in a confident way.

My counsellor encouraged me to do a counselling course and now I am just about to start my level 5 diploma in counselling. I would just like to say this man changed my life for the better and can't thank him enough. I am also now in a long-term relationship and couldn't be happier.

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All therapists are verified professionals