Lifespan integration therapy

Lifespan integration therapy (LI), created by Peggy Pace in 2003, is a gentle therapy that heals without the client having to 'sit' in their trauma or sadness. The client uses their imagination to re-write what happened in the past. If they were bullied for example in school, they can revisit the scene and take control in a way that they were unable to when they were young and powerless. They can stand up to the bully, have help from a teacher, whatever they feel would have stopped the feeling of helplessness, of abuse from occurring.

This new feeling of being okay with the incident then becomes integrated into their very being, allowing the client to heal. The use of a 'timeline' merges the past and the present, so the imaginary outcomes become the new reality. The client feels calmer and more able to cope with life and relationships. The results can be very rapid - depending on the complexity of the client.

The beauty of LI therapy is that it can help with most of life's issues, such as attachment, trauma, phobia, anxiety, depression and grief. The amazing thing for me as the therapist, is that it seems to 'clear' channels and often after the session is completed, clients then experience fundamental shifts in their outlooks; they see things in a new light, their life in a new light. The healing continues even after the session ends.

LI allows the client to take control of their past and present and clear early traumas, even pre-verbal traumas that affect their lives. These traumas can create generalised anxiety and nonspecific depression. These traumas can exist but be held onto in the body of the client, rather than within their conscious self. LI clears all of these inner turmoils without the client having to search to find the words.

LI therapy is well known in the USA but is not as well publicised in the UK... yet!

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