Don't bottle up all your emotions...

Just imagine putting a bottle under the tap and turning the tap on. What happens?

Bottling up your emotions can affect you in your mood, your reactions to situations and circumstances, in ways you may not understand. It can negatively impact your health where you could eventually experience a ‘meltdown’ or eruption, without warning.

Expressing our emotions can be difficult and some of us have a hard time with it, so we learn to bottle it up. If you’re one of those people who bottles up their emotions, there may be several factors for this, such as:

1) The fear of hurting someone’s feelings. 
2) Don't want to burden others with our problems or feelings.
3) The fear of being judged. 
4) You want don't want to appear weak and not in control of your emotions.
5) You worry about how other people may cope with hearing your opinion. 
6) You are slow to speak up. 
7) You don't feel your opinion is important. 
8) You don't feel you have anyone around you to share it with. 
9) You may be more of an introvert. 
10) You don't like relying on others.

Balance is important when expressing emotions. It is true that not every feeling needs to be shared with everyone but then again, not everything needs to be bottled up either. Responding honestly and appropriately is where the balance lies.

The more you understand your emotions, it can help you to respond to them as opposed to react.

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Written by Dr Lalitaa Suglani

Birmingham B15 & Earlswood B94

Dr. Lalitaa Suglani.
Counselling Psychologist and Life Success Coach

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