When the world spins

The earth you are currently standing on is spinning at about 1,040 miles per hour. It is unpredictable, in constant flux and has a contradiction of great beauty and great danger simultaneously. Navigating this chaos we are born into is relational. It is from the earliest attachment or even prenatally that an individual can learn security, stability, trust in the self and a sense of resilience in facing the unpredictable. A secure attachment creates a secure base in which an individual can look out from. A secure attachment can teach us about gravity both literally and metaphorically.

When that secure attachment has not occurred, there is no secure base to prevent the potential bombardment of the unknown, of world events, of personal events. Fear and anxiety can skew the filter with which we see the world. Sometimes this can lead to the gaps in the foundation of the self-being, filled with compulsions, ruminations, addictions, self-harm and other specific defence mechanisms in an attempt to stem the distress. Without the secure base there can exist feelings of alienation, disconnection from others and the self, self-doubt and a lack of trust in the self. The context of this is highly personal and can include; having a caregiver who was anxious; lack of attunement or responsiveness from a caregiver; a separation from a caregiver; neglect or abuse.

Sometimes, even with a secure base, an event so momentous can occur in life it can literally knock us sideways and lead us to question all we thought we know about the world and self. Where the world once felt stable and predictable from a secure base it can begin to feel chaotic and ungrounded.

Therapy is a personal journey that can give awareness, understanding and context to feelings of anxiety and distress. Through therapy, you can discover the tools that work specifically for you to reconnect with yourself and the world, to strengthen your foundations and accept the earth does spin, life is unpredictable but within yourself, you have the security, safety and strategies to navigate. And no matter how fast the world spins you have the same gravity as everybody else.

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Alsager, Cheshire, ST7

Written by Jacqueline Karaca

Alsager, Cheshire, ST7

Jacquie Karaca is a psychotherapist and author. She practices individual and relationship counselling in Alsager.

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