Making the most of spring time

Many people struggle through the winter months, with the short days and limited amount of daylight and sunshine. You can help yourself with your depression and low mood through making the most of spring, now it is here. You can enjoy nature whilst gently exercising your body. Include a 25 minute walk in your routine every day. The earlier in the day the better; as this will set you up for the day ahead.

This exercise offers the opportunity for you to naturally boost your metabolism and get serotonin released from your body. A walk also gives you the time to think and be mindful. Introduce yourself to nature whilst you walk. Notice where you are walking and the evidence of nature around you. What colours do you see, what sounds do you hear? What are you experiencing? The textures, smells and sensations? Walking mindfully can help you really get in tune with your body and relax, a chance to clear your mind.

Walking offers a natural occasion for you to exercise every day. Enjoy the bluebells which are out now in abundance. Be aware of their perfume and their colour. Notice the wild yellow primroses growing freely in the woodlands. Make the most of the profuse greens you can see around you as the growing season really kicks in. Nature offers you an escape and an opportunity to rejuvenate and get in touch with yourself. So grab a drink, take a walk and breathe.

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South Walsham, Norfolk, NR13

Written by Mandy Atkinson

South Walsham, Norfolk, NR13

I believe that everyone has the ability through their own inner resources to resolve their own issues and problems they face. I see my role as one who helps you to get in touch with those resources within yourself through the work we do together.  I am an experienced UKCP accredited Transactio...

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