Depression - words to ponder

In its mildest form, depression can mean just being in low spirits, it doesn’t stop you leading your normal life, but makes everything harder to do and seem less worthwhile. At its most severe, major depression (clinical depression) can be life-threatening, because it leads to feeling suicidal. 

There has been a lot written about depression, anyone can find that stresses of everyday life, past issues, physical conditions, emotional well-being, social factors, financial pressures, relationship problems, new situations, new jobs, childbirth, university or any other change in life can trigger deep conflicting emotions leading to depressive episodes.

To help support clients, counsellors don't need to have struggled with the same issues but to show an understanding and empathy that helps support the client, give them a safe space to explore their feelings and work out how to limit the overwhelming feelings and start to take the next step forward. Family and friends offer support and help but in a different way.

Writing down a few things in verse can often say more in a short space than long complicated theories and techniques, if you know someone who would understand these words encourage them to access the help and support available, counselling is one way to complement other treatment, there isn't a quick answer but finding lots of small things that help improve your mood is the key to starting regain control again.

Do you see me when you look my way
Do you know where I am
How can you go through 
that door hidden from view

Too dark to see
The reality 
in the dimness of the past
Can you know were to look

Slow witted, never fast
Dark and lonely 
In a room full of light
No way out, no way in

Alone yet so crowded on the other side
Door ajar too scared to see
Never knowing the path,
The light or even me

Darkness creeping up
Running ahead, no time to plan 
Keep going, don't look back
Darkness in the light

Doors without walls,
Locked yet no key
Black without shade
Lost and never alone

Lonely with friends around
Doors open no where to go
Heavy without weight
Do you see, can you understand ?

The depth of dark
The weight of sadness
The unknown, unasked
Depression hidden right there in the open 

How can you know?
How can you see?
The door that closes is hidden ..
..Even from me.

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Ripon, N. Yorkshire, HG4
Written by Suzanne Lamb, BScHons,DipCBT, DipHypC,AdDipPsyC
Ripon, N. Yorkshire, HG4

I use a psychotherapeutic approach which basically means working out what suits an individual and offering a way to change the things that they want to change. I sometimes use an art therapy approach to help focus, bringing emotions into view, so that life seems less complicated. I enjoy taking photos and using verse to reflect the work I do.

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All therapists are verified professionals