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Masters degree in Psychotherapy. Full BABCP accreditation.
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

North Lancing BN15 & Central London W1G
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

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My sessions take place in North Lancing, West Sussex and Harley Street, in central London. Initial sessions last 20 minutes and are free-of-charge.  These sessions provide an opportunity to discuss why you are looking for counselling and for me to explain how I might be able to help you.  You can then decide whether or not you want to proceed.
If you do decide to go ahead, we can discuss how many sessions might be necessary - on average this is 10-12 sessions. I know that taking the first steps to getting help, can be very difficult. With this in mind, I’d like to extend my hand and give you a warm and understanding, welcome. No matter how big or small an issue, it will be met with a non-judgemental ear, but rather a helpful and supportive one. I am here to help, not hinder.

I will explain how psychotherapy works, in order to help you settle in and feel as comfortable as possible. I will then ask you to share your problem/s which will enable me to describe how I will be able to help you. We would also discuss what you would like to get from counselling/therapy and set goals to keep us focused and on-track. My aim is to help you reach your goals and leave counselling/therapy as soon as possible.

In a nutshell:

1. We establish and clarify the problems that you want help with.

2. We will identify what keeps your problems alive - what keeps your problems going. I will diagnose. We need this for the next step - the Treatment Plan.

3. Together we will formulate a Treatment Plan - just as a Doctor and Consultant does - this is my approach in concordance with my specialist N.H.S./University of Sussex, training.

4. Execute the treatment plan in accordance with goals for therapy.

5. Client leaves therapy once goals have been reached.

I would regularly review progress and find out if you’re getting what you need from counselling/therapy – I encourage an open and honest therapeutic relationship and do my best to make sure you feel safe to be open and honest. Being able to be fully expressive in a safe enough environment can feel liberating.

I take a warm, non-judgemental and collaborative approach. I let you take the lead, but I keep an eye on your goals for counselling/therapy, to make sure we don’t waste your time and reach a point where you feel ready to cease counselling/therapy as soon as you feel ready.

In the final phase of counselling/therapy, I will help you to take away a synopsis of the work covered and an onward plan to help you keep on-track, post counselling/therapy.

I love to use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (C.B.T.), because it targets distorted or irrational thought as a prime source for emotional disturbance and/or dysfunctional behaviour. In stepping back and taking note of our thoughts and the way they influence our emotion and action, we begin the work of developing new and healthier ways of interacting with those thoughts, and so better manage our emotions and behaviours. And its evidence-based treatment, which is why the N.H.S and National Institute for Clinical Excellence, recommend it!


Qualifications: Counsellor / Psychotherapist / CBT specialist

It's important when receiving therapy, that you're in highly trained and qualified, hands. That’s the least that you deserve and should demand! Also it’s really important to hear from my clients, so why not take a minute to read some of my client testimonials below (in the next section), if you want to get a better idea of how I work. You don’t need to take it from me. My clients words paint a clearer picture - one that I value and that I’m very proud of. After all, what am I, without satisfied, clients?

1. I have a Masters degree in counselling and psychotherapy (Accredited training)...

I qualified as a Psychotherapist 18 years ago, after having completed a 4-year UKCP accredited training, in 2005. I graduated with a Masters degree and Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative counselling and psychotherapy. This means that I can work with clients according to their personal requirements, rather than using a 'one size, fits all' approach.

2. I am also a fully qualified CBT therapist (not just a BABCP member, but embarked upon the rigorous Accreditation process - I am fully accredited)

I have the 'gold-standard' training (full time) and qualification (Masters level) from University of Sussex, in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Importantly the course is accredited by the UK's leading CBT body, the BABCP. Be aware that many CBT training programmes are NOT accredited by the BABCP - this means that the rigorous standards set by the BABCP, are not met! My qualification in CBT means that I can apply and work for the NHS (the vast majority of CBT courses, do not provide entry into the NHS) treating those with the most complex disorders – Schizophrenia, Personality Disorders, Phobias, Depression, Panic, OCD and Anxiety. NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) guidelines, based upon trials and evidence, advocate (a BABCP accredited training/qualification) CBT for the most chronic of mental health problems.


E x  p e r i e n c e:

Apart from my 18 year private practice work, I also have four years experience working for the N.H.S., receiving referrals from GP's and Psychiatrists. I have an excellent track record for helping my clients reach recovery and live more fulfilled lives.

I have a particular interest in the treatment of anxiety, depression, relationship problems, panic attacks, OCD, stress and worry. I believe that negative thinking patterns actually cause you to feel anxious or depressed. Anxiety (as opposed to productive stress) is triggered by thoughts of threat or danger and looking at your life in a pessimistic, self-critical way.

Likewise, depression primarily results from thinking about loss or other incidents which damage your self-esteem. A negative loop of emotionally damaging effects is created. You can, however, learn to identify thoughts, moods and behaviours at an early stage and intervene to break the destructive cycle.

In addition to increasing your awareness and examining the accuracy of your thinking patterns, I work in a therapeutic partnership with you to confront your fears and to encourage change. When patients take the difficult step of dealing with troublesome issues – rather than avoiding them – they usually discover that their worst fears aren’t nearly as terrible as they imagined.

Research has shown that creating new patterns of thinking and action can actually change the organization of the mind. Positive Emission Tomography (PET) and MRI findings indicate that cognitive and behavioural modifications occurring in a psychotherapeutic setting actually modify the dysfunctional neural circuitry associated with mood disorders. With Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, you are functionally “rewiring” your brain!


Why is BABCP Accreditation, important?

BABCP Accreditation, is the CBT Gold Standard, a vital marker identifying good quality CBT therapists.

Why Insist Your CBT Therapist has BABCP Accreditation?

The BABCP is the British Association of Behavioural Cognitive Psychotherapists, the lead organisation for the theory, practice and development of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in the UK.  It signals the gold standard of expertise of a CBT Therapist and the CBT quality.   Any counsellor, psychotherapist or CBT therapist can be a BABCP member but achieving accreditation with the BABCP demonstrates that the CBT therapist has met the stringent criteria around qualifications and clinical experience.

The UK Regulation of CBT Therapists:

Finding your qualified expert CBT therapist in the UK requires some thought because counselling and psychotherapy are unregulated professions.  This means anyone can identify themselves and advertise services as a CBT Therapist, not even requiring a one day CBT workshop or ongoing CBT supervision.

BABCP Accreditation is the highest gold standard that a CBT psychotherapist can achieve.


O n l i n e  t h e r a p y:

My clients are often very surprised how effective working online using Skype, WhatsApp or Facetime, is! - "This is really good and from my own lounge with no travel hassle and with a cup of tea in my hand, too!" (Client testimonial, 15/03/2020)


C l i e n t  T e s t i m o n i a l s:

*****"I had some issues which I needed to address but didn’t have the skills to do so effectively and when someone mentioned therapy to me, I thought it made me weak if I went. After finally deciding I would give it a go and speaking to David, I noticed that suffering in silence wasn’t making me strong, and that reaching out to help myself, let me regain my strength. After a few sessions with David, I realised the benefit of the skills which he was able to introduce me to and help me to breakdown and overcome unhelpful thoughts. David’s professionalism meant that I didn’t feel judged and was comfortable enough to be honest which meant that we could discuss things which in other settings might feel embarrassing" (Anxiety/Social Anxiety - aged 19. February, 2020)

****"David was very helpful and although I was very nervous about seeking help, because I didn't believe I could get over my problem with OCD and panic attacks, I was so relieved when David helped me to finally get over it all. I highly recommend David, because he's warm and friendly and a real professional!" (OCD and Panic attacks. November, 2019).

*****”Having worked with David for a little over a year I feel all the issues that have troubled me over many years have slowly diminished, leaving me feeling like I can accomplish anything without the overwhelming doubt that has held me back in the past. David has a wonderfully calming demeanour which makes it very easy to open up to him about issues that carry a real burden. I never felt a pressure to explain myself and my issues, it just flowed very naturally, which is a testament to his professionalism, calm nature and patience.

Each session had a structure but it regularly flowed in a more spontaneous way making it feel very personal to me. David very quickly picked up on the fact that I responded better to a more fluid session and gave me a lot of control of how the sessions went, making it feel like I was talking to a friend in a relaxed environment. With every session that passed I always felt like we were working towards something. There was regular goal-setting and re-evaluation of goals to ensure I stayed focussed and motivated, and after every session I always walked away feeling better about myself and also challenged to continue my personal development in the week that followed.

I would highly recommend David. He is incredibly professional and his attention to his work is fantastic. He really makes you feel important, and confident that no matter the issue that you are faced with there is light at the end of the tunnel” (Low self-esteem/Personal Trainer/Male - East Sussex)

***** “David is kind and patient. His sessions are at a pace that suits you and he will respond to your feedback through out. It’s amazing how illuminating the sessions have been and it’s thanks to his excellent CBT skills. I left my sessions when they came to a natural end feeling positive and optimistic. I have taken away some life long tools that have helped me to manage stress successfully. Thank you David!” (Stress/Low self-esteem/School teacher - Sussex)

***** "To David, I want to thank you for all your help in CBT – it has made me have renewed hope and has enabled me to live my life to the full again! I wish you all the best in your amazing work!” (Panic disorder – Lancing, West Sussex)

***** “Dear David, Thank you very much for all the help and time that you have given me, you have been such a big help and have certainly got me over a difficult time in my life” (General anxiety disorder – Lewes, East Sussex)

***** “To David, Thank you so much for helping me these past ten months. You have really helped me to understand my illness and where it stems from. You’ve helped me learn new coping mechanism’s and helped me to learn how to get out of my head. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me and I wish you all the best, thank you!” (Personality disorder – Newhaven, East Sussex)

***** “Dear David, I will miss our sessions because they have been so helpful. please feel free to give any clients my details as a recommendation!” (Depression – Steyning, West Sussex)

***** "I contacted David when I was at a low point struggling with anxiety and alcohol which was affecting my life, both with work and relationships. David is a lovely person, kind and reassuring, and made me feel completely at ease in the sessions. His logical approach to CBT is spot-on and he never loses focus of what needs to be achieved in each session and in the long-term. I have noticed huge improvements in my ability to cope with anxiety, my relationships and my general outlook to life. Thanks again, David!" (Male: Anxiety/low self-esteem - Worthing)

***** "When I started looking for a counsellor independent from the NHS, I felt that I was in a desperate place. I had already been in and out of therapy for a number of years through the NHS and various charities and due to the limitation in sessions, I actually believed that my problems could never be fixed.

As soon as I started talking to David on the phone, I knew he was the right person for me. I felt calm, reassured and for a moment hopeful. This was the beginning of a journey which would set me up for the rest of my life. David provided a safe place for me to discuss what I thought my problems were. He was able to help me focus and structure my goals for therapy. I had ownership of my healing.

David was excellent at enabling me to face myself in a true light and he was always sensitive but I needed to be challenged in the way that I thought about myself.

Much of the therapy was centred around CBT and David was able to provide the tools that I will continue to use. David gave me fantastic support and I cant recommend him highly enough - thank you David for enabling me to set myself free!" (Female: Anxiety/stress/low self-esteem - Worthing)

*****Received July, 2017 (client with diagnosis of Schizophrenia)


I have been to therapy sessions with David every Friday morning for nearly a year. When I first started Cognitive Behavioural Therapy I was extremely upset and was having aural/visual hallucinations. I believe that the voices I hear are from Demons, taunting me and telling me to do things. Some of my previous experiences in life were horrific and I took a lot of drink and drugs for over 20 years. I had a lot of bad things going on.

At first I was sceptical about CBT as some old friends had undergone the therapy and found it to be non-effective, but I felt assured by David’s tone and presence that I was not just in therapy session, but a friendly meeting. We quickly found a common ground to base our sessions on, and I felt respected by David. He is very honest and sincere person, and also has a happy temperament, which is very cheering for someone with screaming in his head.

I can honestly say that if it weren’t for David, and God’s will, I would probably be doing CBT in some far away prison, considering the thoughts and feelings I was having. A couple of times, when I had small episodes, David reassured me and I was ok. I learnt the CBT models, and found that with David’s help, I was able to understand them. I am hard to teach because I forget so easily. I found the therapy very useful and talking helped a lot. I learnt that I wasn’t totally alone. I found CBT very helpful.

I would like to say that in my experience, David has been a brilliant therapist, excellent at spotting detail and emotions. He is naturally good at making you feel at ease and that he is in no way against you. He listened to me carefully and came up with tailor-made strategies for coping with certain things. He is vey patient and understanding.

I have much more confidence in myself now, and have learned to see things developing from an early stage, and can now cope with them. This has been an excellent year for  me mentally. Thank you David!”

Training, qualifications & experience

18 years as a psychotherapist, including 4-years NHS experience, treating patients suffering with Anxiety, Depression, Panic, Phobia's, and latterly those with Psychosis and Personality Disorders and currently, in private practice from home.

PG Diploma in Integrative counselling and psychotherapy, London (2005)

Masters degree in Integrative counselling and psychotherapy, (2013)

Post Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), University of Sussex (2017)

BABCP (Accredited) member - Accrediting body for Cognitive Behavioural Therapists

Other areas of counselling I deal with

         I use CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to address:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Social Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • OCD
  • PHOBIA's
  • PTSD

If you don’t want CBT, I am also trained at Masters degree level in general (Integrative) psychotherapy and counselling.

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  • Trainee counsellors

Additional information

😊 During our first session, I usually ask you for some details about your life, personal history and what you would like from therapy, to ensure I am an appropriate person for you to see and to consider how we could work together. If you might benefit from seeing a different therapist or another specialist, I will discuss this with you.

When I work

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08:30 until 19:30

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I look forward to hearing from people from all backgrounds; Sexuality, Race, Gender identification - I don't judge. I show a warm interest 😊

North Lancing, West Sussex, BN15

Central London, W1G

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In person

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Young people (13-17)
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I use scientifically evidence-based treatments