Self-care: guilt-free relaxing

As a society, we are extremely busy. We pride ourselves on working hard, socialising, going to the gym, cooking dinner daily and having a family, but we rarely take a moment to listen. To really listen to what our mind and body wants.


We work longer hours and stressors are high. While many of us can manage our time and know when to switch off, many of us don’t. When was the last time you spent a day with friends, not thinking about work, money or the other things you ‘should be doing’?

Rarely now do we enjoy ourselves totally guilt-free, but this needs to change. In a world with social media and television, we are constantly updated on the news – not all of which is pleasant. This is why we are telling you to turn the sound off, and really listen to what you want.

Taking time out is essential for our overall well-being. You may be great at scheduling your gym sessions, but your mental health is just as important and often, this is overlooked. This week, we challenge you to relax. Spend time doing what you enjoy without the guilt.

Here’s some of our favourite ways to spend our guilt-free time.

“I love to get stuck into a good book with a cup of tea, or settle down at the table and do some painting. It’s always been something I loved doing and I fell out of habit – recently I have made a conscious effort to spend at least one evening with the sketchbook.” – Ellen.

“I enjoy cooking. Discovering a new ingredient or awesome new recipe is always great and then you have something to share with others at the end of it!” – Carl.

“I never used to feel guilty spending hours on my horse!” – Jen.

“I like chilling out, watching a film or a good series.” – Gavin.

“I love shopping and taking the opportunity to wander around the shops on my own.” – Claire.

“You can’t feel guilty burning off some calories at a Zumba class!” – Ali.

“Reading a magazine while listening to music makes me feel infinitely calmer, as does some quality cuddle-time with my cat!” – Kat.

“Taking my dog for a walk is one of my favourite ways to relax.” – Sian.

“Gaming! At the moment it’s a city building game, although sometimes I’m mad enough to work on programming projects outside of work!” – James.

“I like to make a cup of tea, then get ready to play Football Manager, though this is all dependant on whether I’m winning or not.” – Ross.

“I enjoy spending time on some code, or travelling somewhere.”  – Ben.

“One of my favourite moments is relaxing in a hot bath with some candles lit. I also like to cook!” – Mel.

“Spending an evening reading an interesting book, listening to music or just sitting down to watch a film.” – Ryan.

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Written by Ellen Lees
Head of Content.
Written by Ellen Lees
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