Why do I feel stuck in life? What's wrong with me?

I have recently found myself wondering what I have to offer to the world. What do I have to offer myself and others? Am I using my full potential? These thoughts are not new to me, they are all too familiar. The desire to grow, to achieve, to be more than I am today is not an uncommon one, in fact I believe it’s admirable, but I can also turn this desire in on myself and use it as a stick to beat myself with.

To compare ourselves to others is counterproductive, we will never measure up to others, how can we? It’s not a true perspective. It’s an image we create of others from our frame of reference. We tend to focus on those few characteristics we believe to be better in some way, this leads to thoughts that we don’t measuring up, that we are not as good as them, that we are a failure. These thoughts will bring us down - giving us feelings of low self-worth - and will weaken our will to act and to work towards creating the life we truly want.

So what do I have to offer? I have spent the last number of years looking at the stories we tell ourselves, how we don’t measure up to this perfect image we create. How we are never quite good enough. How we trap ourselves into this belief that we can’t change anything and that we are stuck and don’t see a way out.

I have explored freeing myself and others from this mistaken belief, creating a quiet space to allow some room to breathe, to relax, to allow room to gain further insight. I know how it feels to be stuck and to want something to change but to not know how to go about doing it. The fear of failing, the fear of not knowing what the right step to take is. The fear of change.

It can be painful to look around and think that everyone else is getting on with their life; everyone else is successful, in their careers, relationships, and life when you’re not. Questioning what’s wrong with you? Why can’t you achieve these things? Why can’t you get what you want from life?

Well I believe you can, and the fact you are asking these questions is a good sign. It may take some focus, it takes some work, but it is achievable. You can continue to grow, to explore what kind of life you want. So let’s start today.

Quotes to remember when you feel stuck

  • 'When it is dark enough you can see stars' - Charles A Beard.
  • 'You can do anything but not everything' - David Allen.
  • 'Sometimes its takes more courage to ask for help than to act alone' - Ken Petti.

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London, SW4 0JY
Written by Thomas Sherry, BA Psychotherapy , Dip Sex and Relationship Therapy. MBACP
London, SW4 0JY

Taking ownership of your life and well-being At times we can become stuck in our lives and relationships and unsure what to do about it. Sometimes we lose sight of what our needs are and if these needs are not met it can cause us to feel sad, frustrated, lonely, depressed,  and anxious.Welcome....

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