Using Mindfulness Techniques to tackle the Black Hole of Depression.

Depression can be so debilitating at times. It can drag you down and sap your energy and enthusiasm for life. Other people may tell you to ‘just snap out of it’, but somehow you cannot do that.

It can feel difficult at these times to experience anything as good or joyful; a bit like the opposite of rose-tinted glasses; or perhaps as if you have been sucked into a ‘black hole’ which does not allow in any light.

I am using the image of a black hole as I think while it describes how depression can feel, it also includes an image of the light beyond the black hole. Being able to visualise taking a step back and see this bigger picture can be helpful. Mindfulness training can be very helpful in learning to gain this broader perspective.

This is not about an intellectual discussion but involves something you can do - simple exercises you can practice that many people have found really helpful in tackling depression as well as other issues such as anxiety (depression here is an example).

You may feel that you do not have the energy for more things to do. However, you can choose exercises that only take a few minutes and that can help you feel more calm, relaxed and focused; that help give you gain that broader perspective.

Mindfulness practice can help you untangle yourself from darker thoughts and feelings that threaten to drag you down into that black hole. It can help you stand back and appreciate the bigger picture, restore a balance to your view of yourself and the world around you.

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