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The eucatastrophe: an alternative way of thinking

The eucatastrophe is by definition the opposite of a catastrophe. In fact, in literature an eucatastrophe is a sudden and favourable end to a story. Writers often use this device as a plot twist and I do not see why this human innovation should remain in the realms of literature and fiction.

In everyday life, we face adversity and things which are negative. We are constantly bombarded with information: articles, news broadcasts, social media; all utilise the dramatic technique of shock value and thrust it upon its audience to gain more interest for their readership. The consequence of this is we sometimes fail to see the positivity, which coincides with living in a negative existence. For example, if we go and we subject ourselves to a job interview, instantly the temptation to spiral into negative thought is overwhelming, and is often perpetuated by our own lack of confidence or nerves about the interview. As the event draws closer, the common responses to focus upon the event, and for those who might not be sure of themselves the self-doubt, the mind-reading, and catastrophising form a negative dialogue within our minds.

Common errors in thinking often reflect upon our lack of ability or the fact we will be rumbled for not being qualified for the job. As these thoughts increase, the sound of these negative dialogues gets louder and louder, which forces us to catastrophise - imagining the worst case possible and yet we cannot accept the possibility that just maybe, there is a possibility that when the phone rings, and the interviewer presents us with feedback from the interview, that we might have got the job rather than accepting the negative catastrophising inevitability we have failed to achieve our desired goal.

Take some time to reflect upon this concept. How many times have you been to an interview and thought you have not got the job and you have it? How many times in your life have you thought to yourself this is a dire set of circumstances, but it worked out for the better? How many times have you been told that the world will end, and there you are facing immediate eradication in the forthcoming apocalypse, only to find yourself stuck in your office the next day as if nothing had happened prior to the announcement of the calamitous world-changing event?

It is easy to get caught up within the drama of catastrophes. They are fast, emotive, and sometimes addictive, but what we need to reaffirm ourselves with is the possibility of the positive. What this does for the individual, is gaining the ability to juxtapose emotion with logic and provide stability by asserting calmness and stability in a sea of chaos.

To do this for yourself and gain more tranquillity into your life: Pause the video of life and think. Consider how you feel; what others think by engaging in discourse and collecting helpful opinions; gain a helicopter view that includes the possibility of a positive outcome and even if it is by sheer serendipity, enjoy the potential positive outcome which may fulfil, and dare I even say, be enjoyable. Free yourself from the web of fear and fly into a better life filled with potential, prosperity and perspicacity.

A counsellor or psychotherapist can offer you support on your new positive journey.

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Normanton, West Yorkshire, WF6 2DB

Written by Brian Turner

Normanton, West Yorkshire, WF6 2DB

I am a psychotherapist that uses a diverse and wide spectrum of techniques to ensure that my clients feel empowered and confident, so they are able to achieve what they wish to achieve when presenting with a broad range of issues.

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