The benefits of counselling in resolving anxiety conditions

Anxiety conditions are very commonplace within the UK. In fact, it is reported that one in ten people are likely to suffer from a form of anxiety, and that 13 percent of the UK population are likely to develop the condition. The psychological symptoms associated with anxiety include feeling agitated, a fear of losing control and well as being constantly irritable. The physical symptoms can include a dry mouth, tightness of the chest and a pins and needles sensation.

What is the cause of anxiety?

The root cause of anxiety is not due to one factor. A number of occurrences in a person’s life could be the cause of the condition. Some people may have a biochemical condition, whereas others may suffer from anxiety due to their childhood. Whatever the cause of the condition is, the main thing is to ensure that people who suffer from the condition are able to receive the correct kind of help so they are able to move forward with their life without anxiety holding them back.

What benefits can counselling provide?

There are a number of ways to treat anxiety, one of the most popular and universal way is counselling. Many may assume that if someone has a strong network of friends and family, then they have plenty of people to talk to. However, this isn’t always the case. There can be instances where sufferers may feel like they are being judged, or they may even feel that they are not understood by other people who don’t suffer from anxiety. This is where counselling can be beneficial to those who suffer from the condition. A qualified counsellor can assist with feelings of anxiety by helping those with the condition find answers to their own questions without passing judgment.

Of course, there are other benefits associated with counselling that go beyond a person feeling comfortable. People who undertake counselling are said to be much more self-aware, which in turn will assist them with the challenges life has to throw at them. It can also help people suffering from anxiety feel more inspired and motivated. This is due to most counsellors offering a client-focused approach. So while the problems the patients has may not necessarily go away, it does encourage the client to feel more at ease with their problems, which in turns helps them make better decisions due to them feeling more empowered.

A counsellor will be able to access the inner world of a client, a place that the client may not know, actually exists, or has not invited anyone before. This allows the client to become more comfortable with the issues they face, and be more open-minded to deal with them. Counselling is not a miracle cure, but rather a way for clients to be more at ease with their condition, and know what solutions are in place to deal with both the issues they face, and any ramifications that follow.

There are many benefits that can be achieved from counselling, as long as the client is able to extract what they need from the counsellor’s expertise and commit to the counselling session with a willingness to learn more about themselves and take action where required.

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Normanton, West Yorkshire, WF6 2DB
Written by Brian Turner, BA (Hons.) MNCS Snr Accred / Supervisor. (Prof. Dip PsyC)
Normanton, West Yorkshire, WF6 2DB

I am Brian Turner and I am therapist that uses a combined approach to assist with long standing conditions such as anxiety. I use a variety of techniques to achieve successful results for all of my clients setting them free from unwanted behaviours and thoughts.

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