Summer holidays - help me!

As your children are on countdown until the end of school term and getting excited about the six weeks holiday they have ahead, how does that make you feel as a parent? I speak to many mums and dads and every parent has their own worries and anxieties about the school holidays and what issues they will bring with them! So this got me thinking about my next blog… "surviving the summer holidays. How do parents manage?".

If you are anything like me, I find myself beating myself up about the fact that I still have to work in the holidays. As a counsellor, I still have to see my clients on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong, I love my work, it’s my passion, but I also have a life and a full one at that! So at times, the guilt I feel can be overpowering; because I want to be superwoman! Helping my clients but also being there for my family! So the questions I find myself asking myself is am I damaging my child by working? Is he/she going to resent me for working instead of being with her/him? These thoughts and feelings can lead to depression and anxiety. This can be amplified if you are a single parent family. The cost of having to put your children into an activity club can have a knock on effect on your emotional state, finances and cause anxiety attacks and emotional bursts. At this point, you start to question yourself "if you are doing the right thing by working".

We all need help once in a while and coming to see a counsellor can help reduce the risk of anxiety. As they say, "a problem halved is a problem shared". Another factor of being a single mum is if the ex-partner wants to take the children away on holiday. This can cause a whole range of emotions and feelings; for instance, anxiety and constant worrying if the parent will cope with the children; whilst at the same time worrying if the kids will be ok; or if they will miss you - the parent. These feelings are very common but if you do not address or talk them through with the right person they can be amplified and may result in mental health issues. There are many parents who would benefit from having counselling therapy. So don’t be affraid to reach out for help!

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Billericay, Essex, CM12

Written by Nadia Wyatt

Billericay, Essex, CM12

Nadia Wyatt, owner of Goals Solutions, is a counsellor, hypnotherapist, life coach, EMDR therapist and EFT practitioner. She works with adults, couples, parents and children. She is based in Billericay Essex and has a clinic in Marbella Spain. She specialises in anxiety and depression.

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