Suck it up. Keep a lid on it. Bottle it up. Box it up. Push it away. Bury it.

Over the past few months I’ve been paying close attention to the language male clients have been using during counselling sessions. The words are different, the meaning is the same.

Suck it up. Keep a lid on it. Bottle it up. Box it up. Push it away. Bury it.

It = Emotions. Feelings. Problems.

You see, at first it’s not too difficult to suck it up, keep a lid on it, bottle it up, box it up, push it away or even bury it. The container holds out pretty well, sometimes for a long long time. Our containers could be stacked on a shelf or buried 10 foot under, it makes no difference.

Maybe your container is like a pressure cooker? The pressure builds.

And builds

And builds

And builds...

The container begins to creak and groan under the pressure. The vessel begins to fail.

Male suicide accounts for 77% of all suicides and is now the single biggest cause of death in men aged 20 - 49 in England and Wales. 

The single biggest killer of men aged 20 - 49. Think about that for a moment. It doesn't have to be like this. 


Talk. Talk to a friend. Talk to a counsellor. It doesn't matter who. Just talk.

Spit it out, blow the lid off it, pour it out, unbox it, pull it closer and dig it up! 

Look at your 'it', talk about your it. Process your it. Let your it go. Live.

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