Effects of words

Hmm, the power of words! Spoken words have so much power - the tongue/pen is mightier than the sword. Words carry so much weight and can have so much impact depending on whom the speaker is. Words spoken can cause so much emotion (positive and negative) to the listener. A soft word spoken can turn away anger. On the other hand a word spoken in anger can equally cause so much grief. Words can birth hope, and they can also bring forth pain.

It's important to choose one's words carefully because words when spoken can not really be retrieved. We often remember words because of the impact they have on our lives. Words are like seeds - they grow in our minds and hearts.

I can vividly recollect certain words that were spoken to me growing up as a child, both the pleasant ones which made me smile and also the unpleasant ones that made be doubt myself and instilled limiting self-beliefs in me, some of which took a very long time for me to deal with. There are so many people out there who, like me, struggled or are still struggling with issues in their lives which are a direct result of words spoken to them as a child. They are struggling with their sense of worth and values and feel so lost.

Choose your words carefully.

If you feel lost at sea, lost to your own reality and would like to reach out to a helping hand, counselling can help untie the knots that negative words have formed around you and you can learn to be you.

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