Detox the people in your life

It is that time of year again when we promise ourselves that we are going to lose weight, drink less, stop smoking and exercise in an attempt to make us happy with who we are and our lives. Whilst all of these work towards us being healthier, when do we take time to consider if we need to detox the negative relationships we have in our lives?

Maybe the term ‘toxic’ is too harsh of a word for negative people in our lives? The definition of toxic, is something that is harmful to your health or lethal if consumed in sufficient quantities. When you understand how negative people can affect your health, this word makes total sense.

Some signs of a toxic relationship may include:

  • You feel sad when these people are around you.
  • You may also feel angry when they are in your company.
  • You find yourself taking care of them.
  • Feeling drained or numb.
  • It feels like you cannot say or do anything right when you are around them, they are quick to criticise you.
  • They control the relationship.

Any of these sound familiar?

Have you ever considered how counselling can give you the opportunity to learn more about yourself, what makes you tick and why, help you to manage those difficult people more effectively? Help you to work out the dynamics of those relationships, and support you in making the changes you want to implement, making you both happier and healthier for 2017.

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