Acceptance and validation (being human)

When an individual comes into therapy, in the majority of cases they are seeking to change something in their lives. It may be a question of experiencing feelings of self-blame and worthlessness or questions of 'how can I get things right' or 'why does everything always go wrong for me'.

Well, sometimes it is just good to sit and to appreciate that someone is listening to me without interruption, without putting me down, without criticism, or without making judgements about me or my behaviour. How refreshing this feels. Can this be the start of the process toward feeling like a worthwhile human being once more?

On so many occasions I have found that in the first instance, all that people need is some form of validation, in the sense that they are really not as bad a person as they have very often been lead to believe.

Take a look at the good points in life, the good aspects of yourself and the good things that you have done or achieved. Have these moments been lost or forgotten? Dwell on these for a moment; feel them in the body and the subsequent change in you that these feelings create.

Take a moment every day, maybe only five minutes. Sit down and accept yourself for who you are, yourself; as a wonderful human being and still fallible and vulnerable. What does this feel like?

Feel this acceptance also in the body and the ensuing strength. Can you feel compassion that may follow for yourself and others? 

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