L Lewis: I am so glad I choose to see a counsellor

I always knew from a child that my parents marriage breakdown (when I was 2) put a strain on my life especially when I became a mother. I always thought I was coping 'ok' and thought that my everyday difficulties and thoughts were normal. It took me almost 4 years to realise that something 'wasn't right'; I noticed a pattern in my behaviour from time to time I was very angry and irritable and wanted somebody to blame. It was very frustrating.

I am so glad I choose to see a counsellor and that the one I did choose was perfect for me. I found the whole journey of self discovery an amazing experience I learned so much about myself and it taught me how to at last be at peace with my difficult childhood. We live in the here and now and counselling has given me new eyes to look at the world, I have really learned the true meaning of 'happiness' - happiness is the key to life :)

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