My counsellor helped me find my confidence again

I had two very difficult parents, both of whom had personality disorders. Throughout my childhood, I'd had my confidence stripped away and I eventually got to a place where I felt unable to cope with life.

I had help from several counsellors over the years, but it was only when I found Penny that my life began to turn around.

Slowly but surely, she unravelled all my misconceptions and fears and helped me to find coping mechanisms.

She was very patient with me, very kind and most importantly very honest. When she needed to show me that I was on the wrong track she was able to do so without upsetting me. I felt able to trust her - and I don't trust easily. I have a new-found sense of confidence and love for myself now thanks to her.

I now feel able to cope without Penny's help, but I know I could return to her at any time if I needed to. I will be forever grateful to Penny for everything she has done for me. She really is very special and I will never forget her.

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