Maggie: Counselling has given me my life back

I was bullied for 11 years and it had a really damaging impact on my mental health.

I think my depression started when I was in Junior school, but I never really noticed the signs until I was about 15. That was when the bullying finally got to me. I snapped.

The depression got so bad that I started to self-harm. I was in a really bad place. I was having suicidal thoughts and had started trying to overdose. I had practically given up in school. My grades lowered and I was pushing my friends away.

I felt like I was losing a lot until, after a particularly bad night, my friend convinced me to go to the doctors. As terrified as I was, I'm glad I did. After that, they told my parents and my boyfriend found out too.

The shock of how upset they were really affected me. I still wanted to hurt myself, but I couldn't hurt them like that.

I started self-harming less and less. I then started seeing my counsellor who helped me no end. She has helped me get back on track and figure out a lot of things about myself. Soon I am going to see a Psychologist, too.

I can now see I have a life ahead of me, for the first time in my life.

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All therapists are verified professionals