Turning over a new belief

Counsellors working with individuals and groups to enable creative change are often very familiar with the cycle of experience we all go through when experiencing something which may feel negative in life, in order to create positive change in our lives. The body intelligence throws up an array of physical feelings, which are indicators showing that your attention is needed in that area and your body needs to be listened to. Experience shows me that these physical feelings are the body’s way of letting you know that you need to pay attention, in order to see what is going on for you.

Most people experience all or few of the following:

  • Palpitations.
  • Hot or cold sweats.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Butterflies in the stomach.
  • Discomfort in the solar plexus.
  • Tension in some area of the body. 

Due to your experiences in life, you will find that you experience something slightly different to your family member or friends.

Old negative beliefs are firmly embedded in our psyche from an early age. Once we acknowledge to ourselves that these beliefs are not true, we can then set about identifying which beliefs we would like to keep and which ones we would like to leave behind. Sometimes a core belief can be hard to budge, especially if it is being reinforced from those around us. Such a belief could be around how we feel we cannot be who we want to be without someone else’s approval. This is a common belief and is a fairly fixed and firm one which can be released when you are ready. You just need to identify what it is that serves your higher purpose the most and take small steps with the support of a loved one or professional, in order to move through this stage. This then is the transformation which many people speak of. It is the stage where you have identified what you feel passionate about and take the steps towards making this happen.

Guided visualisation is a good way to identify which areas of your body you are holding tension. This then leads to an identification of how you can begin to move into this space, releasing the physical tension and sometimes releasing emotions too. Alongside this you may feel a warm or pleasant sensation and see colours, images or have insights in the form of thoughts enter your mind. This is such a healthy way for the body to let go of what does not serve it. Patterns of behaviour are then easy to identify and to be worked with, the more that you practice becoming aware of how your body operates.

There are usually two choices here. You either have a fear which needs attention, in order for you to work through it, or your intuition is letting you know that you need to change what you are doing. Often, past beliefs are so embedded that the same patterns of behaviour, attracting similar outcomes keep occurring. When you pause for a while and become aware of what you are doing, you are then able to recognise which beliefs you wish to keep and which beliefs are not serving you.

Once you are in alignment with a belief which supports your life purpose, you are in a state of flow. This is the state where you feel things are going really easily for you. The brain waves changes into a slower, lower frequency and heart rate changes too. This is because the body is not meeting resistance and is not needing to expel unnecessary energy.

Then comes the falling down, the frustration and getting back up to do it again, even better the next time. You would then have learned the difference between the flow state you have experienced and want to repeat it. At some point, you will retain the feeling of going along steadily, moving forwards, less affected by life’s twists and turns. It is through taking the risk to fall that you grow and become your best self. This can be absolutely anything. For some, this is reaching a more balanced way of life, for others letting out a creative talent and for some leading the way forwards in helping others to believe in their true selves and fullest potential. Where you are now is different to where you were five years ago and where you will be in five years’ time. This is a journey of transformation and several skins will be shed. Allowing yourself to let the light in, to go towards the light that your inner wisdom calls upon, can only then lead you to turning the new leaf, and becoming who you really are.

Go towards the light. Your best self is waiting.

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Written by Marie-Louise Rolfe

St Austell PL25 & London EC3N

I walk with others on their journey to enable them to live a grounded and uplifted life, in whichever form this may be for the individual. From grief to joy, from low self esteem to self confidence, from anxiety to excitement, from challenging to wholesome relationship with self and others.

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