The two sides of anxiety

Many feel anxious because they are dealing with difficult situations such as a demanding job, caring for elderly relatives, relationship issues, family breakdown, illness, death of a loved one, a tragic accident, academic demands or the future in general. 

The positive side: Not all anxiety is bad. Some anxiety can actually push you to give your all in a situation. An example of this is a test, a performance or a job interview. Also, a healthy fear when in danger helps you to avoid harm and stay safe.

Effects: It can help you improve your performance and creativity in order to achieve your goals. As a result of your achievements you grow in self-esteem and confidence.

The negative side: This face of anxiety traps you in a maze of negative thoughts that deeply affect your feelings. It involves feelings of uneasiness, nervousness and worry. It usually comes as a response to danger, threat or pressure. Where it becomes persistent, anxiety can damage your wellbeing. It can rob you from your strength and ability to enjoy a fully functioning life.

Effects: Some studies show that mild anxiety not only causes emotional distress but also affects your physical well-being. It can bring on a number of unpleasant symptoms, including phobias, panic attacks, anxiety disorders and depression.

When life events overwhelm you to the point of affecting your work, your relationships and your daily activities, you may want to look for help.

Therapy gives you the opportunity to make sense of your concerns. With the appropriate support you can learn more about your anxiety and how you can change your response to it. You can lean your unique coping strategies that will enable you to reduce your anxiety levels and gradually take charge of your life.

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