The cost of not addressing employee stress

Stress and anxiety at work can be a big problem. It can lead to less work getting done, more people being absent from work, lower morale, and higher staff turnover. To help fix this, it's essential to find out what's causing the stress and anxiety and understand how it affects employees. Then, steps can be taken to improve things so productivity doesn't suffer.


Is stress making you ill at work?

Are you eagerly waiting for 5pm to arrive so you can finally end your workday? Do you sometimes imagine throwing your laptop out of the window? If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you might be suffering from work-related stress or anxiety. As work demands increase and consume more of our time, it is not uncommon for people to struggle with their mental health.

When people are stressed at work for a long time, it can lead to burnout. This is when people feel exhausted and unhappy. They don't want to work anymore, and their performance gets worse. This can also cause health problems.

In a survey conducted in 2020, a staggering 79% of adults in the United Kingdom are known to suffer from work-related stress, marking a significant 20% increase from the figures reported in 2018. Despite this alarming rise in statistics, stress is still often overlooked in our society. Stress is a natural response to excessive pressures or demands, such as tasks, responsibilities, or other job-related stressors that can lead to anxiety and difficulty coping. It's essential to address this issue as it affects work productivity and affects an individual's health.

How to lower the impact of stress

To prevent burnout, companies can ensure that employees feel appreciated, give them enough time to do their work and support mental health. This can include therapy or flexible working hours. Telephone counselling is a good option for people who can't get to a counsellor's office.

When employees are motivated, they work hard and help the company succeed. Companies can help boost people by recognising good work, giving rewards, and setting goals that can be measured. These things will help make people feel more invested in their work.

Stress will also cause physical health problems, such as headaches and heart disease. To prevent this, companies need to create a less stressful work environment. They can do this by having a good training process for new employees and not micromanaging them.

Stress can also cause people to miss work. This can lead to staff turnover, which is terrible for morale and productivity. To reduce absenteeism, companies can give employees time off and make sure they have access to mental health support.

How I can help

Finally, stress can make people feel wrong about their work and coworkers. Companies can help boost morale by organising team-building activities or mindfulness classes. This will help people feel better about their work and colleagues, making everyone happier and more productive.

Suppose your company does not have counselling facilities, and you feel your levels of stress and anxiety are work-related. In that case, I am happy to arrange private sessions with you online at a convenient time.

Telephone counselling can be a great way to voice your concerns if you lead a busy life or don't want the hassle of finding parking in town. My speciality is stress and anxiety issues, so you will find yourself feeling heard.

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Written by David Pender, MBACP, Integrative Psychotherapy | Specialising in Anxiety
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David S. Pender is a qualified BACP therapist who provides counselling and psychotherapy services to adults throughout London & the UK. He has extensive experience in dealing with problems related to anxiety, trauma, chronic stress, social anxiety, panic attacks, generalised anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Free discovery calls

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