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Relationship counselling, the role of the therapist

The role of the counsellor/therapist in the couples counselling relationship is to 'facilitate' change from what is happening to them at this time. The therapist is there to help them communicate in a way in which they can learn to listen and talk to each other. Many people shout or talk at each other and may have to learn to listen and talk to each other.

The therapist is not there to force their own views onto the couple or to give an opinion of what the couple should do. The therapist role is to help the couple, together and on their own to do what is best for them. It may be best for the couple to part, the role of the therapist in this situation is to support and look at the issues which may, could arise. 

The role of the therapist is to look at the issues relating to the relationship of the couple, how it affects them as individuals and how they can best change or resolve those issues. This is not always possible but the couple can sometimes learn to accept their differences and move on either as a couple or individual. The role of the therapist is to be non-judgemental allowing the couple, individuals to reach an amicable understanding. 

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