How to improve your relationship in just 20 minutes per day

Want to improve your relationship but feel that you don’t have the time or resources or know where to begin? I’ll show you a simple and often surprisingly speedy way to improve matters. All that you need to do is invest just 20 minutes each day.

We all know deep down how much we love the people closest to us. The problem is we don’t always show it. Modern life is pressured and it’s all too easy to get stressed.

Over time having our life partner and other family members around becomes familiar and we don’t always express how much they mean to us. This is understandable but undesirable.

I am often surprised even shocked at the way people speak and act in dealing with those closest to them. In fact some people tell me that they show more courtesy to strangers than their own family members.

Clients often tell me that they “behave like this because they feel that they can get away with it at home”. This suggests that they are behaving in ways that would not be tolerated at their place of work or in other interpersonal situations.

It’s a sad fact that these individuals are behaving in a worse manner around their families than almost anyone else they come into contact with!

Whilst their negative behaviour may appear to be tolerated it is resented and over time damages the relationships that are most precious to them.
None of us can be on our best behaviour 24/7 and we all at times say things that we don’t mean to.

The important thing is to show that we care so that our occasional lapses can be forgiven and forgotten, Those closest to us make lapses too of course. This helps them to understand that we are all only human and sometimes get it wrong.

Psychologists know that there are two short intervals in the day when it is particularly important for a couple or family to enjoy a warm rapport.
These are when we get up in the morning and when we return home at the end of the day. A smile, a hug, a shared joke at these times will pay dividends in keeping your close relationships happy and healthy.

Finding a life partner is only the first step on the great adventure that you will share as a couple. Keeping your relationship happy and healthy is equally important. With care and attention you can have a relationship that not only stays happy and positive but also gets better and better.

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