Don't let anxiety hold you back

Experiencing feelings of anxiety from life events like bereavement, divorce, financial difficulties or even a major decision is completely normal. However, for some of us, anxiety can become too much - a feeling that simply won’t go away that may affect our mental and physical functioning. We may lose the ability to focus on tasks or to stop worrying. We may experience insomnia, fatigue or muscle tension. Tasks that used to be simple may seem impossible. Anxiety may make us feel uncomfortable in our own skin.

Some of us may be more prone to develop an anxiety disorder. Many factors contribute to anxiety, such as exposure to stressful life events such as caring for elderly parents. Sometimes, anxiety just happens, and that’s OK too. It’s important to remember not to attach blame to anxiety.

Sometimes anxiety builds slowly and quietly, and we wake up one morning and realize something is very wrong. Other times, a life event may trigger a reaction that is outside our normal emotional terrain. It’s essential to acknowledge when anxiety becomes too much to handle. At that moment of clarity, it is time to reach out for help and hope. Others out there are healing their anxiety and facing life with confidence. When anxiety is properly addressed, we have the power to be present with our loved ones, strengthen our physical well-being, perform better at work and life, and accept and love ourselves.

There are many ways to treat anxiety. A good first step is to talk to a trained professional, such as a counsellor. Talking therapy allows us to face fears and learn new ways of thinking and reacting to anxiety. It is a process of evaluation and growth, designed to help us neutralise anxiety and become stronger and happier individuals.

We don’t need to let anxiety hold us back from light and life.

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