Childless men - the struggle within

Many men at the age of 40 plus are feeling depressed and unfulfilled because they do not have a family and feel unsettled. 40 is an age where many of us start to think about what we have in our lives.

Men often talk about feeling broody, wanting to have children. Men talk about feeling a sense of loss and bereavement in not becoming a father. Men may have demanding careers that delay the fatherhood or decided to wait for children but then separated from your partner. Financial aspects can influence people and therefore they wait to feel secure financially before deciding to go have children, this may then feel like it is too late.

If you are a single man over 40 years looking for a partner and wanting a baby, may induce feelings of frustration, feeling stuck or not feeling adequate. Perhaps family pressures such as wanting the approval of your parents plays a part in what you feel you need to be or do.

Are you experiencing a yearning for what you don’t have, finding it difficult to be happy with what you do have? Like anything, feeling like we have missed out on having something in life can induce many different emotions of anger, resentment or frustration with the situation. Friends and family with children will talk about their children, saying how wonderful it is or isn’t. Making comments on why you should or shouldn’t have children.

You may find yourself feeling resentful for what others have, being single can be a lonely place, loneliness inevitably can lead to depression.

Should you be affected by these issues, a counsellor will be able to provide you with support.

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Doncaster, DN4 8QP

Written by Sarah May Thorpe

Doncaster, DN4 8QP

My name is Sarah Thorpe, I work self employed as a counsellor working in Doncaster with adults, children and their families. I have a background of working with people in creating and living a fulfilled life.

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