Asperger's: how counselling can help

A diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome can come in childhood, adolescence or much later in life. As it can run in families, it's not unusual for a parent only to realise they are Asperger's when their child is identified by a professional. 

People may react in different ways to an Asperger's diagnosis. It may come as a blow and be seen as a 'label', or alternatively it can bring great relief and understanding. 

A counsellor who has a good understanding of Asperger's can be helpful in various ways. They can support the parent of a child with Asperger's by providing a safe and confidential space to unload difficult feelings, and by helping them learn effective ways to handle typical situations. They can assist the partner of someone with Asperger's to understand their relationship better and communicate more effectively.

Adults and children with Asperger's have all the same issues to face in life as neurotypical people, such as bereavement, redundancy, exam stress. Counselling can help deal with these, so finding a counsellor who is well trained generally but who also is aware of Asperger's can be very helpful. 

Asperger's children and young people can grow used to others reacting with irritation and withdrawal, so spending time with an adult who is warmly accepting and non-judgemental can be very affirming and can build their confidence and self-esteem. 

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Written by Virginia Sherborne

Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S10 2SE

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