Anxiety and low mood - the wheel doesn't stop spinning

Do you sometimes feel like you go through the motions in life? We feel that by going to school, university, work, taking care of family or going out with friends, then we can keep our anxieties, worries and palpitations away. Going through the motions of life, such as eating well and exercising, will help, but as time goes by we still don’t feel well; the negative voices in our head get louder when we slow down or stop. We learn to keep busy as at least these voices disappear for a short time. But as time goes by it gets harder to keep the negative voices away and you don’t feel happy or content with life.

A different way of explaining the above is that we have an empty drawer where we keep all the unwanted things. As time goes by, the drawer is getting full with lots of unwanted things. You keep squeezing it in and pushing it shut but there will come a point where you can no longer shut the drawer as it's completely filled. Things will then start overflowing out of it.

This is similar to our emotional health. We at times keep putting away thoughts, issues or feeling which need to be addressed and in time these thoughts, issues or feelings get too much, overwhelming you and taking the form of physiologically and cognitively affecting you. You find it difficult to sleep, your heart keeps racing, you feel anxious a lot of the time, the critical thoughts get louder, you self doubt more and now keeping busy doesn’t really help anymore.

Any of this sound familiar to you? Relationships, situations and thoughts spiral out of control as we do not have the necessary tools, understanding, awareness and techniques to help us through these challenging times, making our recovery slow and difficult.

Therapy can help support you to explore some of these feelings, thoughts and experiences in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space.

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Written by Balwinder Hunjan

Solihull B90 & Birmingham B15

Balwinder Hunjan is an integrative psychotherapist, life and relationship coach and professional speaker. She is dedicated to helping people, reduce stress, anxiety and enjoy more meaningful lives. She is available for workshops, media commentary, private life and relationship coaching and psychotherapy.

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