Many people spend a great deal of time and emotional energy being anxious. Very often they feel drained. Sometimes it affects their bodies with unexplained symptoms.

Examples of where counselling could help are:

Panicking: Feeling overwhelmed by a sense of not knowing what to do.

Feeling Fear: Having uncontrollable urges to run away from situations or freezing.

Worrying about what others may be feeling them:Feeling convinced that others people are looking at them and thinking bad thoughts about them

Feeling unable to stop obsessing about things or being compelled to go through rituals

Not feeling good enough
Being convinced they are rubbish

By acting out typical situations with a counsellor you can learn to recognise what is happening. Often your anxiety is a product of something that happened in the past. Once you have learnt why you are anxious, you can gradually take control over your mind.

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All therapists are verified professionals

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