This June I tried to commit suicide by a mixture of various pills I had been prescribed. I had been suffering from depression and anxiety for a long time, but I hadn't sought help and suffered on my own to breaking point. After waking up in hospital I came to terms with the fact I needed some therapy to recover from rock bottom. Therapy isn't easy, but my parents were supportive in partly funding a private therapist who assessed me, let me talk about things I couldn't share with anybody, and structured her approach to therapy around my individual (and quite complex) problems and needs. My therapist has been a lifeline for me when I needed it most. I can text her if I find myself in difficulty or needing to talk, and she has been there through some difficult times for me, always non-judgemental and helpful. I am certain that without her support I would never be as mentally stable and confident as I am now. I think the important thing is to find a therapist who really connects with you and makes you feel comfortable enough to talk freely and who also structures their approach to therapy individualised to you.

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