Counselling taught me how to manage my mental health on my own


I lost my brother in 1997 through suicide. He had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I found it very hard to deal with, so I just hid all the hurt that I was feeling. I ended up with depression, anorexia and bulimia.

I saw a psychiatrist, which didn't help. A few years later, I lost other relatives. I just couldn't cope. So, in 2016, I saw a psychologist and had psychodynamic therapy. It was the most emotionally-draining thing I've ever done, but it was also the best thing I've done as well.

I was so at ease with my therapist. There was warmth, humour, empathy - everything you should get when in therapy.

But, when I left, I found it hard, thinking how am I going to cope? My brain was overloading itself with emotions. I spoke to my friend, as she could see it was affecting me. I felt like I went to counselling for depression, but I came out with other mental health issues. I couldn't take it anymore.

So, I took time out for myself, trying to use what I’d learnt to reboot my brain. I carried on writing my journal on my therapy, I put on the songs that made me cry, and cried my heart out to them. How do I feel now? I feel great.

Therapy is not for everyone. But, if you do decide to go to therapy, make sure they are right for you. Good luck.

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