Counselling has allowed me to trust again

I have been having counselling for 12 years, working through the physical, emotional and sexual abuse I experienced as a child - and as an adult. During this time, one of my therapists sadly died from cancer so, in addition to my ongoing struggles, I had grief to deal with as well.

I've been with my current counsellor for two years now. It has been tough but also rewarding to finally find a relationship that I feel safe in and I can allow myself to trust.

It's not just the counsellor I've begun to trust - but myself as well.

Five weeks ago, the nightmares that have haunted me for the past 12 years stopped. I no longer fear going to bed, which has been so liberating. I know this has been down to therapy, as it coincided with a particular instance in therapy where I felt a distinct shift in my perceptions.

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