Bogumila Malinowska BACP therapist

Bogumila Malinowska BACP therapist

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Crouch Hill

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Crouch Hill

07742979050 / 07742 979050

About me

I am Zen and integrative therapist -Intuitive,effective changing lives.Helping to FREE my clients from anxiety,relationship sexual&work issues,depression,panics,eating disorder,self-harmPTSD,guilt,obessions,insomnia,addictions,berevement,trauma,self-esteem,abuses,OCD.
I am helping in existential and different life stages'scrisis,PTSD, psychosis and dissociations and night-mares related to different types of abuses.Help to change self-image affecting relating to external and internal worlds.

I help clients to change their mind's patterns and old deeply set in the past habits.Helping also my clients to find a balance and fluffiness in their life's different areas:relationship,work career,family,sexual life,behavioural and emotional struggles and to find true identity-true self.I help well in "life emergency" situations, after break up, looses,illness.

During therapy session we focus on the moment and see the roots of patterns and problems.

My clients told me that they feel always much better and very uplifted,energised and confident after each session and they feel stronger and more grounded and equipped with hope,energy and some skills.You can Live life without drama and being under control old patterns issues.My goal is to help my clients to feel independent and to become their own therapist/advisor/teacher/coach in daily life facing the most challenging situations.

I help my clients to deal with regrets, guilt,shame,competition,after break ups and in deeply distressing life situations.

I am a complementary,holistic zen,person centred,psychodynamic and integrative counsellor.I empower my clients from the very first meeting.

I work in N4 near Finsbury Park Station and SE in London.I help people to achieve all their goals and overcome all hindrances in order to experience happy,joyful, meaningful and excited life. Even overcoming regrets is not an easy but we will get there.Feeling overwhelming  guilt and shame is blocking way to our achievements.I help to understand roots and overcome those "heavy feelings".I help families of missing people.Constant comparing compiling and jealousy can poison and control our life.I will help you to deal with those feelings in use powerful energy after exploration where those feeling are coming from.

I believe that person has internal power to overcome,even most difficult problems, insecurities and situations,patterns,obsessions,compulsions,a violent physical and mental abuse and sexual abuse including rape as well as ritual abuse,addictions,the way of thinking and the negative talks , help you to live a drama free life .I help my clients to take back their power taken by traumas,history of abuse and severe depression and anhedonia  etc

I see my client as a whole human being not only through the "issues"-problems.I don't diagnose my clients I help my clients to feel good and powerful in daily life.I offer my clients different a very effective techniques to work through their individual needs and problems.

I think everyone has power of self-healing, to develop and to grow infinitively with the help of skilful counsellor/therapist and internal work.I think therapeutic relationship has tremendously healing power and as I see I can help with that process of "recovering internal power"

I believe there is more about human then medical diagnose, what other people think about you and even what you think about yourself. I see the person as a whole with powerful true self,not only via the perspective of problems and "issues"

Some people who are looking for non judgmental and equipped with great listening skills person  will find my service helpful.I like to work both with male and female clients and LGBT&Q clients because I think I can empower different groups of clients from many different backgrounds.

I am good with working with clients dealing with deep guilt,shame and experiencing jealousy and self-doubt and regrets frequently.

Counselling will help you with feeling of insecurity in relationship ,to change patterns,obsessions overcome anxiety,depression, relationship and family problems,perfectionism,complicated family dynamic, bereavement, other types of loss, low self-esteem, life's imbalances, fear of change, attachment anxiety, poor confidence, work-related problems,addictions(to substances,emotional addictions,behavioral addictions,workoholism,sex,gambling,shopping, internet addictions, feeling stuck, obsessive worries, compulsive behaviour like  Checking
Contamination / Mental Contamination
Ruminations / Intrusive Thoughtslack of creativity, eating problems, cancer, concentration and focusing difficulties, insomnia, improving  investment of your energy in daily life, existential turning points and crises, feelings of emptiness and unclear life directions, and parental questions.I am good with supporting single parenting in all stages as well as children of single parents.

My service can also help you to go through empty nest syndrome as we know-Symptoms of empty nest can include depression, a sense of loss of purpose, feelings of rejection, or worry, stress, and anxiety over the child's welfare.

Parents who experience empty nest syndrome often question whether or not they have prepared adequately for their child to live independently.

My service supports parents and leaving children as well as single parents and young and adult children of single parents.I work with groups of single parents .

I am helping also people with dementia in all stages and family members of the person with Alzheimer, cancer, ddifficult infections and other illness. We all may have someone with dementia and there is not guarantee that dementia won't happen to us.I help families and individual to communicate effectively with ill relatives as well as with overcoming stress related to different illness and suicidal experiences within the families and transgenerational pain.

I speak additionally Polish language fluently and understand Slovak and Russian languages.

Reduce fees are available for unemployed, clients with very low income and students.

Training, qualifications & experience


2017 BACP conference understanding identity and diversity in the therapy room

2017 Understanding Dementia, therapeutic way of communicating with people with dementia, Alzheimer

2017 Mosac -Mothers of Children sexually abused organisation. working style with families of children and young people sexually abused -10 weeks training

2014 - 2016 BACP accredited Counselling Foundation Degree, Middlesex University2013 - 2014 Counselling Skills level 2, The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London

  • 2012 - 2013 Introduction to Counselling Skills, London City Lit College
  • 2008 - 2009 Kwan Um School of Zen teaching authorisation, Berlin/Warsaw
  • 2008 - 2009 IVAC Voluntary Organisation Management Certificate, London
  • 2000 - 2003 Further Teaching Diploma Degree, Poland
  • 1979 - 1988 Master Degree in Teaching and Pedagogical Studies, Poland

  2017 Mosac-working with non-abusive parents and people who are related to the sexually abused children   and young people/40 hours

  • 2015 Workshop about working with LGBTQ people at Westminster Drug Project
  • 2015 The City and East London Bereavement Service - training
  • 2014 – present Introductory Workshop for new Counsellors, Place2Be, London
  • 2013 Child Protection Certificate Course, London
  • 2012 Challenging behaviour therapy for young people, London
  • 2009 Charity Management Course, RSAC, London
  • 2009 Certificate in Personal Coaching, London Coaching Academy


  • 2017  Supervisor/Mentor of forensic psychology' student at Higher School of Psychology, Dolnoslaska Wyzsza Szkola
  • 2017-mentor and member of the Council of international Kwan Um School of zen , teachers' educator and social media ethical supervisor
  • 2015 -until present Counsellor volunteer at elderly people with trauma, DV, dementia and mental health problems
  • Age -uk Group therapy
  • 2015 Counsellor  at Westminster Drug Project
  • 2015 Counsellor at Six Form Bales College with young people
  • 2009 - present Zen Teacher Dharma Master/Authorised with koans  Kwan Um School of Zen, London, Berlin, Seoul, Boston
  • 2003 – 2006 Founder of the London Zen Centre, London
  • 2003 Centre for people with alcohol and drug-related problems, Pila, Poland
  • 2000 – 2003 Polish Language Teacher, Pila, Poland
  • 1986 – 2000 Manager of an after school youth club, Pila, Poland - working with young people with challenging behaviour
  • 1987 – 1989 Trainee Therapist, Rehabilitation Centre for people with an alcohol addiction,Poland

Member organisations


Areas of counselling I deal with

Other areas of counselling I deal with

I can effectively help with relationship problems and work related problems using empowering techniques.

I help to improve life of my clients from the very beginning of therapy process.

Family's dynamic is often affecting wellbeing of the person,I will help to build up  healthy relationship with family and it system.We may be in pattern of always processing problems of whole family or specific members of family so we cannot focus on own feelings. Some people are always rescuer, "full time helpers" who use  all their energy neglecting themselves.

I am successful working with people who  suffer relationship disturbances and insecurities and insecure attachment,social anxiety, schizophrenia, abuses-all types,depression,incuding anhedonia,bereavement,panic attacks,work problems and money problems, empty nest and marriage problems.Struggling and worries around parenthood.Empty nest and attachment problems .

I will see you as a whole person.I can help with existential questions feeling life's emptiness.I use zen and relaxation techniques I will help you to be in touch with your true self which is always balanced, happy , full of wisdom,playful and relaxed.

My way of self development,my personality , the way I work and my zen background help you to feel comfortable,to open up much easier and quicker,to feel trust and confidence while being in the counselling room from the very beginning of therapeutic relationship.

It will help you to go through your experiences,to make sense of your all experiences and to use all you life's sorces and experiences to build up joyful,fullfiled and meaningful life rather then feelings of lose , gulit , worthlessnes , meaningless.

Photos & videos

  • Psychotherapy and zen
  • Another therapy room in North London
  • New Counselling room in N4
  • Waiting room  in the therapy site.
  • kitchen in counselling area
  • Time for meditation in South Korea


Payment will be at the end of each session. In the case of changed circumstances or hardship, the fee can be discussed and reviewed. I also perform an annual review of fees and will give you advanced notice of any change in the fee. Skype counselling is available for clients outside London and the country.

The most likely payment is £40/£55 - 50-minutes session depends on the counselling place where I will counsel you which can be in North London  s well as on your income. If you would like counselling a few times a week, this could be arranged at a lower price. Couple counselling £70/£90 - 50 minutes.As said above some discount available in difficult life situations.Clients with disabilities can use other room in N4.

Further information

I am a complementary therapist/counsellor,authorised zen teacher working in N4 London with great trust that I can help people to improve they lives.I believe with person power to overcome all , even the most difficult problems and situations.I see the person as a whole not only throught the "issues"-problems.

Help you to Feel confident,satisfied,empowered in an relation,work to live free from anxiety,depression,sexual problems,guilt,shame,regreat,eating disorders,obessions,paterns,insomnia, jealousy,addictions,abuses,berevement,burnout,trauma,self-harm,phobias,fearr, personality disorders,psychosis , difficulty with letting go, attachment'problems.

Counselling centres on listening to you, and assisting you.I offer unique techniques based on my zen experiences and trough focusing person can learn to experience every moment in life in full

You determine which issue regarding your childhood and/or adulthood you discuss.

An objective of counselling is to help you to talk about a difficulty and discover a way forward that is appropriate for you.It will you help  to change old patterns and to focus on your goals in order to experience success and satisfaction in all different areas of your life.

It will let your life be joyful and meaningful.

Maps & Directions

London, N4

Type of session

Online counselling: Yes
Telephone counselling: Yes
Face to face counselling: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: Polish, Slovak / Russian (understood)


Week days: 8am-8pm,Saturdays until 8pm., Sunday from 2pm-8pm.I counsel in North London-N4 about 5 minutes walk from Finsbury Park. Alternatively other place in N4 for people with disability

Types of client

Young people
Older adults
Employee Assistance Programme