Why telephone interventions can be effective

Many, in fact most, people still believe that "therapy by phone" just can't be as good as "face-to-face". However, years of research and anecdotal evidence suggests quite differently. Here are just some of the many reason why, for some, It can be equally as effective.

  • Interventions by phone allow for people who don't feel they have the energy to leave the house start counselling straight away.
  • It allows for people with social anxiety to start treatment quickly.
  • People who don't have the ability to travel can start telephone counselling in their own home straight away.
  • The lack of a face-to-face presence means people can work at an accelerated rate.
  • The relational depth between the therapist and client begins quicker.
  • Time can be precious, maybe you only have an hour spare and adding on the travelling time makes starting therapy impossible.
  • The telephone allows the individual to disclose about themselves sooner and to share more of themselves without fear of judgement. The more you share the faster the process.

When we remove a sense then it's generally agreed that another sense will develop to compensate. This is especially true with "therapy by phone".

With all that is good about "therapy by phone". It does not mean it is for everyone. Some people need the therapeutic benefit of leaving the house to see their therapist. Some people have such anxiety over talking on the phone that they would struggle with this intervention.

I am not saying that counselling or "therapy by phone" is better. Just that it can be equal. The destination is exactly the same, it's just the journey that is a little different.

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Bod Cantwell is a Counsellor and Psychotherapist within the UK. Having specialised in various fields including complex grief and trauma, Bod now spends his day overseeing therapeutic interventions for over 1 million people across the country.

Bod's website allows him to reach people all across the UK providing specialist interventions.

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