Why is it that other people seem to cope but not me?

Throughout life we experience changes, some of them we choose, others are forced upon us. Changes can be both negative and positive but how we manage them is our responsibility.

For some a bereavement can bring about a massive change in everyday life. This may be a relief or a devastating experience (or both). For many a bereavement may have very little impact on everyday life but the grief can be just as catastrophic. I use bereavement merely as an example but the message is the same. It's not the event that causes the reaction, the reaction is ours. We can take ownership of how we manage change in our lives but first we need to discover our own unique strengths and what works for us.

Talking things through with a professional is a unique experience for everyone. The professional has no idea what your strengths are any more than you do, probably less. Exploring your thoughts and feelings, reflecting on you both verbally and non-verbally can reveal hidden resources which we all have but often lose sight of over time. The resources which enable us to cope with whatever life throws at us.

I would describe the experience as liberating, empowering and possibly unpredictable. Perhaps you will know why other people seem to cope and you will too.

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Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1

Written by Bernadette Padfield

Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1

Bernadette Padfield MBACP Registered.

Based in Gloucester, I am an experienced counsellor who is continually amazed and humbled by my clients.

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