The value of counselling therapy

Counselling therapy offers what clients want and what they need but in order to achieve both parties' expectations, contracting allows them to engage in a frank and equal conversation. From the onset, this enables the counsellor and client to build a good relationship where respect and value are key to a successful outcome.


This is a skill that people often do not use to form relationships and can affect bonding, as lack of trust and transparency, inexplicably hinders the foundation needed to feel secure and safe. 

However, given the right values, morals and skills, the client and counsellor can show a respectful understanding of each other despite their differences. It is paramount that therapists provide a safe and secure environment where clients can be themselves and work through their issues without judgment or shame. 

The counselling relationship is valuable to the therapist and to employ strategies and theories effectively, a solid working alliance is beneficial to the client's journey and recovery. 

Often clients will expect to be ‘fixed’ and come away ‘healed’ after a few sessions, as if a magic wand can cast a spell. But valuing what the counselling experience can offer clients and trusting themselves to be candid and genuine is a positive strategy for their journey. 

Therapists offer a valuable source of personal enrichment and a deeper understanding of the inner self by applying tools and skills and rational coping mechanisms, to allow clients to flourish and grow with confidence. 

Therapists apply time and space and are committed to their client's needs and recovery and therefore a healthy respect in the relationship displays clarity to ethical working and business practices with high morals and standards for the client's best interest. 

Paying fees on time and giving 24 hours' notice when cancelling, shows they value the counselling sessions and the importance of maintaining communication and honesty. 

It is beneficial to remain genuine and real and work through issues which may occur, to enhance the client's understanding and clarify any misunderstandings. 

Boundaries are imperative to the counselling relationship and once again, this helps to develop a sense of security and openness to building a solid foundation, enabling the client to progress and be the best version of themselves. 

Valuing your counsellor and their boundaries can impact the client to have a strong foundation to express and explore their issues and provides a safe and secure environment to empower their choices and decisions in a healthier way. 

When the client and counsellor have an honest and transparent relationship together, it deepens the experience and the therapy is valued and respected. This enhances clients to empower their own boundaries and skills to maintain a connection of authenticity and value their own differences, regardless of their culture, sexuality, religion, colour, disability, race or gender. 

Embrace the value of your counsellor and their working  business practice so it will deliver a journey of growth, understanding to past and present issues and enable clients to practice the benefit of value and what it brings in a relationship. 

To be valued, is to feel valued and is a solid foundation to helping you find a sense of happiness and fulfilment to move forward and be who you want to be, with confidence and pride in your achievements. 

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Romford, Essex, RM1
Written by Ruth George, Counsellor & Psychotherapist Dip-Couns MBACP
Romford, Essex, RM1

Feeling empowered is one of the most rewarding feeling you can have and as a counsellor I aim to offer my clients the strength to be themselves and ultimately gain control over their thoughts, feelings and emotions, to have a solid foundation of self-belief and worth and independently solve daily issues to continue to move forward.

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