The Two in You

Have you watched how two year olds embrace their world? They're usually the ones climbing into dangerous areas or throwing the odd temper tantrum on the floor of a Supermarket. The world of the two year old is without limits, hence their behaviour. Two year olds have to test the limits of everything. For them their world has literally expanded from the safe confines of mum and dad and become huge, there is just so much to explore, to find out how it works and quite literally test the limits of, either the object in question or themselves. They do not know that boundaries and limits even exist. In essence, the more terrible the two year old, the greater their development and broader their experience of the world they live in.

Look for a moment at the world around you through the eyes of the two year old within you. What do you see? What don't you understand? What do you want to look closer at, to take apart to see how it works, to wonder at? Two year olds are incredibly tactile, engaging with their world in a very physical way. All too often we engage less and less physically with the world around us, get our hands dirty or just sitting on the floor and having a two year old view of our world. We also forget how amazing even the smallest thing can be. Two year olds can get excited about an ant.

Action for the Month:

Engage the two in you, look around and see what's new.

Got a problem that you cannot solve? What would a two year old do?

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Written by Jane Kershaw

Bristol BS9 & BS14

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