Stress - Lets Do Less of It

Work and Stress
Feeling stressed at work could be an indication of what's not happening outside the workplace.

Ask yourself how are you engaging with your free time? Are you preoccupied with happenings at work, thinking about what to do the next day or the day after that, even on a Friday thinking about Monday! This can result in not having the time to consider how to put your free time to good use and enhancing your emotional and psychological well-being.

Who's thoughts are they anyway?

Are you thinking about work in your free time or thinking about how to use your time to help you free up from stress? This is your time after all,  lets get one thing straight - no-one can tell you how to think, they can't see or hear your thoughts, the boss, your customer will not give you any more for worrying and stressing, in some circumstances you may get less as stress burn out can lead to illness and time out from work.

What can I do?

When stressed and feeling the world of work is larger than anything else in your life, consider how you can use your free time extending it  making your time much bigger than it already appears, is a good place to start. Packing more activities into your weekend  will give you a sense of doing more for you and spending less time on stress issues, it helps your brain engage in your space not work space. It may be hard at first to get out of bed on your day off after a restless night, but engaging with friends, family, hobbies, jobs around the home will take you out of the 'thinking about work' mind process. It can take time, but remember this is your time, you can choose what to do with it.

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