Stress and the personal power to manage it

Stress is an ongoing problem for us all! Home life and work place... today it's never ending! Yet, it's a natural part of life and living, albeit that nowadays it has become 'too much' to manage.

Yet it’s a natural reaction to 'a threat' - be that an animal attack we need to avoid/escape from, or an inability to pay the mortgage bill this month! The reaction is the same.

We all get GAS!

The 'general adaptation syndrome' to the threats we face daily or once a lifetime!

The fight or flight stress response by Seyle in 1936 explained it.

That's it. It's normal.

We need help to process this (counselling talk) and take steps forward (coaching for action), and NLP for self-awareness and mind-management. Tools to help you make things happen (changes) or stop them happening (uncalled for thoughts, worrying behaviours).

  • Increased heart rate pumping blood to organs, arms and legs.
  • Shallow breathing for more oxygen to turn to energy to run or fight.
  • Closes down the stomach to avoid distractions from hunger & digestion.
  • Needing the toilet more when part digested food expelled.
  • Tension in neck, back, muscles.
  • Fists and jitters in legs and arms when not using them to run or fight!
  • Total focus on 'The Problem' & potential related scenarios we might have to face!

That's it. Its normal.

It's the same reaction as the 'adrenaline rush' people crave and act on too!

The more you know, the more options you have in life, in living your life.

Self-awareness is key and counselling or coaching gives you that, as do most holistic therapies too - understanding your energy balance, your natural tendencies, spirituality and physiology give you personal power to change or create events, behaviours, emotional responses more effectively in your life!

You have the power, you have the choice, you have the options if you care the learn about them!

Mind, body, soul is the brain and thoughts influencing choice and behaviours, affecting the shared energy and connection with the people and our environment around us.

We are whole, we are one, we are our self and we need to take responsibility and be accountable for ourselves. For yourself.

  • Learn your stressors and how to manage them.
  • Find out more about your tendencies and preferences to utilise and manage them.
  • Identify what you want and need and go out to find them - or create them!
  • Knowledge is power - your personal power to be, to have, to live as you choose.

Be happy. Be effective. Be influential!

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All therapists are verified professionals