Post traumatic stress disorder – not just for war veterans

Surviving life after losing a baby is difficult.

I’m not sure what the actual percentage is but a common thread among mums within the baby loss community is the persistent, debilitating anxiety that settles in after the loss of a baby.

When I shared with a client that I thought she was showing some symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) almost four months after losing her daughter, she looked at me in total disbelief and said ‘ PTSD is what veterans experience after the war, not me’.

The truth was, she did show signs of PTSD and she needed help. She showed signs of overwhelming anxiety, panic attacks, nightmares, and intense fear, helplessness, and dread.

Together we worked on her grief, acknowledging her loss and pain and implementing strategies that would help her get through difficult situations she dreaded, like meeting someone who knew she was pregnant and would likely ask about the baby.

If you happened to meet or come into contact with parents whose baby had died what would you recommend?

Go to your GP for medication?
Recommend counselling via you GP
Seek specialist counselling?
Specialist counselling & medication from your GP?

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