Often we can find ourselves, as human beings, fixed on a certain view. This a natural part of being human, as our thinking becomes a habit, and over time it could be said that it becomes part of us. 

Sometimes having a fixed view, and refusing to budge, can become a barrier. I'm sure we can all relate this to a life experience where we may have been so certain on our point of view that we've guarded it fiercely - we have all been there! This can often lead to further conflict and sometimes the loss of a relationship.

It's this kind of thinking that can sometimes restrict change in our lives. We can become stuck, fixed, not able to move, and this then doesn't allow us to move on from a particular event and/or emotion. By thinking in this way, you run the danger of not allowing yourself to grow, and also of losing valuable relationships in your life. 

One way to challenge this could be by taking a different perspective and opening yourself up to how others may be thinking. This literally could be 'putting yourself in their shoes' in an attempt to understand where that other person may be coming from with their particular view. This simple but effective approach can enable yourself to adapt how you think and feel about a situation, which will inevitably change how you behave towards it. 

Taking a different perspective has great potential for you to learn, grow and develop positive relationships with the people around you. 

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Written by Rav Sekhon

Warrington WA1 & Manchester M2

I've 11 years experience in the mental health field and I'm passionate about helping people. I enjoy working through issues and achieving positive outcomes - it's what I'm here to do.

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