Navigating the counselling maze: How to find your fit 

I am here to guide you through this daunting yet important quest to find a therapist that's right for you. 


Taking the first step toward finding the right therapist is a significant and empowering decision on your journey to wellness. Whether you're exploring therapy for the first time or considering a new path, I'm here to share a few friendly tips to help you navigate this exciting process.

Compatibility is key

Compatibility plays a vital role in choosing the right therapist for you. Take a moment to reflect on what kind of person you click with. Remember, it's okay to be picky here because ultimately, you want a therapist who gets you. 

Credentials and expertise matter

While it may be tempting to seek guidance from your dog's psychic healer, it’s essential to ensure your chosen counsellor possesses the appropriate qualifications and expertise.– which indicates they have received proper training and are licensed professionals.

Specialisation is not just for doctors

Just as doctors specialise in various fields, therapists, too, have their niches. Whether you're struggling with anxiety, grief, or relationship stuff a therapist who specialises in your particular area of concern can make a world of difference. They possess a wealth of knowledge and insights that are finely tailored to address your unique needs.

Word of mouth works wonders

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the vast array of therapists available, Seek referrals from friends, and family. Personal recommendations can provide a valuable starting point.


Practicalities matter too. Consider the logistics, such as the therapist's location, availability, and whether they offer in-person or virtual sessions. Finding a convenient and accessible option can contribute to a more consistent and successful therapeutic experience.

Keep budget in mind

Budget. While it might not be fun to juggle finances, it's essential to consider your budget when searching for a therapist. Therapy is an investment in your well-being, look into therapists who accept your insurance, and offer sliding scale fees. Remember, no matter your budget, there's a caring professional out there who can help you embark on your journey to healing.

Ask questions 

Lastly, don't be afraid to take your time and explore multiple options before committing to a therapist. Book consultations or initial sessions with a few potential therapists to understand their approach, style, and how you feel working with them. Remember, therapy is a valuable investment in your mental health, and finding the right therapist can make all the difference in your healing journey. Trust your instincts, ask as many questions as necessary, and don't settle until you find a therapist who truly understands and supports you.

Finding the right therapist by considering compatibility, verifying credentials, seeking specialisation, relying on word of mouth, and balancing your budget. it's important to remember that therapy is a deeply personal experience. What works for someone else may not necessarily work for you. Take the time to assess your own needs, goals, and preferences, and use those as guiding principles when selecting a therapist.

Wishing you all the best on your path to finding the therapeutic match that suits you.

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Putney, London, SW15
Written by Amy Baglietto, MBACP (Accred)
Putney, London, SW15

I am Amy Baglietto and am a psychotherapist from London.

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All therapists are verified professionals